Our Colonial NAIL & HAMMER Missionary Education.

If you’ve studied under a colonial missionary educational system in any part of Africa for that matter, one thing becomes abundantly clear.

For sixteen or so years in the BASIC educational system you are taught to see NAILS everywhere in your society. NAILS that need driving in. Then you are taught how to hold a HAMMER to drive in these nails for another four or so years.

You graduate with a HAMMER in hand. This is literally handed to you. And you will walk about your entire life seeing NAILS, and having the peculiar desire to drive these NAILS in no matter what.

Up to the point where someone tells you that what you see is actually not a NAIL. And then you proceed to throw a tantrum. How can it not be a NAIL? Everything is a NAIL. You insist. Why else would I have a HAMMER if everything is not a NAIL?

Our colonial (British) missionary educational system is a NAIL & HAMMER educational system. Nothing more, nothing else. And so it takes the humble student decades to unlearn what it is they have been taught. Some never unlearn it, no matter how much they try.

A NAIL & HAMMER Education is a tough one to beat.

No doubt!

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  1. You are correct. Throw out all colonial, and inferiority complex type information we have learned out. It is not needed. Mathematics and Technology are universal sciences/languages. Apply them in an Afrikan setting specifically, unite Afrika, and utilize here skills at home and in the world Afrikan diaspora. No foreigner is needed for anything in Afrika.

    Start with discarding foreign culture and religious concepts. That’s the bigger problem!!!!!!


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