TB Yoshua
TB Yoshua

They’ve found a Black story, with a Black man, to distract from their sexual decadence and to prolong their intoxication in the belief in their infallibility! They have reached up, to the top of the shelves, and they have fetched for themselves the age-old catharsis of their Anti-Blackness to cleanse their sins once again. If only they can satisfy themselves that the Black man is worse than they, then it must be that they are indeed the angels that they have imagined themselves, through their own dreams, hallucinations and all, to be.

Like clockwork, the western mis-elite, controllers of their mis-mass-media of the west and beyond, have “found” a story, or concocted one at will, about a Black man in Nigeria, to distract from the now, inescapable headlines of the Sex-Human Trafficking Scandals of the very mis-leaders of the west. More, this Black story is the means of catharsis by which the European and his Euro-Americans can continue in the belief in their exceptionalism.

And so it must be as bad a story as a story needs to be to serve this very purpose. When their audiences are in doubt about their “white” sainthood in the west, the Europeans and their Euro-American inbreeds have a conspicuous ritual of absolving their primitive guilt: they find a Black man, a Black narrative, and paint that man, and the story, as worse than their crimes.

Certainly, as they have trained their audiences to swallow every line, hook and sinker, the western elite mis-media knows that the audiences in their decadent empire will gulp down the bait and continue in their drunkenness with the intoxicating myth that Africans/Blacks are worse than they are! What is their cathartic Black mis-narrative? A man who’s been dead for years and cannot be counted upon to defend himself. How convenient?

Still, this western desire to drag a dead man’s legacy in the mud underscores the western need to hold on to the myth of their exceptionalism: that they are not all bad. That the so-called “Blacks” are worse that the Europeans!

The BBC has done it! All this light on the high profile sex-trafficking cabal of the western oligarchy, via former Prime Minister of Israel & Epstein (an Israeli asset) in the west, yet the BBC is here talking about TB Joshua without particularly caring to situate the man in Nigeria. All that is needed in the west to convince their masses of the mythology of “white infallibility,” it seems, is any Black man, from anywhere in the world, painted to look worse than they are!

Never mind that in the USA, elected officials are filming Pornographic Films in the Halls of American Congress and Power without drawing the ire of the BBC (the Big Black Condemning News Outlet). Yet, the western journalist and top newspapers are drunk on their preoccupation with the mythology of being “better” than Africans by fabricating stories about Black evil. Or it is to paint that picture that Africans are worse than they are, in the bid to posit that Europeans are “saints” no matter what?

You watch this European diatribes about Africans, and it is not very long before you come to the realization that their myths about African “primitivism” are projections, after all! The fact is Europeans are primitive and decadent. Think about their presence anywhere for just a second: The Americas, West Africa, Palestine, Australia, The Congo, South Africa, need I go on about their carnage and genocides against humanity anywhere they’ve gone? All this on top of today’s news of western Royals allegedly taped having sexual intercourse with under-aged boys and girls!

Where are the tapes? Who has them? And why are they being kept from the public? Yet, they would rather have their audiences march on, intoxicated and all, with the anti-Black belief that one man in Nigeria is a bigger problem than all the Sex and Human Trafficking of the western Oligarchs. Sure…distractions!

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  1. Yes one man, the boogie man, so long as he is a black man, is worse that a global European/Anglo-American/Israeli criminal network that trafficks in billions of dollars in elicit, illegal, and immoral activities! You can’t make this up!

  2. The bbc and its kkklan cannot bear to look themselves in the mirror. They do not fear what they would find since they already know but for some reason they think they fool the rest of the world by wearing suits and ties and expensive jewelry. And even now they like to pretend as though we are not privy to the decadence. It is all a charade.


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