Image. A European colonial outfit that calls itself the World Health Organization injecting poison into African children in the name of vaccination.
Image. A European colonial outfit that calls itself the World Health Organization injecting poison into African children in the name of vaccination.

The Mis-Educated Than His/Her Ancestors, the METHA for short, in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, are condoning periodic medical experimentation by the Word Health Organization (WHO) on over 720,000 children, who are not their own children, and without their parental consent.

The WHO, with the name containing the word “world,” is actually not an organization with worldly wellbeing as its goal. Far from it. Neither is it a representative medical body that Africans should blindly trust. The Metha, however, has trusted every dictate by the WHO, which is merely one of many tools of the Multinational Medical Industrial Complexes of former colonizer pirate nations like Britain.

Through the pseudonym of “world” and the oxymoron of “health,” the WHO has found a willing conduit (the Metha) for the multinational drug cartel of Britain, GSK, to run wild experiments on African children without their parental consent in the name of developing a vaccine against malaria.

Yet, it is not malaria they are attempting to prevent. Nor is it the wellbeing of African children that GSK and the Metha in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, seek. They seek nothing else but to force-feed African children, who they partly hate and partly despise, with drugs like their experimental Mosquirix, which at best reduces the children’s natural immunity to malaria, induces meningitis, and worse kills African girls so fast that the Mosquirix poison has become the envy of the anopheles mosquitoes.

(The way that Anti-Blackness is working in the 21st century is no different from the way it has worked in the previous two centuries: If you can’t stop the girls from making African babies, if you cannot indoctrinate them to hate their men, fathers and sons, you might as well kill them off? Correct?) This is the way of GSK, of Britain, and the Metha in Africa.

The WHO, controlled by GSK and such drug cartels, has gotten so brazen with running experiments on Black children that in a 2014 policy document, they described what an “implied consent process” for their experimentation on children entailed: Parents need to explicitly opt their children out of their experiment rather than explicitly opting them in. Which means that the mere attendance of a child in school on a day when other vaccinations are being administered is considered implicit consent by the parents for the child to be experimented upon.

This practice of colonial experimentation on Black Bodies, particularly children, reminds us of the Tuskegee Experiments, and it flies in the face of international law of informed consent as a fundamental and inviolable human right, including the 1947 Nuremberg Code, the 1966 United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the 2005 Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, and the International Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects.

No matter, as with all cases involving former colonial terrorists from Europe in Africa and in many African communities of the Americas, as is this case involving GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and their colonial clerks (the Metha), one thing is sure—grotesque anti-Black inhumanity.

(Image. A European colonial outfit that calls itself the World Health Organization injecting poison into African children in the name of vaccination.)

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  1. We all know that the West likes nothing more than to attempt to slow the fertility of other nations’ women and stagnate the development of youth. I cannot imagine why, knowing this, anyone would allow them to administer some experimental drug on children.

  2. Disgusting & yes primarily anti-black, as well as anti-human, and anti-99.9%.
    They won’t seem to be happy until it is the handful of them left, with a handful of serfs. They can enjoy the planet all to themselves, until they start destroying one another – they can’t help themselves..


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