Albinism is a rare, non-contagious, genetically inherited condition occurring in both genders regardless of ethnicity, in all countries of the world. Both the father and mother must carry the gene for it to be passed on even if they do not have albinism themselves.

The condition results in a lack of pigmentation in the hair, skin and eyes, causing some vulnerability to exposure to bright light. Almost all people with albinism have a visual impairment, permanent or intermittent, with a significant number classified as “legally blind”.

While numbers may vary, in North America and Europe it is estimated that 1 in every 20,000 people have some form of albinism.

In many parts of Africa, albinos enjoy equal treatment, even revered as embodiments of spirits, while in a few other regions in central, eastern and southern Africa albinos face some form of bias. Some of these cultures believe that albinos do not die – they translate to the ancestral world. That they are either revered as spiritual incarnations or discriminated against because they translate into the ancestral world are not mutually exclusive.

Still other traditions in Africa perceive albinism as a sign of bad luck and as a result albinos are ostracized.This theology is equidistant from the former. For those who do not wish their enemies re-incarnate in the form of albinos, the belief haunts their very existence. Some albinos are therefore ostracized for this and other reasons.

Among the Mandinke for example, a child born with albinism is bad omen. Notably, the Malian renowned singer dubbed the Man with the Golden Voice, and a contributor to the development of Afro-pop – Salif Keita – was ostracized from his family despite being born of royal blood. He is a direct descendant of the founder of the Mali Empire, Sundiata Keita.

Malian Albino singer, Salif Keita.
Malian Albino singer, Salif Keita.

In Ghana, albinos are referred to as ofiri djato, which is quite different from the name for a caucasian – obroni.

In general, albinos in Ghana, as in many parts of Africa, face no persecution or discrimination. In fact, there are many influential albinos in national affairs and politics. A celebrated legal luminary and the long time president of the Ghana Boxing Association (GBA), Moses Foh-Amoaning, is a well-known albino across the continent.

Attorney Moses Foh-Amoaning,Ghana`s leading Sport Analyst.
Attorney Moses Foh-Amoaning,Ghana`s leading Sport Analyst.

It is also alleged that the great Okomfo Anokye, the priest that conjured the Golden Stool of the revered Ashanti Kingdom, co-founder of the Ashanti, was an albino himself, ostracized by the Kingdom of Dahomey. Further, a renowned deity of worship in Brong Ahafo, Ghana, bears the name “Kwaku Firi Shrine” (Kwaku, the Albino, Shrine) at Anwoase.

Hence, it is parochial for the international community to continue to spread a false portrayal of Africa as a place unsafe for albinos. Some media outlets in the US and Europe paint the continent as a barbaric shop dicing albinos into pieces for food. Such allegations are symptomatic of a west that is still mystified by Africa.

There is no denying that the unique problems that some albinos face in certain parts of Africa, as they do in other parts of the world, should be confronted and eradicated with a deserved attention.

But a careful focus is needed in order to identify and transform some customs still practiced in these African traditions, and the rest of the world. Otherwise an immoral disservice is done to many African tradtions that accept and treat their children, whether they are albinos or not, with the same decorum of civility of culture, tradition and custom they are entitled to as human beings.

The same cannot be said of how peoples of African descent have been and are treated in Europe or America. The same cannot be said of a hypocritical West that continues to point the finger at Africans for any and every mishap on the continent.

An albino Royal in procession with his Akan Chieftaincy retinue.
An albino Royal in procession with his Akan Chieftaincy retinue.

The turgid discrimination against Africans, which Europeans introduced, the falsification of history and the pseudo-sciences that have been practiced for centuries to entrench these belief systems has led to the issue of racialization of Africans by people of European descent.

By separating Europe from Africa, Europeans have come to call themselves, Caucasians. And before we can understand it, a careful analysis of the origin of the so-called Caucasian must be appreciated.

It is common knowledge that Africans spread across the world and dominated it. Even today’s Europeans, or Caucasians are in fact Africans who moved north and conquered the snow and the coniferous forests

Genotypically, the Caucasian today is not very different from the African. Caucasian gene pool in fact represent a tiny fraction of the gene-pool of Africans. It’s pretty much a conclusion in Genetics that the Caucasian gene-pool, albeit trimmed of its original African diversity, still represents a subset of the gene-pool of Africans.

The question then arises. What has it been trimmed of? What is in the African gene that the Caucasians have lost?

Are Caucasians albinos from Africa and more?

Let us first address the problem with classification. The origin of the labels Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid, with 19th century European scientists is seen generally as  the precursors for current racial groupings. The groupings are based on nothing but skin color.

European naturalists and anthropologists like Johann F. Blumenbach, J. A. Gobineau and H. S. Chamberlain went even further. They equated skin color gradation to a psychological and mental gauge. Blumenbach named Europeans, atop this gauge, after the Caucasus Mountains because he thought the smartest and purest Europeans originated there.

He didn’t seem to realize the following: Russia, Chechens, Armenians, and other Southern Russians were considered to have Black origins, and that the Caucasus Mountain people were largely classified as “black” in many Eastern European cultures.

But with increasing frenzy over skin color and its value to mental capacity, people of the Caucasus Mountains were discriminated against by their fellow Europeans. Blacks have lived in Southern Russia since prehistoric times and have occupied the Black Sea Region since the time of Senwosret/Sesostris (2000 BC), when African armies dominated the region (see ‘HERODOTUS’ ON THE COLCHIANS).

From Africa – Or not from Africa?

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) declares there is no such thing as race – they now claim it is merely a “social construct,” in stark contrast to their belief at the beginning of the last century – that Blacks are an inferior form of Homo Sapiens. African scientists like Cheikh Anta Diop have always maintained the social construction of race by caucasian academics.

