In New York CIty, an Indian Uber driver was the latest subject in the series of widespread videos of civilians stomaching police abuse.

Before the video starts, the Uber driver honked at a driver ahead of him, because that driver showed poor driving skills. He was attempting to park alongside a road, but had not signaled that he would be doing so. The driver’s lack of communication with other cars clearly could have caused an accident.

Unfortunately for the Uber driver, the driver with poor skills happened to be an old, white police officer, Detective Patrick Cherry, riding in an unmarked vehicle.

The white police officer got out of his vehicle and poked his head into the Uber driver’s car. The white police officer harried the Uber driver, berating him by ridiculing his speech. The white cop also threatened to have him arrested for absolutely no reason.

How many times have we heard this before? It appears he was acting straight from the white thug cop manual.

The white cop yelled: “I don’t know what fucking planet you think you’re on.”

Then he mocked the Uber driver’s pronunciation of words.

“Planning, I said planet. I said planet.”

Then the white cop slammed the Uber driver’s car door. As the white cop walked away, the passengers in the backseat, one of whom was filming the entire interaction, commiserated with the Uber driver.

“No that’s crazy. It’s totally inappropriate. It’s not your fault. It’s abuse of power. He shouldn’t be slamming your car door. He shouldn’t be throwing things around. He doesn’t have a right to open your door. I think he’s just on a power trip right now. If you’re gonna park, you’re supposed to put your blinker on. That’s the way it works.”

The white cop comes back and hectors more.

“You’re gonna let me fucking finish? Stop interrupting me.”

The Uber driver apologizes, obviously just trying to be polite, which is what every white person claims is all one has to do for a white cop to act like a human being. But white cops prefer to act like savages, especially when talking to people who are not white.

The Uber driver says, “I’m sorry.”

The white cop says, “Who do you think you’re talking to here?”

When the Uber driver tries to respond in a most civilized manner, the white cop rudely cuts him off: “Every time I open my mouth, you have something to say. I don’t care what you have to say. Do you understand that?”

Then the white cop goes on a rampage. He believes that because he is a cop, nobody should honk at him. Or maybe it’s because he’s white and he moronically believes that America is for white people and not for people who, unlike him, understand subject-verb agreement.

“People are allowed to park in the cars, park their cars on the side of the street without your interference. And then your opinion about what’s going on. Ok? Especially when the person you’re doing it to are the police. I don’t know where you’re coming from or where you think you’re appropriate doing that, that doesn’t, that’s not the way it works. How long have you been in this country?”

The Uber driver: “Almost two years.”

“Almost how long?”

“Two years.”

“Two years. I got news for you and use this lesson. Remember this in the future. Don’t ever do that again. The only reason you’re not in handcuffs going to jail and getting summons in the precinct is because I have things to do. That’s the only reason that’s not happening. Cause this isn’t important enough for me. You’re not important enough. Don’t ever do that again.”

So in other words, I’m a white man and I’m a police officer, so if you honk your horn at me when I am driving poorly and about to cause an accident, I will yell at you and threaten to arrest you just because I can. I can write you a ticket right now or put you in handcuffs if I feel like it. I can even shoot you dead on the street in broad daylight and get away with it. And by the way, you’re not important. I own you.

This story gets pretty old by the hundred thousandth time it’s told. How many times do we need to say that regularly white cops terrorize Blacks, Latinos, and anyone else who is not white? It is their sport, it is their pleasure, it is their livelihood. But for everyone else, it is just terrorism.

And for all those whites who are saying, it’s him–not me, not us–I question this notion due to their lackadaisical response every time, every day, or minute really, a white police officer provokes an outrageous altercation with a civilian.

All whites ever say is police will investigate. Police are investigating. You mean the people who committed the crime will investigate the crime?

We have heard that before. These investigations go nowhere.

White police still are overrepresented in all major cities, including New York City. They still terrorize civilians on a daily basis. And the only people who care about this are the people being terrorized. Whites are very satisfied saying that the investigations are underway and we’re going to stamp out racism.

But guess what?

Just a few decades ago, whites in America stood proudly against different races interacting in daily life.
Just a few decades ago, whites in America stood proudly against different races interacting in daily life.

You can’t easily stamp out something you are taught in your majority white public schools, private schools, boarding schools, and households. Whites are taught to hate others. They are taught to think they are better than others. They are taught to believe that if a man or woman gets stopped by the police or gets arrested, he must have done something wrong. They are taught that if a man or woman doesn’t get stopped by the police or get arrested, they must have done something right. When the opposite happens, it’s just an anomaly.

