The Feminist Re-rendering of the Gender War of American Slavery.
The Feminist Re-rendering of the Gender War of American Slavery.

Weird. Here’s to you: Another White-man Funded Black Feminist Trope about American Slavery. Why is it necessary to engage in strange omissions of Black men? Here is another note on American Exceptionalism: From the Highest Number of Enslaved Workforce to the Highest Number of Prisoners Per Capita. Or is it in other words: From Slaves Per Capita (Racism) to Prisoners Per Capita (Diversity). Exceptionalism or Extermination?

No matter. Here’s the correction to that nonsense:

American Slavery went from the late 1500s – 1795 where predominantly African Men were kidnapped and shipped, monthly, from West Africa to the Americas, to cultivate Sugar Cane, Rice and latter cotton. They were worked until they died and thrown away. And then new African Men were kidnapped to replace the dead!

When we claim that the African Man was the human-machinery basis for the Industrial Revolution this is simply what we mean!

Circa 1795, Jefferson and his fellow European Savages made a deal with Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, when the kidnapping of Africans from West Africa was being abolished. The deal involved the domestic production of African slaves inside America, instead, to circumvent the Abolishment.

By 1804 in North America, all Northern states had voted to abolish the institution of slavery within their borders. In most of these states, however, abolition was not immediate. And in the South, it flourished causing the First Mortgage Crisis of 1845!

From 1795 – 1808 the mass kidnapping of African Women from West Africa was unleashed. Recall that, by this time, it has been some 200 years of kidnapping predominantly African Men and working them to death on the fields of the Americas. Now, the predominant kidnapping of West African women became the norm.

After this period, a half century before the Civil War in North America, West African Women became a huge commodity in the Americas for the production of American slaves. You see? This is how the Savages from Europe maintained a population of enslaved Africans without having to replace the men.

This is what we mean when we say the men were disposable. That is, they could be worked to death, and replaced by making an African woman on the plantation produce another man. You see? This dispensability of men had nothing to do with their human worth, but had everything to do with their musculature (particularly for sugar cane production) and with the ease of their replacement.

So sorry! African American History is not about Feminism. It has nothing to do with Feminism. Yet Kendi and his funders are taking some weird turns – some weird forked road to New Orleans. Furthermore, racism did not begin with one gender. What motivates such strange omissions of Black men from the record: Is it the result of European American Exceptionalism or the age-old Euro-American delight – Extermination?

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  1. Black mens dispensability according to the yts is also the backbone of American sports like football and basketball where they play for two years on average then are thrown away. And it’s even in the music industry where yts are always looking for the next star do they do not have to adequately compensate them. Moral of the story: do not, cannot work with yts. All exploitation and extermination.


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