The Metha Believes in Grey’s Universal Judgment: But, Aminata Diallo Is Innocent.

Grey, Colonial, Missionary Mis-Education indoctrinates its victims — the mis-educated than his ancestors (the Metha) – with one thing: Universal Judgment. So long as that Judgment comes from God, then everyone must accept its consequences. And so long as the Grey Colonial Things remain the High Priests of Gods power on earth, then God’s Judgment is not only Universal, it is perfect.

And so when tribal members of a Grey Clan arrest one of their victims—for this or that—the Metha are the first to accept this Universal Judgment. Proof or no proof, an arrest alone is a Sentence. “Why would the French police arrest you if you had nothing to do with this or that?” The Metha barks!

The Metha can make such statements because Grey’s Universal Judgment is Perfect in just the same way that the Grey God they hung up on their bedroom walls, is Perfect – in just the same way that the Grey Colonial Barbaric Priests on earth, like the French police, are just Perfect. The Metha loves his Grey upbringing, and he cherishes the ultimate Universal Judgment of the Grey.

However, when the Grey police finally admit that they made a mistake, indicating that they are not infallible, the Metha coins his own explanation to stay on his course of righteousness, by re-casting his Grey God in another image: “God, ultimately, and eventually, redeems the innocent.” Meaning that the Grey things are still perfect—if you are innocent, they will make sure of it. Meaning that the grey colonial barbaric French police are still perfect.

Which means that Grey’s Universal Judgment is still perfect. This God, no matter how hasty, no matter how unintelligent, and no matter how barbaric it acts, remains infallible, nevertheless. In this way the Metha are like that holy barbaric crusader who screamed atop a date palm: “God Saves Lives!” And then he climbed down the tree, a sword in hand, and proudly chanted, “Do and Die, God is Great!”

You see, the holy barbaric crusader sets himself up to cling to his own infallibility, win or fail, do or die. Even though Aminata Diallo is innocent, and this is according to the barbarians themselves, however, The Brutish Barbaric Broadcasting Company (BBC) and their beloved victims in Africa and in the African diaspora, remain adamant. They still claim and continue to publish nonsense like “She denies involvement” as if to declare that Grey Self-righteousness always wins, do or die.

How slow! All these things are either remarkably stupid or they are just as crooked as their crusading ancestors.


(Is it worth repeating the barbarian-charge of what they claim Aminata Diallo did, but didn’t do?)

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