It is constructive that the AAA has now been forced to accept facts, but they still fail to take into consideration the hypothesis that caucasians might actually be Black albinos. According to The South African Institute for Medical Research, Journal of South African Science, a review, THE HIGH FREQUENCY OF ALBINISM IN AFRICA, provides more clues to early caucasian history. The Department of Human Genetics at the SAIMR is currently involved with numerous research projects, most related to human genetic disorders and population origins. One of these, ‘Albinism in African peoples’ having received particular attention because it offers new insights into the historical movement of peoples in sub-Saharan Africa to Europe and the origin of the caucasian.

Similar to the genetics of sickle cell anemia, albinism shows parallels as a melanin anemia.

About one in 35 southern Africans is a carrier of an albinism mutation, a surprisingly high prevalence for a genetic disorder where the homozygote is at a survival disadvantage. It is postulated that carrying a recessive gene for albinism may be an adaptive mutation, similar to malaria as carriers of sickle cells are less prone to dying from malaria. But for what adaptation in particular is albinism protective against? That is yet to be found.

New genetic information derived from the Human Genome Project, an international effort to decode the entire human genome, confirmed to the world by scientists in the East Room of the White House (June, 2000) that Europeans only appeared in the last 65,000 years from the same small number of tribes that migrated out of Africa and colonized that part of the world. That means a caucasian is not removed any further from an African by more than the 50th cousin.

“All human beings are 99.99% the same at the genetic level and the remaining 0.1% genetic variation that exist seldom segregate in a manner that confines to the racial boundaries constructed by social political means.”

The Origination of the Caucasian

African folklore hold the belief that tribes with significant carriers of the mutated gene for albinism eventually migrated northward through Egypt to another area of Africa which is now called Europe, seeking a more hospitable living environment for their offspring – escape the intensity of the equatorial hot climate of the great river valleys and great lakes region of Central, Eastern and Southern Africa, which was then and still is South of what is now called Egypt.

The “albino” group moved up in the mountainous area during the Ice Age or Glaciations period that lasted thousands of years further isolating themselves from their original parent population in Africa. And by being in such isolated living condition for such a prolonged period they also interbred (within the existing parent groups), thereby creating additional “albino” offsprings from “albino” mothers and fathers.

What is a mutation?

A mutation results in a change of the DNA sequence within a gene or chromosome of an organism resulting in the creation of a new character or trait not found in the parental type. There is blonde hair among the black Australian aborigines. That is an example of a mutation. Albinism is a good example of a mutation. Other examples of mutations are blondism or whiteness among monkeys, apes, and chimpanzees.

Europeans do not have the genetic ability to produce the different skin pigments seen throughout the world. That absence of skin pigment creates the inability to produce colors. As a result, uncolored or white skin is produced. European genes are recessive to the dominant African genes that code for melanin. Recessive genes delineate body characteristics that are masked or not expressed when a contrasting dominant black or trait is present. Black genes create people who have curly hair and whose skin is easily tanned.

New born albino baby by a Masai woman.
New born albino baby by a Sudanese woman.

Biblical Evidence of White Skin

There are many cases of individuals turning white in Hebrew history. When God wanted to show Moses a miracle, he turned his hand “white as snow;” then God turned his hand back again to its original color of black. In ancient Hebrew times, when a man had a white spot on his skin or white or yellow hair, or white skin somewhat reddish, he was pronounced unclean. All people who were victims of this shameful disease were isolated outside of the camp or city and segregated.

King James invented “discrimination of the divine” when he and his team of 47 European interpreters translated the King James Version of The Holy Bible. Purity, virtue, and goodness spew from every pictorial page of White European Biblical characters. The Bible reveals a blue-eyed White Jesus hanging on a cross, a golden-haired White Moses showing the “Tablets of Law to the People,” and praying at Mt. Sinai upon every turn of a page.

I am King James, and I proclaim “Ham, the youngest son of Noah, to be the father of the Black Race.” Many contradictions exist with these parochial interpretations.

On one hand, Ham is the father of the Black Race because he was cursed and “condemned to Hell”. In Gen. 9:18-29 Ham is the recipient of a curse – “Let Canaan be cursed.” That implies that the Canaanites were Black.

Furthermore, the Berbers were also described as the indigenous caucasoid people of Northern Africa in many scholarly European and American papers, but the Berber language is a Hamitic/Semitic Language. Does that mean the Berbers were Black? The Cushites (Ethiopians) and ancient Egyptians also spoke Semitic Languages. They predate the Canaanites. Does that mean they were Black before even Canaan was born?

More atrocious, the European Church of white Jesus, declares that the so-called originator of the Black Race, “the accursed Canaan,” and all of his descendants will be damned. Further, these Euro-centric church officials developed a mind-set of “heathen Blacks” to devise and formulate deceptive historical attitudes and viewpoints for oppressing and exploiting Africa and the rest of the world.

The ‘Aryan Nation’ has come to believe its group does the on-going work of white Jesus the Christ in re-gathering His people, calling His people to a state for their nation to ring in His Kingdom. The ‘Aryan Nation’ believes that Adam, the man of Genesis, is the placing of the white race upon this Earth. Not all races descend from Adam. Adam is the father of the white people only.

The Book of Enoch which has Hamitic authorship is considered to be the earliest biblical record of antiquity widely quoted throughout the King James Version of the Bible. The Book of Enoch was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves of the Qumran. Enoch was Noah’s grandfather and Methuselah’s father. Methuselah was the oldest man in the Bible living to be 969 (perhaps a shady arithmetic at best).

After reading the Book of Enoch, it is evident that the entire Creation of Heaven and Earth has not been taught in European and American Churches. If this book was written before the book of Genesis, and in a Semitic language, aren’t we back to Black?

The King James Version of the Bible sticks with Genesis however as the beginning of time. In Genesis 4:15, God orders Cain out of the Garden of Eden. Cain goes out from the presence of the Lord, and dwells in the land of Nod, on the East of Eden. There he knew his wife and conceived. “The Land of Nod” magically appears without explanation. If Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth, who lived in the Land of Nod? The word “Genesis” is be-rasheet in Hebrew, an African/Edenic language that Western philologists in the 18th Century classified as part of the family of languages. Be-rasheet means “in the beginning” in a time when God created all things. (African Heritage Bible, 1).

