Perspective Is A Product of Mentality.

For instance, an Alien may look at Africa and then complain that Africa is “Under-developed.” The mentality for this description is clear: The Alien believes that there’s such a thing as a “developed” nation which standard African nations must emulate. The mentality of the Alien informs his perspective about African under-development.

However, the perspective of the student of Warrior Philosophy will look at the same Africa and conclude that Africa is Over-exploited. The warrior philosopher’s mentality is clear: There’s such a thing as exploitation, and this exploitation must stop in order for Africa to restore its Balance (Ma’at).

The two different perspectives of the same “thing” dictate their own lines of action. Once a thing is defined (through mentality, and consequently through perspective), the thing is treated at all times as such. For example, to the Alien, the consequence of his mentality is that Africa needs the help of those who have achieved “development” in order to “develop”. And so the Alien will reach out to Europe/theWest for help. The West here represents the height that Africa can achieve.

The warrior philosopher sees the matter differently. In order for Africa to become free of exploitation, the enemy, which is Europe/Euro-America, must be defeated to end their exploitation of Africa. This conviction sits easily with the warrior philosopher at all times. He does not waver. 

In order words, mentality (however that it was obtained, whether genetically or environmentally) guides the attitudes (perspectives), and consequently the type of philosophy that a person adopts. Aliens will see Africa, always, as needing Aid from the exploiters. Warriors will see Africa at war with Her exploiters (the terrorists), and they will feel the need to stop the terrorism, however way that they can.

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~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you enjoyed this essay and would like to support more content like this one, please pour the Ancestors some Libation in support of my next essay, or you can go bold, very bold and invoke them. Here's my CashApp: $TheRealNarmer


  1. Afrika’s exploitation is largely psychological. What do I mean? The Afrikan leaders who have been educated by their enemies, oppressors, exploiters, etc., have come to embrace that their enemy, is superior in knowledge, and technology. This mindset is both conscious and subconscious.

    Afrikan leaders need to realize that they can take that knowledge that they have learned from the enemy, apply it to an Afrikan environment, unify with other Afrikans on the continent, instead of constantly thinking foreign enemies are the help you need, and utilize the humdreds of millions of afrikan descendants on all continents with knowledge and skills, to implement change. It’s simple!!!!! Unification without foreigners is the answer.

  2. Our problem is the same throughout the world. I moved from the United states, to Puerto Rico, (a U.S. Territory/Colony), for retirement in 2017. The people here are very color conscious. they stare at me all the time, even though Afrikan genetics are very dominant n this region due to our people being enslaved here. The Black people have all the menial jobs, and don’t seem to mind it. It’s a mind set. I was told that until 2000, all people identified as white on the census, because there were no other choices. Now that you can select Black as a rrace, because of miseducation, Blacks are ashamed, and continue to select white as a race category. It’s sick. Same in Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brasil, Central and south America, and Mexico, for Blacks. Not much consciousness of who they are, and no education, because the slave/colonial master is the educator!!!!!!!!

    Afrika is, and will always be our only home, that we can and should control education, and all institutions. We must unify or perish. I have very little hope of unity in Caribbean region, or Europe, or United States, with Blacks. They are all chasing money, material things, etc., because they have been misled to believe that’s what life should be. Totally wrong, totally anti Afrikan!!!!!!

    I am in the Caribbean. I want to be in Afrika, but no country there will give me citizenship. Why?? I am Afrikan diaspora. My ancestors came from Afrika. We have no friends in foreigners!!!!! We better wake up, or perish.


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