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ABIDJAN, République de Côte d’Ivoire — An European institution claims they have sequenced an ancient African genome for the first time with bizarre results.

They claim they have extracted DNA from a 4,500-year-old skull that was discovered in the highlands of Ethiopia.

After their comparative studies however, with genetic material from the genomes of Africans today, they deduced that this new genome reveals how our ancient ancestors mixed and moved around the continents with Neanderthals.

Their findings, published in the European journal Science, suggests that about 3,000 years ago there was a huge wave of migration from Eurasia into Africa.

“This has left a genetic legacy,” they claim, and the scientists “believe up to 25% of the DNA of modern Africans can be traced back to this event”.

“Every single population for which we have data in Africa has a sizeable component of Eurasian ancestry,” said Dr. Andrea Manica, from the University of Cambridge, in England, who carried out the research.

This publication has raised eyebrows across the African continent with scientists raising doubts about the intentions behind the new publication.

Dr. Johannes Gontake, MD, believes that comments that Africans have Neanderthal genes could only be likened to the fraud of ‘Piltdown man (Eoanthropus dawsoni), also called Dawson’s dawn man.

Pitdown man was a proposed species of an extinct hominin (member of the human lineage) whose fossil remains, discovered in England in 1910–12, were later proved to be fraudulent.

European Science has not been without deep-seated scams. Single handedly, they have concocted all sorts of evidence to feed parochial Euro-centric Geo-political interests.

Public confidence even in Europe in the honesty of scientists has been harmed by recent investigations into European Science frauds.

Fraud in western science includes inventing data (fabrication), manipulating data to produce an unjustified result (falsification) or presenting the work of other researchers as one’s own (plagiarism).

Notably, the now extant fields of Craniology and Eugenics, which were very vibrant in the west, and which sort out to brand Africans as inferior to Caucasians for more than four centuries are cases in point.

Rather than see these fields as dead, their political indoctrinations have however creeped into many aspects of western science including but not limited to Statistics, Biostatistics and more notably, Genetics.

A meeting in Madrid on 17-18 November, 2008, organized by the Research Integrity Forum of the European Science Foundation (ESF) in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) found that between 1% and 10% of western researchers commit fraud and perhaps as many as 40% to 50% engage in questionable practices.

Over the last 15 years, close to half the budget of the United States’ National Institute of Health (NIH) has gone to genetic analysis of human populations. That is in excess of $100 billion dollars in the US alone.

This virulent activity is only paralleled by the tobacco industry which pioneered ‘behavioral genetics’ to the same extent. Why? To further their parochial Geo-political and racial interests.

It is against this backdrop that the comparison of this newfound genome with modern African genomes must be understood.

These scientists from London claim that their peculiar studies show that after the great migration out of Africa, which happened about 60,000 years ago, some people later returned to the continent carrying with them Neanderthal genes.

They claim that about 3,000 years ago there was a much larger migration than had been thought in which the Neolithic farmers from western Eurasia who, about 8,000 years ago, brought agriculture to Europe, then began to return to Africa.

“We know now that they probably corresponded to a quarter of the people that already lived in East Africa (at that time). It was a major backflow, a very sizeable movement of people,” said Dr Manica.

At the same time, they assert that it is unclear what may have caused this move – but they posit that it might have potentially been the results of the changes happening in the ancient Egyptian Empire.

This hearkens back and close to European historians reenacting, although after these theories had been debunked, the Hamitic Hypothesis – that our ancient Egyptian Ancestors, our Nubian ancestors, our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia and so on, may not be Africans at all, that they are actually Caucasians in Black skin.

“Quite remarkably, we see in Ethiopia about 20% – so a fifth – of the genome of people living there right now is actually of Eurasian origin, it actually comes from these farmers,” explained Dr. Manica.

The attempt to brand East Africans as Caucasians does not stop here. He continues:

“But it goes further than that, because if you go to the corners of Africa, all the way to West Africa or South Africa, even populations that we really thought were purely African have 5-6% of their genome that dates back to these western Eurasian farmers.”

Neanderthal genes

This new European publication will not stop at introducing falsehood into Africa’s place under the Sun. Since the beginning of the British Empire, of Colonialism, Slavery and Imperialism, western scientists have sought to brand the human species, using duplicitous scientific methods, with their own narrow beliefs.

This new attempt to introduce Neanderthal genes into the African genome by hook or crook follows in the same historical track record of western scientists. By positing a Eurasian return of humans back into Africa, without any supporting evidence, these crude scientists seek to introduce some extra genetic material into the African genome.

They conclude that the genes their ancestors had picked up from interbreeding with Neanderthals were then passed to Africans, and can still be seen today.

The comments and conclusions by the European Academy has been thrown out by the African Academy of Sciences.

The only way, ‘we can arrive at some truth about this issue is if these scientists in Europe or London would for once start working together with us, their African counterparts, to design the experiments and interpret the results accordingly. But they will not show us the specimens. So, this is just Eugenics making a comeback as Science in sheep skin,” says Dr. Amadu Kante, Ph.D.

The African Academy of Sciences remain entirely suspicious of the findings of this group in Cambridge, London with Dr. Johannes Gontake, MD, saying that the comments that Africans have Neanderthal genes could only be likened to the fraud of Piltdown man (Eoanthropus dawsoni).

Remember, Pitdown man was a proposed species of an extinct hominin (member of the human lineage) whose fossil remains, discovered by an English scientist, in England in 1910–12, were later proved to be fraudulent.


  1. I would wish they would supply the African Academy of Sciences with the specimens they have collected. But oh no, like the original tapes from the Moon landing the US claims, the british would claim they have lost these specimens as well. Yes, I agree with Akosua, this is quack science.

  2. Vehement disapproval from the African Academy of Sciences – today I can say I am proud of African science. What is this nonsense about neanderthal genes. This liars! They can’t stop, they keep coming again and again.


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