How English Destroys Your Children.

The newly minted species of Ghana’s Colonial Missionary Education, i.e. the sons and daughters of those who felt that they were more educated than their ancestors (the Metha), are destroying their children by teaching them to speak English first, even in some cases by teaching them to speak only English.

The Metha are not aware that they are essentially destroying their children.

Take for instance the typical Metha from Akatsi (Ewenyigba). In Ewe, a spoon is simply a spoon. A ladle is simply a ladle—this is simply assumed to be made of wood. Spoons, ladles and whiskers are cutlery made of wood. So in Ewe, the idea of a wooden-spoon, or a wooden-ladle is an interestingly stupid tautology.

The Akatsi-metha now enforcing the idea of English on his children is not aware that the English differ in this very world-view. At least the Akatsi-metha is not aware that his colonial missionary tutor does not agree with the Ewe fundamentals of thinking about the world. So the metha allows his children to be taught that a spoon is made of metal. And that what spoon remains in great-grandmother’s home is called a “wooden-spoon.”

In just two generations, the colonial, the terrorist English, have managed to accomplish not only one physical imperialism. They have conquered the empire also of the Ewe-mind, and they have wiped out a fundamental way of Ewe thought, one of which is that civilized Ewes found it a tad bit primitive to engage in the butchering of the soft tissues of their mouths, at every meal, by using metal forks, metal spoons, metal knives and such.

Furthermore, civilized Ewes could not square the practical reason for mining and minting metal (by physically and chemically destroying the forests for bauxite) for making ordinary utensils when, obviously, there were more abundant, sufficient and environmentally friendly materials for accomplishing the same feat.

The Akatsi-metha however is not aware of the brilliance and level-headedness of his own ancestors and so he throws all that away and insists, with a particular strange Akple-and-Fetri-deshi eating bravura, that his children must, and should only, learn English as a language.

The whole idea is befuddling. And the arrogance of the Akple-eating metha is particularly obnoxious. The Akatsi-metha does not understand that in one show of manliness, and supposed English enlightenment, he has managed to mandate the continuous exploitation of his ancestor’s resources by his dirty, blood-thirsty colonialists, for the making of ordinary mouth-butchering forks and knives.

The metha is not aware that he has signed his own death warrant by insisting that his children accept, and only accept a pagan way of thinking about the world around them.

And so, the Akatsi-metha is not aware that the most deplorable acts of his continuous terrorism in Ghana actually germinate in so-called enlightened English society. Many genocides have been glorified (and planned) around English and German dinner tables adorned with shiny metal forks and metal knives made from actual silver, without a single “wooden spoon” or “wooden plate” in sight.

The metha, in general, around Ghana, is not aware of many things. His arrogance forbids him from being patient enough to study and learn. So the metha moves swiftly, without consideration for the second, third and fourth steps of his first action. The metha is incapable of considering and re-considering the factors at play on his own actions. The metha insists to destroy his own children by forcing them to learn and sometimes, only learn, this pagan language called English.

Stop destroying your children with this English. Let your children learn the best Ewe, the best Ga, the best Dagbani, the best Hausa, the best Twi, the best Fanti. Let them learn every African language there is, and let the English language remain a distant pagan language of a passing, dirty, sordid and insolvent colonial reality of the moment. Stop destroying your children and your own definite future.

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  1. Too bad the the only things motivating the mehta are money and materialism. His worth is having more stuff than the next African. English often enables that so they cannot help but chase English to better their own economic status, to build bigger houses, and to drive fancier cars than the next person. English is their key to the good life though as you say it is also the key to destruction of livelihoods of future generations.


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