Image: A regiment soldier of Dahomey's Gbetto. Avadada in Ewe simply translates as
Image: A regiment soldier of Dahomey's Gbetto. Avadada in Ewe simply translates as "War-General

(Image: A regiment soldier of Dahomey’s Gbetto. Avadada in Ewe simply translates as “War-General”)

Peace is not the absence of war. And war is not the absence of peace. Rather, peace is a pause in Hot War. War is continuous, perpetual and has no end. Therefore peace is a deformity in the topology of war.

Think of it this way. When the Day Breaks, you must wake up and go to war. Light is war. And then, if you survive the war and the Night Falls, you can find some peace and respite inside your own fort. The Darkness is peace.

Few can maintain peace. For, in order to find peace (darkness) the nation must win the war (light). Few nations can accomplish this feat from year to year. These nations dedicate themselves to war, and for war.

There’s only one way to look at war and peace: It is to look at it as Day and Night. The Day is war and the Night is peace. Whether you like it or not, the day will break and the night will fall. Question is where will you be?

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  1. Most people like to believe in this utopia called peace so they roll their eyes and dismiss you if you tell them that people are always trying to take what your country has all the time.


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