Tiny Ant, Little Macron, Wants a Forest Fire, Nuclear War with Russia. Is he bluffing?
Tiny Ant, Little Macron, Wants a Forest Fire, Nuclear War with Russia. Is he bluffing?

NATO’s proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine is fast dwindling down to a straightforward humiliation of the west, i.e. The United States, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and their tiny coterie of Slave-States in the Pacific. They are set to swallow a load of defeat.

This will not be the first time the Russians have climbed out of an assault on their sovereignty and humiliated their enemies. The Russians did it in WWI. In WWII the Russians, while losing some 30 million of its people to the war, summarily dispatched, defeated and humbled a German Military Industrial Complex that was well-supplied and funded by the United States and the entire west.

It was no wonder that the United States and Great Brittan scurried away to save what was left of western Europe, in particular to rescue Germany from the advancing Russians—in an Allied propaganda operation to mask their prior involvement in building up the same German Forces against Russia. The result was the building of a thick wall between themselves and the Russians in what became West and East Germany.

More deplorable about the west’s motivations for world wars was their Pecksniffian, and forced employment, and abuse of African men, like the exploitation of the West African Frontier Forces, in the making of a successful protection of a criminal German Military Industrial Complex, whose military doctrine was first and foremost, to massacre everyone African, soldier or civilian, man or woman, child or cripple, pregnant or not, living in Europe and their African descendants (Chasselay Massacre).

The United States Forces of European descent did not wait their turn—they turned against their counterpart United States Forces of African descent in France and murdered them in cold blood right after the war.

Even the disgraceful anti-Black, anti-African news corporation, the BBC, uncovered documents revealing that African colonial soldiers, who made up the majority of General De Gaulle’s Free French army in WWII were removed from the unit that led the Allied Forces to recapture Paris from the same criminal German Military Industrial Complex in their attempt to take away the victory over the Germans from the West Africans who accomplished it!

Today, little Macron, the president of France, with a humongous Napoleon complex and a ginormous appetite for vanity, is bewildering the west and moving it closer and closer towards another world war. This time, closer to a Nuclear War.

This hungriness of Little Macron comes after the Russians have defeated the same anti-Human ideology, and military industrial complex (now called Ukraine) that sought to destroy Russia back in WWII. What does Little Macron do in defeat? Like an ant, he wants to start a forest fire (nuclear war) instead, to prevent the same humiliation and defeat the entirety of the west suffered when their plans to dominate the world through that anti-Human German proxy went terribly wrong in Russia.

Little Macron has now signed an entente with his fellow criminals of the United Kingdom—the same document they signed before the last two world wars—celebrating 120 years of criminal behavior between the two countries. What is worse is that this meeting of the crime families intends to coax NATO troops into Ukraine in an attempt to freeze the conflict there between the Russians and the Ukraine, in much the same manner that the Allied Forces tricked the world into helping them freeze WWII inside Germany and scurried away the German military criminals who should have been tried and executed by international courts.

Problem is that this is not a war that Little Macron and his large crime families in France can freeze. Even if they received help from the old crime families of Great Britain, they will still come short. Terribly short. Which begs the question about whether the Head Anglo-Saxon crime families of the United States would risk their nuclear fleet to save their cousins in Western Europe once again from another of their kerfuffle against the Russians?

Only this time, indeed, the Russians have more powerful weapons—from bullets to nuclear bombs—than the whole Anglo-Saxon Coalition of the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia put together. The Russians produce far more, and far better engineers than the entire west put together. The Russian Forces seem far more prepared and spirited to defend their sovereignty from another Anglo-Saxon onslaught. More, the Russians have God on their side because they are human!

Some would say that Little Napoleon Macron is bluffing, that he’s not stupid to send French troops into Ukraine—a force that the Russians have warned will be immediately evaporated by Russian hypersonic bombs. Some claim that the conceited, Little Napoleon Macron is fully aware that their cousins, the Americans, may not wager their own immense appetites for consuming world resources, to save the hide on French buttocks.

All that, is hearsay! No one knows how immensely stupid Little Macron truly is—no one has measured his stupidity levels, for it has yet to register on any scale. Those who have tried measuring it mean what they say. After all, the midget-minded Macron is married to his mother of some sort. Worse, no one knows how desperate the old crime families of Great Britain truly feel about the prospect of a huge blood-letting festival they can call “world war three”.  What is left is the temperature of the vampires in America. Has it gotten cold enough for them to embark on a feeding frenzy, even one that would result, ultimately, in their own extinction?

The jury is out. What remains is that the ant, Little Macron, continues to call for a forest fire, nuclear war. Or, is this just part of the crime families’ willingness to run risks in order to create the bubbles to spend more money? What could happen is anyone’s wild guess.

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