Is It Bad to Marry Your Cousin? The Barbarians Are Here!

The Barbarians are at the Door with their Sexual Orgasmatron Deviance: Now they have MAP (Minor Attracted Persons). The Greeks (especially the Greek elite) used to have a very adoring name for boys in these types of relationships: Catamites. And now, here were go, we have: CAP (Cousin Attracted Persons).

Well, the thing is we allowed them, even supported them to open the box. And we let them descend back into that cave again, and we see their deviancy even more clearly.

Soon, you are going to have SAP (Sibling Attracted Persons). FAP (Fish Attracted Persons). DAP (Dog Attracted Persons): Here, you think I joke? Two people in the US passed on the Monkey Pox virus to their dog. How did they manage that? Think very hard!

We are going to have to accept it all. You see! Why? Remember, we are Black and we were once discriminated against by barbarians from way up north so we must accept anything if we don’t like to be discriminated against by a bunch of barbarians?

Yes, that’s the tactic they use to gas-light Black People into obeyance. This is why every new “minority” movement is pushed down Black People’s Throats, literally, in the name of Black people are so “diverse” so they must accept anything. Else, the barbarians are justified to run wild on them.

Yes, I agree, my friend. It is foolishness! This weird stuff will twist and turn the minds of Africans, but there’s no escaping it now. We knew they were inbred, but boi, we thought they left that stuff behind in the caves a long time ago.

Well, naaa! Welcome to the twenty-first century. The Real, Grey Century. More is coming… soon! Hold on.

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  1. What a wild, demented, backwards slide for the world that yet allowed barbarians to rule….but why? Because they call themselves white, hold their bibles, and speak pagan English.


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