The Beautiful Dipo Girls
The Beautiful Dipo Girls

Genesis 1:4. “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”

Either the verse is fabricated or God is an idiot. But since we know that God (this one) may not be an idiot, then there’s only one way to resolve the obvious fabrication.

Mainly, in the beginning, according to this Christian Cosmogony, there was no Light. And then God created Light. Still, this light was mixed with the Darkness until God saw that the Light that was mixed with the Darkness was Good. Then God thought to himself that he was too good to let this goodness remain just like that. So he separated the two? You see?

So Light that is mixed with the Darkness (if we can even imagine it) is good, but God proceeded to separate the two anyways! No? It is this God who separated the two. That’s when this God created Evil. That’s how evil came to the world. For the light was no longer mixed with the Darkness. The light was no longer grounded by the Darkness. Several lessons later in the same Bible we will learn that the Light Giver was, indeed, Lucifer, after all – The Devil!

If something is Good when it is mixed with Darkness then it is the Darkness that makes it Good. It is the Darkness that this good. Not the Light. This is the lesson. Think about it, if the Separated Light was any good, why would God keep the Darkness around? More, and this will hurt the casual Christian: It seems quite obvious that the Darkness was fine and dandy until this Yahweh God got bored and separated the Light from the Darkness. Then there was trouble.

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  1. The only thing it shows is that the Bible writers knew nothing about science. Light and darkness aren’t two separate things. Visible light is simply a specific range in the electromagnetic spectrum. An object that fully absorbs the electromagnetic waves appears to us as Black. Black is this the absence of reflected light. It is not a separate thing from light.

  2. The Bible, Narmer Amenuti ; is like a Crossword puzzle. You need to fix all its parts to obtain the big picture.
    The LIGHT as captured in verse 3 of Genesis chapter 1 is indeed WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING as rendered in Proverbs 3:19-20.
    For instance ,we are told in the Genesis account that God CREATED the heavens and the earth, caps mine for emphasis. There were a seeming chaos as a result of darkness and God proclaimed LIGHT to dispel the darkness etc.
    Proverbs indicated WHY,HOW and with WHAT God created.
    Moreover, in Daniel 5:11-12 the Bible says in the days of your father Nebuchadnezzar, there was a certain man named Daniel and LIGHT was found in him ,caps mine for emphasis.
    My verdict
    Light as rendered in the Genesis account can mean no other thing than WISDOM ,KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.

  3. Isaac Osei Kofi Aren’t you reading into the verse? Verse 4 is part of the narrative of the creation of day and night.
    Furthermore, there can never be light without darkness. It is the darkness that makes light meaningful.
    Narmer is right. The God of the Bible saw the two were all good. All he did was not mixing them.

  4. I don’t believe in mythology and its narratives.

    This is an account by goat herders of their understanding of the universe. It is obvious that they had little or no scientific knowledge. At least they gave it a good shot by relying on their imagination.


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