U.S. Democrats Say Only White Candidates Are Presidential

WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S.A — The choices for the next U.S. president are surprisingly slim for African Americans in the United States.

The Democratic Party which has been the go-to party for the majority of African Americans is hell bent upon a white candidate. The Party claims to not see race, but this year, they only see white candidates for office. Imagine that.

The irony is that the Democratic Party claims to embrace Black Americans and Latino Americans but consistently fails to present a viable candidate from either group.

In America, Blacks and Latinos are asked: what kind of ice cream do you want, original vanilla or vanilla bean? Those are the only options. There is no selection of chocolate, strawberry, caramel, and the like. Just eat vanilla or go home.

Only today, vanilla has never been blander.

Both of the current Democratic front runners, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, have significant problems that will make it difficult— if not impossible—for anyone besides whites to vote for them in good faith. Even whites have reasons to stand against them, if their morals are functioning.

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State and wife of former President Bill Clinton (1992-2000) has vehemently supported mass incarceration, an institution that has enslaved and currently encumbers more African Americans than the number under white torment during the grotesque inhumanity of American slavery.

And still, Hillary Clinton is firm in her support of the brutal system of mass incarceration. The blood-stained pockets of Hillary Clinton’s campaign are deeply indebted to the prison slumlords; she accepts donations from lobbyists tied to the Geo Group and Corrections Corporation of America, two private prison organizations.

How can Hillary Clinton claim to stand with Black and Latino voters if she takes money from corporations that profit off of their incarceration?

The hypocrisy is alarming.

Race and not class has to do with the current state of inequality in America. There will always be class inequality around the world. In every country that ever existed on this planet earth, there were richer and poorer folk.

But rather than address the ills of a country that blatantly discriminates against whole populations because of skin color, Bernie Sanders would rather ponder about the contours of class inequality and its solutions, with futility, until infinity.

Though marketing himself as a pure socialist, Bernie Sanders pledges his true allegiances to the gay rights community and to the Jewish community; the latter has managed, under the mass of whiteness, to spread its wings unfettered to control a number of factions in America— from airlines to sports teams to entire Ivy League universities.

Any classist approach to solving inequality is white centric and not race centric. Any class policies Bernie Sanders puts forth would help Black Americans no more than white Americans.

Commonsense reasoning would conclude that there is no closing of the race gap with reform that doesn’t aim to close the gap, but maintain it, while white Americans’ wealth matures rapidly from its nest egg.

Besides Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, only old white men are allowed in the Democratic old white club. With these options, there are absolutely zero choices for African Americans and Latinos if they desire to see a president in their own image. There is zero percent confidence that they will see the president as a reflection of their values and issues.


Facing that ballot is an incredibly short list of unfit choices. Perhaps a giraffe might do instead. Maybe write that in?

At the very least, a giraffe would not imprison millions of Black men and women for absolutely no law enforcement reason. A giraffe would not commit one mass atrocity after another, after another, not slavery, not Jim Crow, and not Native American genocide.

The worst that could happen is that the country would become a nation of vegetarians… and that’s actually not a bad plan to curb obesity.

Indeed, this election season there will be no shortage of whites in America who will tell Black and Latino voters that there is a white candidate who is right for them, who will look out for their best interests.

Today’s paternalism is no less suffocating than its earlier versions, only undeserving of patience.

In its absence of Black and Latino representatives, the Democratic Party revels in a deep state of public denial, amid private glee.

The Black media puppets who are faux representations of the Black constituency consistently fail to address the omission of Black and Latino candidates, perhaps for fear their remuneration suddenly cease.

But who am I to stop someone from eating?

Hillary Clinton surely will feed millions, three meals a day: those who she will send to prison to fetch those meals, should she be elected.


  1. Bravo. Can someone say it as it is? Can some call a spade a spade? Thanks Nefetiti for this piece. There is no way I could put it any other way when you say: Hillary Clinton surely will feed millions, three meals a day: those who she will send to prison to fetch those meals, should she be elected.

    The amnesia for some of the Black people who follow her blindly are cattle to the slaughter. Hillary is the Chief butcher! Bill Clinton is still the owner of the butcher house.

  2. Most African Americans I believe understand that some of their brothers and sisters are sellouts. You just need to watch EMPIRE to see how some Blacks feel about Al Sharpton, Don Lemon, the Prison Industrial Complex, the Democratic Party and even President Obama. I think some African Americans have come out and forthright dismissed Obama as a Sellout. Hopefully the majority of the silenced Blacks whose voices are never heard will find the confidence and the funds to move the country in a new direction by organizing more significantly in ways that would change the democratic political process in the US.

  3. Oh yes, for the US this just give you an ultimatum. They are the mafia – a giant fucking mafia threatening every living thing on the planet with the bomb. Why should every living thing live in fear? Welcome to the Anglo-saxon world.


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