Leprosy among the Hebrews and Snow White Miriam

Reuters Photo - September 2009 Associated Newspapers, LTD Black Brazilian Parents have three Albino Children
Reuters Photo – September 2009
Associated Newspapers, LTD
Black Brazilian Parents have three Albino Children

In 14th century B.C., plagues were endemic through the Middle East and Kemet (now called Egypt). The Book of Numbers states that Miriam and Aaron, sister and brother to Moses, revolted against their brother’s leadership. Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because he had married an Ethiopian woman. They asked if the Lord had indeed spoken only to Moses? Their challenge to Moses angered God. As a punishment “Miriam became leprous, white as snow” (Greenberg, 197).

While Europeans busied themselves with labeling the entire Black Race as cursed, a fair-haired English physicist came up with the color spectrum in the mid 17th Century disputing further the claims of the “White European Hamitic Theory.”

If Noah and his wife were caucasoid, it would have been impossible to produce three different races of people. The color theory was proven by Sir Isaac Newton 300 years ago, but the Webster’s Dictionary still defines Ham as the “Father of the Black Race.”

Newton’s theory presents solid proof that out of black comes all colors. By mixing the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow together, the color black is produced. Black is the color from which all other colors are produced and is dominant. White, on the other hand, is the color of maximal lightness from which no other colors can be produced and is recessive.

Racial Engineering

Anthropologists have rushed to reclassify the world’s Black types. Through “Caucasian racial engineering”, some Brown Races have become hypothetically “White.” It has increased the White Race totals with a deceptive apportionment numbering system. The system has been designed to expand and extend white Race counts, which only amount to 8 percent worldwide (United Nations Population Division).

In “Echoes of the Old Darkland” by Charles Finch III, MD, a doctor of medicine at Yale, the following is quoted:

“We propose that the… population that survived the last glaciations in southwestern Eurasia was largely a group of albinoids who were better adapted to the ecology than their darker relatives who had originally colonized the area. These latter were gradually replaced by albinoids, though small groups of African aboriginal types long persisted on the North Atlantic seaboard because of the availability of Vitamin-D-rich salt-water fish. This “goodness-of-fit” of the albinoids in this northern environment was due to the more efficient Vitamin D production and utilization in the whitened skin in these sunlight-deficient latitudes and better cold resistance.”

“The Ice Age had the practical effect of isolating this marginal groups from other populations for a prolonged period, promoting a consanguinity that allowed the recessive albinoid genes to express and propagate themselves. Creation of a new race via de-pigmentation is consistent with the tendency in nature of new species and subspecies to form out of marginal groups that have become isolated from their “parent” populations and subjected more or less abruptly to extreme environmental conditions, which generate intense selection pressure.” (Op. cit. p. 35).

People with Natural Blonde Hair are Disappearing and will be Extinct in 200 Years

Reuters Photo – September 2009 Associated Newspapers, LTD Black Brazilian Parents have three Albino children.
Reuters Photo – September 2009
Associated Newspapers, LTD
Black Brazilian Parents have three Albino children.

New research suggests that people with blonde hair will be completely extinct in 200 years. Blonde hair occurs only in people from northern Europe. The blonde gene that causes blonde hair color must be on both sides of the family, and according to the World Health Organization, there are now too few people who carry it. Professor Jonathan Rees from Edinburgh University is leading a two-year study into the genetics of blondes. Scientists say blondes will survive longest in Scandinavia where they are most concentrated, and they predict the last one alive will be from Finland.

“Globally, Europeans who call themselves white risk “genetic elimination.” That is why Caucasians (who are now dubbed the 8 per centers) are rapidly presenting the world with a conjured-up system of so-called “statistical numbers of non-truth” as a way to implant new suppositions and beliefs. The non-truth firepower has the ability to deliver psyche-up, illusory gunfire amounting to numerical warheads on the target of more caucasian deceit. The duplicity will end up fabricating a sort of actuality – statistical ballistic weaponry to maximize the dwindling white group numbers.”

The original Indo-Europeans referred to, as Aryans were nomads who herded animals in the steppes north of the Black Sea, in what is now the Ukraine. Between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago, the Aryans migrated into Europe on horseback and conquered a series of cultures. When trying to trace pre-historic man to Europeans, it was found that Indo-Iranian languages make up a major branch of the Indo-European family of languages (Bower, 120+).

The Sinhalese Language is an Indo-European language of the Indo-Aryan family. The earliest surviving specimens of the language are brief inscriptions on rocks in Brahmi Letters from 200 BC. The most considerable amount of dated Aryan language dates to about AD 1000 (Encyclopedia Britannica, 567).

Linguistics link the Iranian language to African languages. Iranian languages include the Arabic language. Arabic belongs to the Semitic language group. Semitic includes Ethiopic and Hebrew peoples who lived in one of Africa’s greatest civilizations – Kemet (Black Nation). The implication being made is the following:

Caucasians cannot validate a rudimentary white civilization. It has been proven that modern civilization as we know it started in the great river valleys of Africa in the Fertile Crescent by Black Africans. That includes all languages as well.


Reuters Photo – September 2009 Associated Newspapers, LTD Black Brazilian Parents have three Albino children.
Reuters Photo – September 2009
Associated Newspapers, LTD
Black Brazilian Parents have three Albino children.

Albinos occur in all races of mankind and in all animal groups. Albinism arises from a distinct hereditary interference with the normal function of melanocytes. The enzyme tyrosinase is necessary for the formation of melanin and determines the color of the skin, hair, and eyes. Most children with albinism are born to parents who have normal hair and eye color for their ethnic backgrounds.

