Grey Apologetics is a thing of current western ideology: that whatever unprovoked violence they have enacted on Africa and on Africans, in the past four hundred years, is just part of a larger human experience of which no human being is immune.

Meaning: Africans would have done the same things to the Grey People – chattel enslavement, genocides, dehumanization and capital exploitation – if Africans had the chance.

Implying that nothing that the Grey People have done to Africa through Chattel Slavery and Colonialism deserves recompense and or, reparation. Or that Grey Violence, no matter how uniquely Barbarian, is just a part of our natural order of things, and that there’s nothing to apologize for – nothing to warrant reparations to Africa or for Africans!

Chattel Slavery and Colonialism are uniquely Barbarian. There’s nothing natural about a four hundred year old sustained violence from the same species towards itself – if the same species that is! However, this need to avoid apology, in essence, is what the Grey Academics call the “we are all human,” or the “human experience,” or “white apologetics,” which violence, they claim deserves just the same amount of scrutiny (no more) than the actions of a man who cheats on his wife!

And so the Metha (the Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors) loves this profound level of obfuscation and even equation of a uniquely Barbarian violence, like the four hundred years of colonialism in Africa, to such human pet-peeves as a no-fault-divorce.

Degrees of violence, no matter, the idea of the “human experience” attracts the Metha’s attention, because he finds himself finally where he always wanted – measuring up to the Grey Man; he finds himself as a “self-evident human being” in so far as he too can be shown to be (or have been) just as violent as the Grey Man’s uniquely Barbarian equal.

The Metha doubles down on his unfettered ignorance, and newly-acquired arrogance, and he even begins to tell, or rather paint, his African story (aka African History) in such gory details as in the way he recalls his own defeat and subjugation to a uniquely Barbarian violence of chattel enslavement and colonialism.

Of course, the reason the Metha loves this idea of Grey Apologetics so much is because, for long, he has been denied his own humanity that anything, even a damn, stupid, insidious idea like the “human experience” leaves the Metha with the choice to clutch at the straw and exhale for dear life! After all he’s been waiting to exhale! “After all, even the Grey Man admits, the Metha is human after all,” the Metha admonishes himself.

Problem is that, not once has it occurred to the Metha that Grey Apologetics is an iteration of the same unique barbarism – actually, and on the contrary, fellow human beings pay reparations, and they apologize when they wrong other human beings! Simply that if the Grey Man was human, to begin with, he would recompense Africa and Africans. In other words the so-called “human experience” is just another dehuman excuse.

More, if we were all just human, there would be no such need for a theory of Grey Apologetics. There would be no such need for a theory of “we are all human.” You see? Human beings do not theorize about being themselves, they live it – like making recompense.

Non-humans, on the other hand, pretend to be human in theory. And so to engage such theories without accounting for the actions of “the people” is just another trough in the Metha’s sublime quest for a uniquely Barbarian stupidity!

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  1. When will the humans realize that the greys will never be human and in fact never wanted to be human?

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