One Argument: The Scientist vs. The Priest.

A scientist and a Priest have an argument. They summon me to bear witness to their argumentation.

The Scientist claims that Science is Perfect. It is the only way to True Knowledge. The Priest, on the other hand, also claims that his God is Perfect. And that this God is the only True Way to Knowledge.

After their statements, I said “fair enough.” I agreed with them. But they looked stupefied.

So I asked them. Which one of you then is Perfect? The scientist and the priest agree that they were not Perfect.

So I asked them a simple common sense question: If you extrude a Perfect Thing through an Imperfect Vessel (you), do you obtain a Perfect Product or an Imperfect Product?

An imperfect product. They agreed!

You see, it doesn’t matter how Perfect a thing may be in theory, but it is actually the Vessel that carries the thing that matters on Earth (in reality), in practice. The question is never about which one is Perfect, or which one is more Perfect – God or Science; Religion or Science.

Note: (On the Brutish Broadcasting Company: A metallurgist in the US state of Washington has pleaded guilty to fraud after she spent decades faking the results of strength tests on steel that was being used to make Navy submarines.) The Tests (in theory) were scientific, i.e. Perfect, but the Vessel (the scientist) was a thief.

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