White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, genetically or phenotypically speaking, between the white skin of a caucasoid person and the skin of a person designated as an albino in Africa. Black people with albinism tend to have hair of a deep bright yellow, cream-colored skin, and green or hazel eyes. In the caucasian race, blonde hair, blue eyes, and alabaster skin are considered so highly desirable that brunettes often bleach their hair or wear colored contacts to look like Albinos.

One of the most glorious periods of English History was that of the reign of Queen Victoria (1819-1901). The Victorians wore white wigs and powdered their skin to a chalky white probably in awe of their ancestors. Similarly, the powdered white wig worn by American colonial era illuminati reflected the wearer’s ability to afford luxury items and identified himself as one of the educated elite.

In Biblical times in Africa and beyond, people with albinism were banished or thrown out, and forced to live in colonies just as people with leprosaria or Hansen’s Disease were forced to live in leper colonies and away from other people. Africans believed that God was delivering judgment on a family with albinism and that the individual with albinism is cursed or is the embodiment of sin.

White-skinned people came into existence thousands of years ago as the albino groups in Africa migrated north to Europe also to escape the intensity of the equatorial sun of the Southern hemisphere (Welsing, 23).

During Biblical times Albinos were ostracized. The same thing is happening today when albinism occurs in some African societies. Albinos are ostracized by their own families – especially in Black families where the difference in skin color is more distinct. The ostracizing of albinos during Biblical times is explanation enough of how Europeans have come to be – African albinos produced more and more albinos until there was an albino group significant to form a new ethnic group – or caucasians.


  1. I very much appreciate this overview on whiteness and albinism. It is not a relationship that I had considered, but you have made a convincing argument about how the two might very well be interrelated.

  2. What a thoughtful piece of writing, Akosua! It makes me realize how little I know about Biblical history and how it relates to the origin of man. But it also makes me proud to be a regular reader of this great publication.

  3. Hmm, never thought for once that I would read something like this anywhere! Thanks for letting us know. It all makes severe sense now, afterall!

  4. What do you know! What do I know? Whomever controls the Science controls the narrative. If Caucasians came down the line of African albinos then ahlf of the worlds problems seem to be solved.

  5. But for the pictures I would have called you a liar. But I can’t seem to think straight after looking at those pictures. Science wants us to believe that Dinosaurs existed once, with little evidence they push these theories as fact, but Science, European and American Science at that cannot seem to conclude that perhaps, with mounting evidence that whites came out of blacks, not by any leap in evolution but by the diversity inherent in Blackness itself.

      • I mean to say that Caucasians, whatever the correct terminology should be, are not of another world, nor are they more evolved than Africans, they are indeed just Africans who seem to have lost en mass their African color!

  6. These pictures, mine or mine, are telling – I knew these guys were some sort of Africans meen. I knew, i could tell meen, but I couldn’t quite put my hand on it.

  7. Goodness. Never in my life would I have believed that albinos from Black people can look this close to white people. Its a stuefying revelation for me.

    • There are no such thing as a “white” skin person.
      Albinos have the skin color of light pink to very light pink.
      And all Caucasians are pink-skin —different shades of “pink” but “pink” nonetheless

  8. This is a fascinating story! No doubt, but first it has to be proven in Science that Caucasians indeed came out of this.

  9. I can’t believe this! This is chilling men, this is eye-opening. I wonder why the Scientific community continues to keep mum about this issue.

  10. Black people with afros don’t produce children with straight hair. If you see a story like this (all of the photos in the above article) the story is a hoax from the British tabloids.
    Try looking up the article. Thtat father is not shown and the mother who is may be a half or a quarter European herself. No blood test, no proof
    Same nonsense with the Nigerians in London story

  11. The article says

    “Cheikh Anta Diop have always maintained the social construction of race by caucasian academics.”

    That’s false.

    Cheikh Anta Diop quote>

    If we speak only of genotype, I can find a black who, at the level of his chromosomes, is closer to a Swede than Peter Botha is. But what counts in reality is the phenotype. It is the physical appearance which counts. This black, even if on the level of his cells he is closer to a Swede than Peter Botha, when he is in South Africa he will still live in Soweto. Throughout history, it has been the phenotype which has been at issue, we mustn’t lose sight of this fact. The phenotype is a reality, physical appearance is a reality. And this appearance corresponds to something which makes us say that Europe is peopled by white people, Africa is peopled by black people, and Asia is people by yellow people. It is these relationships which have played a role in history.

    Interview conducted by Charles Finch III in Dakar on behalf of the Journal of African Civilizations. Van Sertima, Ivan & Williams, Larry (eds.), Great African Thinkers – Cheikh Anta Diop: New Brunswick, NJ, Tranaction Books 1986. pp. 235-36.

    • Phenotype matters, yes! That is why we say Caucasians or Asians (the yellow people you speak of) are all just tribes out of Africa in the same way that Hutus are phenotypically distinct from Wolofs. We agree.

      But I suspect you were really trying hard to establish another lie, that phenotype has power of the genotype – you guys don’t fail to amuse us!

      This fight, to distinguish yourselves from Black people – Africans – the fact that cousins from Africa moved to Europe, conquered it and established the foundations for European humanity and civilization is proof that your fight was lost already. Like children you fight so hard to distinguish yourselves from your parents. This is a well-known psychological phenomenon amongst Human Beings. I am not at all surprised by your comment and the import thereof.

    • First of all there are no people with “white” skin (never “white” like the color of this page) just people with PINK-SKIN and LIGHT-PINK SKIN).
      Caucasians simply like to classify their race as “pure” — exactly to reference their perpetual conceptions that the color “white” is a symbol of purity!
      Read your Bible — not the “King James” version of the bible because “King James” was the one that killed all of his eight wives because they would produce a son for him.
      Then he (king james, the phony “christioan”) proclaimed himself the “author” of creating another version of the original bible!

