Escape the Matrix.
Escape the Matrix.

Even the putrid Orgasmatron Politics (Sexual Politics) we see today in the west has its roots in a concertedly cultivated attitude in people who live inside the western powers today.

“We must shift America from a needs to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things (even sex), even before the old have been entirely consumed. We must shape a new mentality in America. Man’s desires must overshadow his needs.” (Paul M. Mazur, Social Engineer at Lehman Brothers.)

“To many times in politics and business, the triumph of the self is the ultimate expression of democracy, where power has finally moved to the people. Certainly, the people may feel they are in charge, but are they really? The Century of the Self tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interests?” (BBC)

The long and short of the kind of cesspool we live in today is that there are too many forces at work against your mind. Ultimately, these forces cannot change how you think, if you think at all. However, these forces have a strange ability to affect how you feel – even how you feel about your own thoughts.

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~ Success is a horrible teacher. It seduces the ignorant into thinking that he can’t lose. It seduces the intellectual into thinking that he must win. Success corrupts; Only usefulness exalts. ~ WP. Narmer Amenuti (which names translate: Dances With Lions), was born by The River, deep within the heartlands of Ghana, in Ntoaboma. He is a public intellectual from the Sankoré School of Critical Theory, where he trained and was awarded the highest degree of Warrior Philosopher at the Temple of Narmer. As a Culture Critic and a Guan Rhythmmaker, he is a dilettante, a dissident and a gadfly, and he eschews promotional intellectualism. He maintains strict anonymity and invites intellectuals and lay people alike to honest debate. He reads every comment. If you enjoyed this essay and would like to support more content like this one, please pour the Ancestors some Libation in support of my next essay, or you can go bold, very bold and invoke them. Here's my CashApp: $TheRealNarmer


  1. The Social Engineers of the west have been at this game for a very long time. They’ve mastered this kind of war on the mind. There are many kinds of wars against the mind that invariably have a profound ability to affect the feelings. But this kind of war to sway man from what he needs to what he simply feels that he wants (desire) is the most pernicious.


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