Image: The Two-European American Cops
Image: The Two-European American Cops

Hollywood’s Finest at Work: Dragged Across Concrete.

Judge this western film for yourselves in order to gain a deeper meaning about Europeans, and about Euro-Americans and their psyche! Here’s how the movie proceeds:

(1) First scene: Sex scene. African American man on Asian woman both naked and groping—satisfying the diversity quota of fake-equality in Hollywood, while casting Asians and Africans as sexually deviant. Meaning: Snide diversity, all the while introducing obtuse, explicit sexual material without cause and without any immediate consequence for the act, you see?

(2) Second scene: Two African American men not very friendly with each other. Can’t have two Black men in a scene being friendly to each other you see? Gang members perhaps, one just got out of jail and the pickup driver offered a new crime gig. Meaning: Black men cast as criminals, yet another snide diversity quota you see?

(3) Third Scene. Still no European American yet on the screen. African American man enters apartment, with the setting of a ghetto. He walks in on his African American mother prostituting herself to a European American man. Not just prostitution as you might think of it, but the weird stuff—needles in her arms and signs of the European American man’s footstep-marks on her torso. Real troubling stuff. Meanwhile, her younger son is in a wheel-chair next door locked up in a room playing his video games. Meaning: Black man gets his representation as a criminal. Asian woman gets hers as a prostitute and the Black woman now gets her representation as the modern Jezebel, you see? People with weakness in their legs also get their representation as sons of prostitutes, at the same time, you see?

(4) You’ve had enough? Wait. Fourth scene. Two European American men, cops/police, laying siege to an apartment. They smoke out an overweight Mexican drug dealer whose girlfriend has difficulty hearing without aids. Mexican man is slammed on the wrought iron window-fire-escape. His skull nearly cracked by the boots of one European American police on his head while he lays on the floor hand and legs cuffed to the iron. European American police hop into the apartment through the window and find naked Mexican girl trying to escape through the bathroom. European American cop open the shower head on her, she is now very wet? You get the picture? Meaning: Mexican man gets his representation as a drug dealer. Mexican girl gets her representation as naked and wet (horny), you see? You also now see Hollywood’s dirty preoccupation with sex, sex, sex, sex?

(5) Same cops, European Americans at a breakfast dinner, served by a Mexican older woman. They summon her right back to pick up the food she just served and box it up. At first she questions the reason, but the European police insists. Meaning: Authority, you see, over others?

(6) Office of the department chief, a lieutenant, also European American, claims his boss is Latino (but we don’t see this one). The two previous European officers enter and sit across the table from the police chief. Three European men gathered smiling and being friendly with one another. The chief claims the incident with the cracking of a Mexican man’s jaw/skull was caught on camera by an onlooker. Video’s gone viral and the network would air it that evening. The cops have to be suspended for six weeks without pay. The three European American cops, old pals, deride wokeness and woke politics for this turn of events. Meaning: They implied that by hurting or even murdering drug dealers they were helping African Americans and Mexicans. You see the “White Savior Trope” play out?

(7) Scene seven. Young African American boy rides a bicycle—poses like a “panther” about to pounce on its prey—rides aggressively towards the European daughter of one of the European cops from the previous scenes; he throws a cup of soda at her while she walked home from school. Meaning: Black boys are troublemakers, still they are “predators,” you see? European girls on the other hand are angels who mind their own business and just get misogynized on a casual walk from school. You got that? You want more? I stopped watching and I left the room.

This is just the 30 minutes into a film over 2 hours long.

This is, in sum, just another sample into the psyche of European and Euro-Americans who descend on Africa like a plague to point that finger and the other and instruct us about Equality, diversity, Human Rights, democracy, this and that. Take a cursory look at European films and Hollywood, and the cancer of their inability to live with any other race of people becomes evident. And so Nana Yeboah of Asante Kotoko fame would ask yet again: “Why do they leave behind this fine and happy England to trek all the way to Kumase to preach to us? If it were so good they would stay there!”

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  1. Who needs birth of a nation when you have this film? You would think they would get over those barbaric stereotypes but still all the men are criminals and the women sex objects. If you live with yts they are the only ones who should get any meaningful role whether it is in a movie or at the workplace. Their psyche is only they matter and everyone else should be their feudal slave, to be used and abused however they fancy.

  2. Yep there is goes. Check every box for disability, this and that of color, and still the same dissatisfying result. When will these low iq actors see that these roles do them no good but only further the greys sadistic agendas?


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