  12. Ther article says

    ” White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, genetically or phenotypically speaking, between the white skin of a caucasoid person and the skin of a person designated as an albino in Africa”

    That is false

    because as the article correctly states in the following>>

    ” Albinism arises from a distinct hereditary interference with the normal function of melanocytes. The enzyme tyrosinase is necessary for the formation of melanin and determines the color of the skin, hair, and eyes…. Almost all people with albinism have a visual impairment, permanent or intermittent, with a significant number classified as “legally blind”.

    Therefore the white skin of a caucasoid person can be distinguished genetically from an albino because an albino has a distinct genetic hereditary interference

    and that type of distinct genetic hereditary interference also causes visual impairment, types that can’t be corrected with glasses and “with a significant number classified as “legally blind”.

    Salief Keita’s eyes look dark. Yet part of his eyes are missing pigment and that caused him eyesight problems in his life which prevented him from being a teacher before him became a professional musician.

    • When we speak of albinism as a surviving evidence of a Caucasoid mutation, we do it solely for demonstration as in all levels of science. Evolution cannot be proven because the time span completely eludes us in experimentation.

      I am sure if you had any good science background, as we have had in Africa for 1000s of years without destroying the planet, I think you would very much appreciate the fact that when we speak of albinism as a mutation, we have only a tiny sample.

      Evolution only occurs within a population! Caucasians in reality could be Africans, mutated. Or they could be Neanderthals, or yet another kind of animal. You pick! In Africa we don’t quite invest billions of our resources in differentiating between one kind of human from the next – we do however differentiate between cultures.

      By all means, our culture in Africa is the oldest – the basis for world culture. That is a fact. You can dispute it be claiming you are better humans in Europe than us, than the rest of the world. That is in fact, also a choice you make! It is a choice you have made in causing so much destruction to this planet already. We are not surprised if you continue with this rhetoric. It’s your choice really – how you come to think of yourself.

      Because, this ‘battle’ you continue to engage with us, is only in your head – you have problems. We don’t. We already populated the whole world from Africa. We have nothing to absolutely loose.

      Unless, of course through your problems with how you view yourself, you manage to destroy the world after all. Again, it’s up to you!

      • Of course light skinned people came about as a result of mutations. Of course all people are descended from Africans and we are all related to each other. I don’t think many scientists dispute that. That doesn’t mean that being a light skinned person is the same as having the condition called albinism. Just like being very short is not the same thing as having the condition called dwarfism, or being very tall is the same thing as having acromegalic gigantism, even though there are men just as tall as people with gigantism that don’t have acromegaly. The people who seem to be most passionate about referring to light skinned European-types as “albinos” are racial supremacists who use that argument as a way to “prove” that white people are inferior to black people. It’s sad that in this day and age there are still so many people, white, black, Asian, indigenous, etc., who want to think their skin color makes them better than other people.

    • Why would Caucasians be any different then any other mammal. We are at awe when u see a white animal born from a black mother and we procreate the same. Look at white mice. They have basically become an entire new breed. And this one white person said which really blew my mind on this same topic. She said maybe that’s why we always use white mice for testing for disease. Most diseases are tested on how they impact white people and you just happened to use white mice that initially derived as albino offspring of brown ones. Also all black ppl / Africans do not have kinky hair. This is just lies you have been fed. Our hair, eye and skin color are from one extreme to the next. Just like u have all black ppl having broad noses and thick lips. And if they don’t have it they must have European ancestry and that’s not true either. We just accept all as fact but ignore the pictures and evidence right in front of us.

  13. When they speak of Neanderthals as a surviving evidence of a Caucasoid admixture, they do so solely for demonstration as in all levels of science to prove difference and hence by implication, stoke an overwhelming proclivity for the development of an axis of oppression, discrimination and racism. Evolution, in itself, cannot be proven because the time span completely eludes any researcher in experimentation. The ideas remain theoretical at best.

    I am sure any one with a good science background as Africans have had for 10s of 1000s of years without destroying the planet, I think you would very much appreciate the fact that when they speak of a Neanderthal admixture as a paradigm for explaining away the inter-genetic differences between the Africans and now the Caucasians, they only do so for subjugation purposes. It has been done before with Phrenology, Craniology, with Christianity and so on.

  14. SLC24A5 and SLC45A2 are the genes associated with European white pigmentation AND Albinism melanin deficiency. Just look it up. It’s science. So called whites are albinos and all people are from Africa. European culture has created a pathology within its ranks that results from a cultural indoctrination that nessecitates a need to believe in fantasy and magic. That’s why so many of them react with indignation when confronted with the fact that they are not some form of unique race. Many need to believe in fables and biblical fantasy to live their artificial lives. As the author of this article expounded African folklore, white supremacy may have very well evolved as a perversion. With its origin being the notion that albino children are devinly gifted. The awakening is coming.

  15. Hmm…If Black African’s outcasted their albino peoples and those albinos then migrated north and eventually took over most of the world by force, rewrote history and religion to exalt themselves and oppress their darker skinned relatives.. Well maybe payback’s a bitch..?

  16. Most of this story is false and the facts and numbers and even quotes are so off. The author literally discredited his statements SEVERAL times. The people that believe this are just searching for a way to belittle Caucasians. The type of melanin that makes our skin light is called Pheomelanin. Albinos have ZERO melanin. We do not lack melanin as Caucasians, we have plenty, just different types. There are in fact three different types of melanin (for humans anyways)

    The author in the comments keeps talking about “us” and “them” but the article says we are all one basically. This just proves that he is a bitter man searching for any kind of crazy theory that would make black people seem superior. Newsflash black people aren’t superior and neither are whites or Asians or anyone.

    Fact is we are all different yet the same. I will not speak for the black race cause I am not black, which is what you need to learn to do cause you are not white, but even Caucasians aren’t even as white as albinos. I have what your races labels as “light skinned” black friends that I get darker than during the summer. Most of us aren’t born with blonde hair and never really was, blonde hair has always been sorta rare. Do white women die their hair blonde? Yes. So do mexican, black, and Asian women.

