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Civilization as a matter of conviction. A farm house in Togo, West Africa.
The Question: Has atheism ever been the foundational block of any civilization? Can atheism manifest a human civilization? Of course. I make no mistake about it. It is a no-conviction philosophy. Every group of people need, first and foremost, a firm conviction about who they are and what they intend to become, i.e. if they wish to work collectively towards...
Tiny Ant, Little Macron, Wants a Forest Fire, Nuclear War with Russia. Is he bluffing?
NATO’s proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine is fast dwindling down to a straightforward humiliation of the west, i.e. The United States, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and their tiny coterie of Slave-States in the Pacific. They are set to swallow a load of defeat. This will not be the first time the Russians have climbed out of an assault...
Young ladies of Koumbadiouma braid each other's hair. Kolda, Senegal.
In the aim of defeating an enemy, the opponent makes ready for war. There is, of course, the kinetic war of combat that transpires, the physical bout between militaries. The economic war might occur simultaneously in attempts to cripple adversaries financially—perhaps through sanctions or trade disruptions. The propaganda war informs the public of the preferred story lines despite the...
A traditional procession.
The More-Educated Than His Ancestors, the Metha, has occupied leadership posts and he leads his nations into what can only be properly described as the bottom. The bottom of everything. You name it. The Metha is an outspoken neoliberal Christian, not because he chose to become one. That religion was spoon-fed to him in a colonial missionary boarding school paid...
Image: Taking Action. Gaining a sense of urgency and agency involves an embrace of your genetic makeup! But alas, for the Metha this point is mute.
Everywhere else, doers or those who commit to doing real things, like moving mountains, have figured out that Genetic or Ancestral or Historical Orientation, is at the least, an integral component of any decision-making. Yet, the More-Educated Than His Ancestors, the Metha, has been colonially indoctrinated to find his own History as primitive; to find his ancestry as backwards; and...
European woman teaching an African man how to shoot and kill other Africans... A mercenary under training. You've been invaded!
You've Been Invaded. Europe & European-America Foreign Policy: All Predatory, Nothing Friendly. A retired European-American intelligence analyst recently described the United States of America as a land conquered by Europeans. The Americas were not conquered by Europeans. Far from it. The correct history here is that the United States of...

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The METHA & The Myth of Ghana’s Exceptional Kente.

Image: Young Women in Kente at a Puberty Rites Ceremony, Ghana.
The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors, the METHA, has a very strong affinity for claiming to have done everything cultural, or traditional, all by himself. If not by himself then he knows who did it by name and by calling and he also knows exactly...

The METHA’s Dalliance with WHO Over Malaria Vaccines.

Image. A European colonial outfit that calls itself the World Health Organization injecting poison into African children in the name of vaccination.
The Mis-Educated Than His/Her Ancestors, the METHA for short, in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, are condoning periodic medical experimentation by the Word Health Organization (WHO) on over 720,000 children, who are not their own children, and without their parental consent. The WHO, with the name...

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TB Yoshua
They’ve found a Black story, with a Black man, to distract from their sexual decadence and to prolong their intoxication in the belief in their infallibility! They have reached up, to the top of the shelves, and they have fetched for themselves the age-old catharsis of their Anti-Blackness to...
Yor-ke-gari, or Gobe: Gari and beans can be served with ripe plantain, fried or boiled yam, pear, boiled egg or fried fish.
The president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, once boasted, chest-out and all, that he had never eaten a very popular Ghanaian dish called Yor-ke-gari (beans, palm oil, gari and fried plantains). This was, perhaps, his silly attempt to paint the idea that he had never been poor. Or that he was...

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People who love goats.

There Are Many Wild Goats: So Says The Europeans.

Europeans are the only groups of people still roaming the planet hunting, and still coming up with newer, more and more wild goats. Wherever...

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Zaoli Dancers of the West African Coasts

The METHA’s Dispersive Mindedness About African Identity.

The debate over identity rages on in Africa, and also in the African Diaspora and outside of them. The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors, the...


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