Young girls in Ghana performing a rite of passage dance.
Young girls in Ghana performing a rite of passage dance.

Euro-American corporatism of Black Intellectualism, fully-fledged in North America, is making its subtle, but sure way into Africa. There are several scholars and schools now operating in Ghana, for instance, that are fully funded by Euro-American Banks and Credit Card Companies and which are attempting to assert a certain level of mis-influence on the home-grown intellectualism necessary for re-balancing the unfair colonial scales of wealth distribution, particularly of African resources, in the world.

The Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors, the METHA, is however, and of course, excited about this turn of events, mainly because he is not aware of it. The turning away from the material revolution we need to tilt the scales back in favor of distributive proportionality or justice in international trade and affairs is slowly being replaced with a neoliberal para-moral discussion about culture and culture wars.

The METHA accepts the modern neoliberal rephrasing of progress as gender and gender politics over the traditional understanding of the national struggle for resource sovereignty. The METHA accepts this rephrasing mainly because he is lazy. He has, by all indication given up on the national struggle to achieve international and geopolitical parity.

Frankly, such neoliberal ideas—such as the new culture wars about which sex organ should pair with which breast implant—grants the METHA intellectual the latitude to act out his laziness while pretending to fight a just cause! So long as post-nationalism, and with it the more general and vague neoliberal idea of post-structuralism, are deemed alternatives to the struggle against colonial resource deprivation of African states, the METHA reckons that he can bury his head in the sand and expect his Euro-American Storm of Resource gorging and exploitation to pass him by unscathed.

One more thing: The way that the METHA envisions himself as an international animal, capable of simultaneously living in London and Accra, both at once, affords him the luxury to contemptuously dismiss radical nationalism as not a viable option for the struggle against European neocolonialism in Africa. The life-style that the Euro-American corporation bestows on the METHA enables him to act as both an intellectual and, yet idiot.

No matter. The caricature that is wokism, gender wars and who should wear dresses or “supporters” are here to stay. That is, so long as the Euro-American corporations continue to fund such intellectual enterprises. They will. The question that the traditional African Intellectual now grapples with is how to counter these metastasizing colonial forces of post-structuralism, which we have now identified as the third phase of the nonlinear weapon deployed against Black/African peoples to maintain the colonial status quo of resource deprivation.


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