    Also black is the absence of color. White is every color put together. When you look at the color white you see every color in existence but our eyes perceive it as this white color. Also these labels do not represent the different races, they are colors and we are people. I am not white I’m a light brown color.

    You also have two totally different sets of time frame to when blonde hair and blue eyes came about. Just like the rest of your article you prove yourself wrong over and over again.

    Just because someone speaks the same language doesn’t mean they are the same race. You automatically dubbed nine African races to be African cause they spoke the same language when you have no facts or genes to even tell if they had mutated beyond the point that they created their own race and just kept the language. Everyone in America speaks English just about….. none of us are the same race lol.

    It’s obvious at how much you contradict yourself that you are delusional. You repeatedly say that Caucasians are Africans (which I don’t disagree with) then you go on to throw shade and say stuff like “while you white people are killing and forcing people into religion us Africans ran the biggest and most intelligent Empire to ever set foot on this earth” you do realize those Africans are our descendants too?

    To anyone that can’t see how much this man contradicts himself in this article you have to be blind. He just sounds like a crazy American “woke” person. Newsflash, you are embarrassing, even to people of your own race.

    Did you know that ANYONE can create a page like this and post an article with their own opinions and views labeled as facts? You guys have never met this man you just read that he was throwing shade to Caucasians and you liked that so you believed it. So naive….

    that probably isn’t even his real picture
    He prolly doesn’t even have college degrees
    He prolly isn’t even black he could be any race.

    But most people will believe stories with no facts as long as it supports their own agenda

    • I really was sad to read this article. It is so far from any basis in fact that I laughed out loud in a few places, until I read the comments and saw people thought this was actual science.

      There are three different types of human, yes, but it is NOT based on skin color. That would not make any sense, since people of Indian ethnicity are considered to be in the Caucasoid category, when many are just as dark skinned as anyone from Sub-Sahara Africa. The three categories are biological differences that stretch from genetics to skeletal structures– obviously, a man born in Japan has a different cranial/facial structure than a man born in Sweden would. No one is better than anyone else, no one is worse than anyone else.

      While I cannot say how albinism is treated in other countries in Africa, I know that albinos in Tanzania have struggled with social acceptance, and lately there have been many incidents where albino adults and children have lost limbs to attackers looking to sell their body parts to witch doctors. I think it would be a disservice to those people to sweep their stories under the rug.

      The cause of racism is usually the fault of poor education. This “article” is an opinion piece, NOT based on any true science.

      • Irony and you Kali, speaking that the article has no evidence, speaking that human races exist biologically by forms of skull. Are you talking about Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasoid? I’m sorry to inform you that black people have any cranial morphology.

  17. What a blown opportunity! The problem we have with race in the world comes from division. Man creates divisions. First off, this is a theory that has yet to be proven. Second, the author contributes to the racial divide by generalizing when saying Caucasians believe they are better or more intelligent or more whatever when that is not the case and generalizes lumping one race of people into one belief of separation. The author also goes further when he blames one race, Caucasians, for the destruction of the Earth when ALL humans are responsible.

    The only way to overcome socialized racial divide is to stop focusing on what separates us. This is the difference between a racist (Someone focused on separation) and those who are not (Focuses on oneness, inclusion)……..

    Apparently, we are far from the day when man learns to get along, and that will only start when we look at what we all share, that we are all part of the human race, the only race of people………

  18. Whites are Dravidian albinos, look it up. Plus the big LIE that all/every albino has bad eyesight is just another LIE from whites to hide the truth about their origins as albinos. I’ve met many African albinos in my community with normal eyesight 20/20. Out of every 4 albinos I’ve met, only one has bad eyesight but mine is worse. Look up the albinos of Pakistan, they look like many modern day whites. Look up: “whites are from central Asia”. Throughout the years and even now they practice selective breeding, the reason for the many varieties we see amongst them. But in the beginning they only had pale skin, blonde or red hair and blue eyes. We can take albinos from the Nguni(Bantu) people and breed them in a variety of ways so that they can keep their white skin, but have different hair and eye color. This is science, not fairy tales.

    • Yes, you are albinos. Albinism comes in many types and these are some of them (note that in total, there are 8 so far discovered but I have discussed only 3):
      • OCA1, or tyrosinase-related albinism, results from a genetic defect in an enzyme called tyrosinase. This enzyme helps the body to change the amino acid, tyrosine, into pigment. (An amino acid is a “building block” of protein.) There are two subtypes of OCA1. In OCA1A, the enzyme is inactive and no melanin is produced, leading to white hair and very light skin. In OCA1B, the enzyme is minimally active and a small amount of melanin is produced, leading to hair that may darken to blond, yellow/orange or even light brown, as well as slightly more pigment in the skin.

      • OCA2, or P gene albinism, results from a genetic defect in the P protein that helps the tyrosinase enzyme to function and is the most common. People with OCA2 make a minimal amount of melanin pigment and can have hair color ranging from very light blond to brown. They have better vision. Their skin is fair but not as pale as OCA1. They have pale blonde hair to golden hair to strawberry, even brown eyes and comely blue eyes.

      • OCA4 results from a genetic defect in the SLC45A2 protein that helps the tyrosinase enzyme to function. People with OCA4 make a minimal amount of melanin pigment similar to people with OCA2.

      These are quotes from NOAH (National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation)
      “Albinism is an inherited genetic condition that reduces the amount of melanin pigment formed in the skin, hair and/or eyes…Most children with albinism are born to parents who have normal hair and eye color for their ethnic backgrounds…A common myth is that people with albinism have red eyes. Although lighting conditions can allow the blood vessels at the back of the eye to be seen, which can cause the eyes to look reddish or violet, most people with albinism have blue eyes, and some have hazel or brown eyes’’
      “Ocular albinism (OA), which is much less common, involves only the eyes, while skin and hair may appear similar or slightly lighter than that of other family members.”
      “In types with slight pigmentation, hair appears more yellow or has a reddish tinge and vision may be better.”

