What is Insanity?

What do you call it when men and women gather around ornate dinner tables adorned with shiny forks and knives made from actual silver, and they plan and execute genocides without a single inappropriate or illegitimate act or speech, necessarily, having occurred?


What do you call it when men and women living in a tiny little country that is adorned with shiny loot from African lands, like forks and knives made from actual silver and gold, and they plan and execute genocides on Africans, without a single racist or Anti-Black speech, necessarily, having occurred?

Violent Insanity!

And what do you call the men and women involved in all of this violent insanity?

The Insane. The Violent Insane. The V.I.

Anti-Blackness is an Insanity. And those who suffer from it are Insane. They are the V.I.s.

You don’t reason with white supremacists… they have no “mind” to tag along in reasoning. The problem with the French is just that… they are Insane. Violently insane that the attempt to reason with people who are violent, and insane, or to understand people who are violent and insane, is the height of the exercise in absolute futility.

In other words, the height of insanity is Racism. The height of all insanity is Anti-Blackness.

However, madmen, necessarily, cannot be ignored, especially when they are dangerous. This is why they need to be painted as insane and as violent as they are so that all human beings can become aware!

Only Human beings can understand such paintings. The madmen and the non-humans, the V.I.s will not. Still, the correct paintings speak volumes to the millions of human beings still left on Mother Earth.


  1. What do you call a man who goes around stabbing Africans in the back with his eyes closed? And when he is asked why he stabs Africans in the back, his response is that he doesn’t see color. His response to his violence when he is asked about why he feels the need to be violent, is that he is colorblind?

    Insanity. Violent Insanity.

  2. It’s funny that the madmen or the v.i.’s never really condemn killing. They rather discuss which kinds of weapons people should keep at home. A handgun or a shotgun or a machine gun. They’re using a gun no matter what, the violence is a given in their case.


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