Kamala attempts to point dirty fingers at African Leaders.
Kamala attempts to point dirty fingers at African Leaders.

They Always Point The Finger.

First, we are primitive. And they had come to “civilize” us. It turns out they were (and are) the brute primitives!

Second, we don’t have history and they have come to give us social institutions and history. It turns out our history predates theirs by 10 millennia.

Now, this: EQUALITY. And the nonsense of the diatribes. They make no sense with it! You can’t even grant African Americans their Black Sovereign Equality in the USA, yet you want us in Africa to support your European Trans-this or that, LGBTQ this or that, this and that!

Always pointing the finger. And what, we don’t have fingers to point? And there, the whole premise of their EQUALITY goes down the drain. If you keep telling us stuff (300 years now), to do this or that, and you refuse our advice, you refuse our fingers, then are we Equal?

Of course, this one is here to also issue threats to the African Union. Here’s a woman who has patronizingly adorned herself with the Identity of some of my Women Ancestors much to their anger, calling herself a “Black” woman by way of Jamaica (she’s not), and she has arrived on the Mother Continent to threaten the cousins, nephews and nieces of that Ancestor whose identity she has stolen with the diatribes of Chattel Slave Traders!



Democracy Recession in Africa – Okechukwu Onunaiju.

In Africa, particularly in Nigeria, we have Democracy Recession. That is we present all the trappings of a democracy – Presidency, Judiciary, Parliament – yet it delivers absolutely nothing. In Nigeria, a nation of over 200 Million People, only 8 million Nigerians showed up to vote in the just ended Presidential Elections. What is the point? Nigerians have a point: They are being corralled like livestock into voting booths to partake in a process that delivers absolutely nothing! And so what is the point?


Joyce Banda: Democracy Recession.

Former Malawi President, Joyce Banda: Democracy did not come to Africa solve African problems. It came to facilitate colonial rape and looting of African resources.

By: Former Malawi President, Joyce Banda.


When We Struggle, We Win. (President of Socialist Party of Zambia, Fred M’membe)


USA has never sent a Vice President to Ghana to stop the Cedi’s Decline. But look?


USA has never sent a Vice President to Ghana to stop illegal gold mining. But look?


USA never sent a Vice President to Ghana to fight (neo-)Colonialism. Bet, u see?


Their Foolishness.

They’ve forced the extinction of entire Species and they (nobody else) have killed off whole ethnic groups of Human Beings. But we should preserve the elephants and the crocodiles, so they can fly into our villages and do what? Have fun. What kind of fun? Ride on elephants and swim with the crocodiles.

Are these people correct?



Mali has finally proposed to ditch the French Currency (CFA) asap. The CFA has been the noose held around their necks with the strings held way up in the hands of a bunch of Lizards in France.

Mali, way before, had its own currency under their first leader of the republic – Modibo Keita (1960 to 1968). The French overthrew and murdered Modibo. France forced Mali back into the CFA zone immediately and held the noose like a dog-tether.

How can the French, Europeans, Euro-Americans now talk to us about Equality? What’s their problem? How can the people who partly hate and partly despise us still claim they want to help us? Psychopaths!

Now, with the Wari proposal it seems to me that useful debate can be had between equals. Else it is not a debate, but an order.

We can’t have a debate on any social issue when Europeans and Euro-Americans continue to hold the threat of economic sanctions over our heads. You call that Equality? Every time you don’t like someone’s ideas about life, you enforce Economic Deprivation, and then you turn around like a lizard and talk about Equality.

The time is winding down. Mali will build and one day we can all sit at a table and talk like civilized adults, not like the lizards do everywhere they go!



Dear President Nana Akufo-Addo:

Next time Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris, comes here talking about Equality, ask her (since she “identifies” as an African American woman), why the most-educated group in America (African American Women) are still the second from bottom economically? She needs to make that make any sense to us first and foremost.

Oh, but I may have digressed. Who said all African American women “identify” as women? Don’t matter, we all know who we are referring to, don’t we?

Tell her to tell her people from Europe to take the log out of their eyes before she comes to Ghana talking about the speck in our eyes. Oh, but I may have digressed yet again. Who said all Europeans “identify” as Europeans?

And with that nonsense, you see my friends, the Oppressor remains nameless, formless and without skin in the game. The Oppressor is now a space-shifting lizard taking one form and several forms at once!



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  1. These US Democrats make no sense. So much that they won’t even have any political debates because then it would be clear they’re all loony.


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