      Dermatological Considerations
      Because most (not all) people with Albinism have fair complexions, it’s important to avoid sun damage to the skin and eyes by taking precautions such as wearing sunscreen or sunblock, hats, sunglasses and sun-protective clothing( does this sound familiar?)

      These are some quotes from a few research papers published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health.
      Exome sequencing identifies SLC24A5 as a candidate gene for nonsyndromic oculocutaneous albinism (OCA).
      ‘‘Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is a heterogonous and autosomal recessive disorder with hypopigmentation in the eye, hair, and skin color. Four genes, TYR, OCA2, TYRP1, and SLC45A2, have been identified as causative genes for nonsyndromic OCA1 to 4, respectively….’
      ‘‘…SLC24A5 is a previously unreported candidate gene for nonsyndromic OCA, which we designate as OCA6.’
      ‘…our results suggest THAT SLC24A5 is a previously unreported nonsyndromic OCA candidate gene…..

      SLC45A2 solute carrier family 45, member 2 (homo sapiens- human)
      ‘Mutations in this gene (SLC45A2) are a cause of oculocutaneous albinism type 4, and polymorphisms in this gene are associated with variations in skin and hair color.’’

      These are some quotes from a research paper published by Human Genetics.
      Contributors – Hans Elberg and 7 other scientists.
      – ‘’Blue eye color in humans may be caused by a perfectly associated founder mutation in a regulatory element located within the HERC2 gene inhibiting OCA2 expression.’’

      Things that you must note:
      -There are many more studies of this kind that say the same thing.
      – That your scientists say that a mutation in the SLC45A2 protein SLC45A2 protein is what caused European blue eyes and pale skin.

      A few other things that you need to understand:

      -You didn’t go to Europe as Africans and lighten along the way because of lack of enough sunshine as you have lied to us for a long time. If this is true, then why do you still suffer from a vitamin D deficient disease like rickets?
      – Also recent bogus studies say that white genes can be traced from 10,000 years ago, but how could this be possible when the ice age that you claim you evolved from had already come and gone?
      – Why do several genetic studies show that there is a genetic discontinuity between ancient Europeans and modern Europeans?
      – Genetics show that western Europeans are closest genetically to brown and black Indians. Anybody can see that Indians look like you if you peel off their dark skin.
      – We know that both black and brown Indians produce albinos that look like you.
      – Europeans claim that they are adapted to cold climates but why do they need the same clothing as say blacks?
      – Whites have claimed that they became lighter in order to absorb sunlight better than black people but studies have shown this is a sham.
      – Europeans say that R1b so called paternal European haplogroup originates from West Asia, Russian Plains or Central Asia, then how did you turn white when there was no Ice Age in these places?
      – If you think that you are a race onto your own, then why is it that genetically there is no difference between blacks and so called whites but almost all your haplogroups can be traced back to the black man?
      – Race is just a political and social construct, especially the Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasian nonsense and it was put in place by your kind to explain away your peculiarities.
      -To sum all this up, you are nothing but a pigment-less Blackman – nothing but an albino. There is only one race and that is the African race, that went out fully developed and populated the whole planet and in the process overwhelming all the other species like the Neanderthal whose DNA you have about 4% of – and now some of your albino folks (a batch of fools, I must say) are actually trying to foolishly say that because they have this DNA of a creature that couldn’t cope and was whipped out genetically, then they are better – what a load of horse shit.
      By the way the Maasai are said to have a little of it too!

      • Interesting theory. I’m not entirely sure I accept your claim about caucaisian = albinism.
        However, I wonder if you can enlighten me, if Albinos hair and eyes typically change colour as they age? Myself and my sisters have Western European ancestry, and were born with paper-white hair and pale blue eyes. Since our 30s our hair mostly darkened to brown and our eyes are now dark-blueish-green.

      • If going by skeletal variations in saying Caucasian, mongoloid, and Negroid which is what they named the ‘races’ Indians from India fell under the category of Caucasian and Europeans migrated from that area the European language are Indo-European bases and Celts came from there

    • No such thing as “Negroid”, however the word comes from Spanish “negro” meaning “black”. So what you’re actually talking about is the colour black.

      • Actually it comes from the latin word for black, which is Niger (pronounced nye-gur) (Like bill nye) The spanish term came over a thousand years after the latin.

  19. You all are bonkers. Humankind probably never will find all the answers. We wont have the time. Right now though, we do not have the mental capacity to comprehend much.
    Just live, all of you! You have only one life.

  20. . . . furthermore, anyone with a thinking mind should figure-out for themselves that caucasians came from Africa.
    It just seems to me that some people do not like the fact that they are decendents of albino’s, while some get off by rubbing it in. Both are pathetic.

  21. I genuinely found this captivating. particularly because you cover issues I have been wondering myself… I am not compromising on one thing though. I am not an “albino”. Since weaves peaking of branching out and subsets I am not a sub-specie of the human race, hence everytime I read that word it reiterated the same misconceptions you refer to in some societies. Well in all spaces, from a human rights perspective and just humane perspective. Don’t refer to people as “albinos”, like some other thing to put aside. I know for sure I just have albinism. And all people with albinism are such. We don’t need a special term. Just as you broke down the argument of where “caucaton” stemed from, pay attention to where the that ugly and landed word “albino” comes from and continues to mean, for divisive measures.

  22. I just LOVE your comment!! I really don’t know too much about all the scientific explanations you gave, but your response is the most UNDERSTANDABLE for me and it makes sense AND you include the Caucasians own science!! Awesome!! Thank you alot!!

