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Image: A regiment soldier of Dahomey's Gbetto. Avadada in Ewe simply translates as "War-General
(Image: A regiment soldier of Dahomey's Gbetto. Avadada in Ewe simply translates as "War-General") Peace is not the absence of war. And war is not the absence of peace. Rather, peace is a pause in Hot War. War is continuous, perpetual and has no end. Therefore peace is a deformity in the topology of war. Think of it this way. When...
Young girls in Ghana performing a rite of passage dance.
Euro-American corporatism of Black Intellectualism, fully-fledged in North America, is making its subtle, but sure way into Africa. There are several scholars and schools now operating in Ghana, for instance, that are fully funded by Euro-American Banks and Credit Card Companies and which are attempting to assert a certain level of mis-influence on the home-grown intellectualism necessary for re-balancing...
The Feminist Re-rendering of the Gender War of American Slavery.
Weird. Here's to you: Another White-man Funded Black Feminist Trope about American Slavery. Why is it necessary to engage in strange omissions of Black men? Here is another note on American Exceptionalism: From the Highest Number of Enslaved Workforce to the Highest Number of Prisoners Per Capita. Or is it in other words: From Slaves Per Capita (Racism) to...
Image: A beautiful village in the North of Ghana
Schizophrenia is a particular disorder of the mind. The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors, the METHA, all around the world, and in Africa, has been seen, at least by my own observation, to suffer from episodes of this kind of relapsing psychosis. Which means that the Metha endures lucid, vivid hallucinations. You are probably wondering if I am a kind of...
People Who Care Indeed.
The Problem With Comparing African American Slavery And The Jewish Holocaust is a past time of Zionists. Here's just one: There is an alarming quote from an article by James Kirchick, (published Feb. 09, 2015 3:05PM EST) of The Daily Beast, writing about three men who had been found guilty for arson charges after they were accused of firebombing a synagogue in Germany....
People who love goats.
Europeans are the only groups of people still roaming the planet hunting, and still coming up with newer, more and more wild goats. Wherever Europeans go, they find things that nobody else can claim. Free things, belonging to no one. Free lands, uninhabited, belonging to no one. And so the...

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The METHA’s Inspiration: Or Curse?

Image. Houses with Thatch Roofing
The Metha has a weird way of expressing what he believes are his greatest achievements. Take this one for example: "Since I was a kid my dream has always been to become a boxer. Nobody ever believed in me or my dream. There was no...

You Can Only Control How You Think. Not How Your Feel.

Escape the Matrix.
Even the putrid Orgasmatron Politics (Sexual Politics) we see today in the west has its roots in a concertedly cultivated attitude in people who live inside the western powers today. "We must shift America from a needs to a desires culture. People must be trained...

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A young girl learns how to cook in the family compound in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
Not long in the past, the nuclear family was heralded as the beacon of stability and harmony all around the world. People were once strongly encouraged to maintain two-parent, husband/wife families with children—even in the neoliberal, globalist west. The advent of the single mother-headed household, which later appeared in...
Vodun People in worship in a Village, Togo. West Africa
The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors, the METHA, fears the past. With this fear, which he wields, he also fears the present. It is as if he wishes to run away from the past, evade the present and somehow—and this is what he hopes—to land somewhere between Heaven and his...

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Image: The Two-European American Cops

Hollywood’s Finest at Work: Dragged Across Concrete.

Hollywood’s Finest at Work: Dragged Across Concrete. Judge this western film for yourselves in order to gain a deeper meaning about Europeans, and about Euro-Americans...

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Man of War - The African Antiquity.

Liars & Human Psychology.

Liars & Human Psychology. Liars are always concerned with the study of Human Psychology. Their goal is to never tell the truth, but to study...


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