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The King of the Asantes of Ghana kneeling in Christian Chruch before a priest.
It has become a common spectacle in Ghana to find, year after year, images of the Asantehene kneeling before a priest of the Church of England, the Anglican Church, for prayers. The Asantehene is essentially, as we have learned over the years, the supreme leader of the Asantes of Ghana, and in addition, invariably, the spiritual embodiment of the...
Chief Diversity Officer by Race. White Women take the monstrous share at 76.1%. Of this, 55% are white women. Only 3.8% of Chief Diversity Officers are Black or African Americans - whether they are male, female, LGBTQIA++++, Hispanic or that or that. You see? The issue remains, Anti-Blackness. Nothing else.
In the USA, the greatest trick that European Americans there have pulled since chattel slavery on African Americans is, undoubtedly, to classify European women as a "minority" group. It is witchcraft. How did "white" women who bought, owned, and sold Human Beings (African men, women and children) in the Americas for hundreds of years become, suddenly, a minority group without...
An expert in the cultivation and distribution of rice.
The More-Educated Than His Ancestors, the METHA, in West Africa study nothing. Worse, they study nothing about themselves, let alone the cultures they were required by tradition to maintain and carry forward. The current hullabaloo about feminism and the role of women in African culture remain, almost always, devoid of the proper knowledge of African Traditional Systems and Institutions. The...
Civilization as a matter of conviction. A farm house in Togo, West Africa.
The Question: Has atheism ever been the foundational block of any civilization? Can atheism manifest a human civilization? Of course. I make no mistake about it. It is a no-conviction philosophy. Every group of people need, first and foremost, a firm conviction about who they are and what they intend to become, i.e. if they wish to work collectively towards...
Tiny Ant, Little Macron, Wants a Forest Fire, Nuclear War with Russia. Is he bluffing?
NATO’s proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine is fast dwindling down to a straightforward humiliation of the west, i.e. The United States, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and their tiny coterie of Slave-States in the Pacific. They are set to swallow a load of defeat. This will not be the first time the Russians have climbed out of an assault...
Young ladies of Koumbadiouma braid each other's hair. Kolda, Senegal.
In the aim of defeating an enemy, the opponent makes ready for war. There is, of course, the kinetic war of combat that transpires, the physical bout between militaries. The economic war might occur simultaneously in attempts to cripple adversaries financially—perhaps through sanctions or trade disruptions. The propaganda war...

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The METHA Has Lost His Civilizational Coordinates.

Image. A town, somewhere in Ghana, some time ago.
The METHA Has Lost His Grounding. FROM NTOABOMA, I visited one of my favorite towns right outside Accra, Ghana. They have no courthouses there. Not anymore! Just 60 years ago in the same town, the traditional people who lived here, had six courthouses—each one headed...

The METHA: When The Chickens Aborted the Corn!

Image: Art and Conceptions of Motherhood in Traditional Africa.
You should never attempt a logical approach to a topic like human life conception, or abortion, to which you have an emotional attachment. This is not to say that emotional attachments are not important or that they always cloud correct judgment, but they are...

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The emblem of the Royal African Company of England
The foundational fractals of human organization and civilization have entailed—in Africa, and in those indigenous societies that have emerged from it—the following: The Individual, the Family, the Community or Village, the State or State Government. That aside, during much of the twentieth century and in the twenty-first century thus far,...
South Africa's Genocide Presentation Against Israel at the UN Court: Overwhelming and Devastating.
Of all crimes known to man, genocide is the biggest perpetration, a transgression of immense scale and severity. Genocide encompasses extreme violence against a group of people: deliberately killing, causing serious bodily and mental harm, engaging in reproductive violence, and inflicting on the group debilitating conditions of life with...

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The Feminist Re-rendering of the Gender War of American Slavery.

Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped From the Beginning: The Feminist Re-rendering of...

Weird. Here's to you: Another White-man Funded Black Feminist Trope about American Slavery. Why is it necessary to engage in strange omissions of Black...

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Image: Some imposters calling themselves an ECOWAS Force, readying themselves like their erstwhile slave trading step uncles to invade Niger


WEST AFRICA, Ntoaboma —The way things are supposed to work in West Africa is simply like this: the power structures (public and private) in...


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