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Image: I present to you their Guy! A non-linear, non-conventional Anti-Black war General.
This man (image attached) claimed that in Dahomey, for instance, the King had 3,300 wives. The theory furthered another more insidious claim: that the King often killed some of his wives and decorated the walls of his palace with their skulls. Now, I know what you are thinking, but there's worse. Based on this type of "ethnographic studies of West...
Ghana vs. Nigeria.
We all know, and possibly even love, the game of football. It provides ample lessons, not the least of which is its propensity to serve as a metaphor for life. To this end, we can consider two forms of football: rules-based football and laws-based football. The latter, laws-based, is the form with which we are most familiar and in which...
The King of the Asantes of Ghana kneeling in Christian Chruch before a priest.
It has become a common spectacle in Ghana to find, year after year, images of the Asantehene kneeling before a priest of the Church of England, the Anglican Church, for prayers. The Asantehene is essentially, as we have learned over the years, the supreme leader of the Asantes of Ghana, and in addition, invariably, the spiritual embodiment of the...
Chief Diversity Officer by Race. White Women take the monstrous share at 76.1%. Of this, 55% are white women. Only 3.8% of Chief Diversity Officers are Black or African Americans - whether they are male, female, LGBTQIA++++, Hispanic or that or that. You see? The issue remains, Anti-Blackness. Nothing else.
In the USA, the greatest trick that European Americans there have pulled since chattel slavery on African Americans is, undoubtedly, to classify European women as a "minority" group. It is witchcraft. How did "white" women who bought, owned, and sold Human Beings (African men, women and children) in the Americas for hundreds of years become, suddenly, a minority group without...
An expert in the cultivation and distribution of rice.
The More-Educated Than His Ancestors, the METHA, in West Africa study nothing. Worse, they study nothing about themselves, let alone the cultures they were required by tradition to maintain and carry forward. The current hullabaloo about feminism and the role of women in African culture remain, almost always, devoid of the proper knowledge of African Traditional Systems and Institutions. The...
Civilization as a matter of conviction. A farm house in Togo, West Africa.
The Question: Has atheism ever been the foundational block of any civilization? Can atheism manifest a human civilization? Of course. I make no mistake about it. It is a no-conviction philosophy. Every group of people need, first and foremost, a firm conviction about who they are and what they intend...

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The Metha Demands to forget his Genetic, Ancestral, Historical Orientation.

Image: Taking Action. Gaining a sense of urgency and agency involves an embrace of your genetic makeup! But alas, for the Metha this point is mute.
Everywhere else, doers or those who commit to doing real things, like moving mountains, have figured out that Genetic or Ancestral or Historical Orientation, is at the least, an integral component of any decision-making. Yet, the More-Educated Than His Ancestors, the Metha, has been colonially...

You’ve Been Invaded. Europe & European-America Foreign Policy: All Predatory, Nothing Friendly.

European woman teaching an African man how to shoot and kill other Africans... A mercenary under training. You've been invaded!
You've Been Invaded. Europe & European-America Foreign Policy: All Predatory, Nothing Friendly. A retired European-American intelligence analyst recently described the United States of America as a land conquered by Europeans. The Americas were not conquered by Europeans. Far from it. The correct history here is...

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Image: Young Women in Kente at a Puberty Rites Ceremony, Ghana.
The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors, the METHA, has a very strong affinity for claiming to have done everything cultural, or traditional, all by himself. If not by himself then he knows who did it by name and by calling and he also knows exactly when it was done. Take...
Image. A European colonial outfit that calls itself the World Health Organization injecting poison into African children in the name of vaccination.
The Mis-Educated Than His/Her Ancestors, the METHA for short, in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, are condoning periodic medical experimentation by the Word Health Organization (WHO) on over 720,000 children, who are not their own children, and without their parental consent. The WHO, with the name containing the word “world,” is...

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Image: A regiment soldier of Dahomey's Gbetto. Avadada in Ewe simply translates as "War-General

The Avadada Diary: Of War And Peace

(Image: A regiment soldier of Dahomey's Gbetto. Avadada in Ewe simply translates as "War-General") Peace is not the absence of war. And war is not...

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The Beautiful Dipo Girls

Biblical Fabrications on Darkness.

Genesis 1:4. “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” Either the verse is fabricated or...


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