But they believe that 99 percent of the time, the white police get it right. They are taught to defend a system that disadvantages anyone who is not white and advantages anyone who is white.

Feeling they are good and others are bad makes whites feel better. It boosts their self-esteem. It makes them wealthier than you.

That’s why they say, “Oh, that’s too bad. We need to do something about this.” And the buck stops there. That’s why there’s always a Department of Justice Investigation and the buck stops there. The Ferguson Police who shot Michael Brown are still on the loose terrorizing Black communities. The officers who strangled Eric Garner and allowed him to die are still on the loose terrorizing Black communities.

White people have no intention of this abuse stopping. This fact is obvious. After every incident, by now I have utterly lost count, we are told something will be done to stop this anomaly that is one officer. Or we are lied to and given excuses about why this white cop or the next white cop berates, strangles, or shoots 22 bullets in an unarmed civilian.

We are told he’s normally a good person. He has a tattoo of a good person on his lower back. But today he was emotional. This is out of character. He came from visiting a sick friend. He came from visiting a sick dog. He came from visiting a sick alligator. He feared for his life. He didn’t mean it. He wrote “I didn’t mean it” ten thousand times on a chalkboard. Forgive him. It’s the Christian thing to do.

These are white people, so-called “good ones” feeding us these lies to defend the so-called bad ones. But after some time, I continue to hear good whites come up with excuses to defend the bad whites. I have to somehow come to terms that the good ones aren’t really good. They are related to the bad ones and would rather see them alive than give a care about myself or my family.

Yes, the passengers filmed the video. Good whites? I wonder, how much are they doing to get these bad white police officers off the streets?

Are they emotionally scarred from having a police officer threaten to arrest you and do much worse if only he felt like it?

If whites never ride in a car with an Indian or Black or Latino driver, they would never know these kind of experiences they go through on a daily basis. Even if they do ride with them, they cannot understand how it makes them fear for their lives under the obstreperous force of unbridled white police authority.

And trust, it would be much worse had those not been white passengers in the car. Certainly, the police officer would have behaved much worse and perhaps even arrested the Uber driver, or who can fathom what else, for absolutely no law enforcement reason.

Clearly, when we say that white cops have to stop policing Black neighborhoods, Latino neighborhoods, Indian neighborhoods, and Asian neighborhoods, it is not just idle talk. It is because we have seen time and again that deep down there is something afoul about the way white cops ridicule, berate, demean, and brutalize people who are not white. It is downright savage and inhumane.

Not surprised that another white cop in America disrespects a civilian? Neither am I. Unfortunately, white cop abuse against Black and Brown bodies has become a seemingly never-ending saga.

In television, a horrible show always gets canceled. But in racist white America, a horrible shit show that is the white police terrorizing and brutalizing innocent, unarmed civilians continues to air daily on our metropolitan streets.

We are all tired of this nonsensical animalism! Please let the series finale end for good! We are ready for the last episode!


  1. Thanks for sharing this news. The terrorism that African Americans go through daily in America is monstrous story. I hope God does something about it soon, or I will stop believing in Him.

  2. So what is the problem with establishing police departments in America that have cops who live in the neighborhood. Why are Americans dragging their feet?

  3. When I saw this video, I was ashamed to be a person who looks like this officer. It’s terrible. What kind of power trip are these cops on in the USA? African Americans need to segregate into their own neighborhoods if this continues. It is absolutely animalistic! I agree.

  4. Clearly, the cop, Cherry, can’t even speak English. His sentences are full of grammatical errors, the sum of which baffles me still. How long has he been living in America?

  5. You’ve gotta be kidding, really! He is a cop? Back in my town in Mississippi, he would be a hero for ‘putting a migrant in his rightful place.’ It’s how white controlled America goes.

  6. That white cops says he is American, he says he speaks English. But none of these are true. He is just a migrant too, and he speaks bad English at that, very bad English – worse than an Uber driver from Indian.

    But since he was born in white controlled America, he was fed that dangerous dose of exceptionalism. He’s better than everybody else. He’s better than the Indian driver. Now we see how dangerous that false ideology is in any human interaction.

    Let’s remove white cops from African American neighborhoods. It’s an occupation just like this one!


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