South Africa Lawyers at the ICJ.
South Africa Lawyers at the ICJ.

The Republic of South Africa (“South Africa”) on the 11th of January, 2024, launched and delivered its application against the State of Israel (“Israel”) at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in which the Africans delivered an “exceptional, overwhelming, and devastating” argument that Israeli forces have and are engaging in genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Israel set up its own defense the next day.

In the midst of this legal case against Israel, following some 76 years of Israeli Occupation in formerly Palestine and today, in Gaza, the topic of a solution to the “Palestinian Problem” (to Palestinian suffering at the hands of Israel) in Gaza has again emerged as center-stage in the minds of most scholars from diverse fields of expertise—law, politics, history, sociology, and even biology and engineering. Go figure!

For most well-meaning European liberal scholars and activists, the idea of a One State Solution (The OSS) in which Palestinians would live together with Israelis in the same one-man-one-vote republic or state remains appealing. I am not sure why?

These liberals miss the point. They assume, quite understandably, that the Palestinians should be willing to adopt the Greco-Roman-European ideology of a republican statehood. Which is that Palestinians should acquiesce to living in a one state, one-man-one-vote democracy with the Israelis in much the same way that South Africans have been forced to live in a republic with a Class of Apartheid Settler Europeans (the CASE).

As was the case in South Africa, and as it has become increasingly obvious in the case of Palestine, there’s very little thought given to the obvious reality that a sovereign people must reserve their inherent right to self-determination and to a self-governance of their choosing. This is the entire point of sovereignty and of equal humanity.

The presumption that the only ideal solution to the horrors of a European Apartheid (which is also the South African case against Israel) on an African Peoples in South Africa, or on Palestinians of formerly Palestine, is that the people should abandon their Communal Systems of Governance or whatever government they deemed fit a priori, in favor of the republican ideals of the invasive, settler class of Apartheid Europeans in a one, one-man-one-vote democracy, country or state, is a value judgement of cultures that is in itself just as Zionist, just as authoritarian, just as domineering and just as genocidal as the actual act of genocide or apartheid against the very South Africans and Palestinians in question.

In fact, the 1946 General Assembly resolution on the crime of genocide, makes clear that: “Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings; such denial of the right of existence shocks the conscience of mankind, results in great losses to humanity in the form of cultural and other contributions represented by these human groups, and is contrary to moral law and to the spirit and aims of the United Nations.”

As was in the case of South Africa, the Traditional African Communal Systems of Government that thrived there before the arrival of the CASE were and continue to be philosophically and diametrically opposed to the republican ideal of the settler, invasive Europeans. In the former, governance and commerce are achieved through consensus, while the latter (the European republic), the state runs on the idea of “individual freedoms” where governance and commerce are maintained through individual tension and individual or group competition. The two systems cannot be any more different!

Yet, as was the case in South Africa, where Africans were forced to give up their Communal Systems of government to favor the European ideal, the Palestinians in Gaza today are also being urged, despite their call for a Two State Solution, to give up their Traditional Systems of Government—however they will deem it fit—in favor again of a European ideal. If this does not smack of genocide, the particular Messianic ideologies of Europe, which actually gives rise to these genocidal actions of European satellite, settler states all across the world then I have continent full of psychos to sell you.

There’s nothing inherently better or more civilized about the republican European idea, which breeds tension and competition in much the same way that I will not presume, if even for a moment, that Africa’s Communal Systems based on consensus building, are better or even more suited to the modern lives of Africans. That is beside the point. My point is that a Two State Solution in which Israelis live in their own country and Palestinians live in theirs, in which both nations can proceed to evolve their own democratic systems of government is the only way to avoid the cancer that is European Messianism—i.e. the myth that because is it European it must be better—once again.

More, the Two State Solution is the only way to recognize and actualize the equal humanity and equal sovereignty of the Palestinians and the people of the State of Israel.


  1. The arrogance mostly exhibited by most European when it come to global affairs is just so annoying.
    These same people came to our land and mess up everything, successful imposed their fruitless competitive system on us and till date we are still struggling to recover.

    In 2024 they want to do same to Palistinians, and in most cases once you begin to read or hear about it in the media they’ve already decided.

    One should be careful who becomes his tenant.
    See what these European are doing in Palestine.

    It’s a shame .

  2. Are the Irish being asked nicely, nevertheless, to live in the same country as the British and enjoy the fruits of the republic that is the one-man-one-vote? The nonsense of the One State Solution is just that – stupid, and patently racist!

  3. One State Solution my foot – Africa and the Middle East through intellectual martyrdom and revolutionary martyrdom are tearing at the seams of the empire. For centuries, since the 1500s, the west stole Deep Science (ex. Fractals, Numerals, Astronomy, etc.) from Africa, and from Africans (ex. Inoculation etc.) who they had kidnapped and enslaved in the Americas, while they insisted that Africans were their intellectual inferiors. Only for 2024 to come around for the Africans to send the entirety of European Intellect to the gutters of barbarism! Fascinating. What a checkmate that was in the Hague. God bless Africa and Africans everywhere. They have suffered enough. And what a way to win! The moral arch of the universe is long, and by golly it bends towards justice, indeed!


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