  23. I’m a buddhist and have extensively studied Asian history at one of the best colleges in the country for such studies. According to archaeological DNA evidence the actual Aryans were a middle eastern horse riding culture from central Asia. They were never in Europe. They invaded eastern Asia and India and set up various civilizations there, largely thanks to their horse riding culture which was nonexistent in the rest of the world at the time, giving them a technological advantage. From Asia, the culture of the horse then spread to Europe and Africa over a long time period. In the early 19th century, (the 1800’s,) the term Aryan was falsely appropriated by some Europeans to claim that European people were Aryan. In fact, the historical “aryan” culture began as middle eastern and eventually became Asian. The only evidence that proponents of the racist European theory of “aryanism” have of the supposedly european nature of the historical culture is the existence of horses in Europe and the Indo-European language group. But archaeological evidence suggests that the domestication of the horse happened thousands if not tens of thousands of years after the invention of the “indo-european” language group. So “Indo-european” does not = “aryan.” Yes, all living humans have genetic roots in the originally African homo subgroup known as homo-heidelbergensis. But there were also 2 other groups of proto-humanoids who were the “cousins” of homo-Heidelbergensis. Those were the neanderthals and the denisovans. Denisovan DNA is most concentrated in southeastern Asia and neanderthal DNA is most concentrated in northern Europe. This all happened far before any living humanoid on the planet had any “culture” beyond fire and a few basic stone tools like arrowheads and hatchets. Eventually, homo-heidelbergensis evolved into homo-sapiens over the course of a very long time. While doing this, they had sexual relations with denisovans and neanderthals. Because people near each other tend to have sex with each other, close to all people in Africa also have traces of both neanderthal and denisovan DNA. Most Europeans have both, and also most Asians have traces of both. Virtually all Europeans have traces of Neanderthal DNA, virtually all Asians and Australians have traces of denisovan DNA, but the vast majority of the genome of all people across the world has evolved over time from the original homo-heidelbergensis with some minor tweaks from the neanderthals and denisovans into the eventual result of homosapiens, our common species. In fact, despite their disparate skeletal structure and cultural features (like the shapes of their arrowheads etc.) the fact that neanderthals, heidelbergensis and denisovans could interbreed means they were technically the same species already, just very physically diverged due to radically different environments over the course of hundreds of millennia. The fact that coyotes can breed with wolves from across the ocean, who both diverged long before the last ice age, is evidence of the simple fact that this can happen. But I digress. You claim that white skin holds no evolutionary advantage known to any scientist. In fact, it does. In the second layer of human skin there exists a kind of “pre vitamin d” that is activated by exposure to sunlight. When exposed to ultra violet rays, this pre vitamin d is able to migrate to the liver and kidneys to supply the body with vitamin D. Vitamin D is more easily come by in warm environments (like central africa) than cold environments (like northern europe.) Melanin protects the skin from sunlight exposure. So in a warm environment with lots of sun and easy access to vitamin D, it makes sense as an evolutionary strategy to access vitamin D from the environement and protect your skin from sunlight. In a colder cloudier environment with less vitamin D available in the environment, it makes sense as an evolutionary strategy to have less melanin and to protect your skin with clothing or furs, so that you can produce your own vitamin D during harsh winters when vitamin D is not easily available. White people do have melanin, and produce more melanin in response to environmental factors, like the summer. There are white albinos, and their skin is noticeably more white than other white people’s skin. Those individuals were born with a mutation that makes then completely unable to produce melanin at all. I’ve known plenty of blondes who tan in the summer without tanning beds or tanning oils. The “white skin” mentioned in the bible is about people with leprosy whose skin turns white in splotches, who were ostracized due to the likelihood of their spreading of the disease of leprosy, much as lepers were ostracized for thousands of years until the disease became less prevalent. It wasn’t a very compassionate way to deal with the contagiously infected but nobody understood germ theory and it was the only way we knew how to keep ourselves from getting leprosy. Even though it was not a great practice, it was the best one we had, and we can thank our (the entire human race) ancestors and their prejudice against people with leprosy for the fact that leprosy isn’t very common in today’s world. Ok if you’re still reading I know that was long winded but I just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents as a scientist and scholar.

  24. An eye opener for all people (black and white) around the world about the lies we have been fed by white people.Please get us more information.May God bless you.

    • It’s not a defenct dumba00 and is totally different from albinism. Fair skin evolved to take in more vitamin D and Eskimos never evolved to have fair skin because their diet was rich in seal meat which is very high in vitamin D. Fair skin evolved the same way Asians eyes evolved to be shaped and formed differently for their environment and even bodied evolved differently like tribes in Peru who live at high altitudes whose bodies have evolved to have larger lung capacity to breathe the thinner air at higher altitude. Furthermore…you never see ppl get more black when they mix with white people and the more mixing the more likely it is that African features will be the ones to die off. Look at African Americans today whose lineage has mixed with one or two white people during times of slavery you can telk through their features. mix a white person with a black person their kids will never be darker than the black parent. They will be darker than the white parent and LIGHTER than the black parent every time and now those genes are in that child and will come up at any time even if they had kids with a black American who thinks their was no mixing at all in their history just one white ancestor and you child could have fair eyes or hair or white features

  25. Interesting, as a white person, it’s nice to know that I am an albino that originated from Africa thousands of years ago. My other theory to your theory is that another factor for white skin to appear would be a lack of a much less amount of sun light in the distant European lands these people migrated to. Less sun creates less need for melatonin and evolution played hits hand in this as my ancestors adapted to the harsh dark winters and mild cool summers. The land itself plays a part in the evolution of the human race as a whole. It’s partly why Asians look different from the South Americans who look different from the Europeans. The lands we come from that we call home also shape us in ways we never really thought possible through thousands of years in evolution.

  26. It has also been hypothesized that Afro-Abkhazians are descendants of the ancient Colchians[5] that Herodotus described as “dark-skinned and [having] woolly hair”;[6] however, Herodotus’ account has been discredited on the basis that no anthropological, linguistic, archaeological or genetic evidence for an ancient Sub-Saharan African presence in the Caucasus in general or Colchia specifically has been found, and Herodotus description is taken to simply mean the Colchians were swarthier than the Greeks


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