Have Some Respect for Your Ancestors.

They claim our Ancestors were wrong to have confined knowledge (Science/Tech and Philosophy) to specific Cults and Temples. They claim that knowledge ought to become Public Information-even available to those who cannot understand it. Fair.

And so they invaded The Africas of Old, every now and then: They tore down our Temples and Cults, stole our books, murdered our priests and confiscated all experiments and tech.

Now, for all that Public Information, still private Corporations (another name for cults in the west) own that information, anyways. They call it intellectual property. OK.

How has this Public Information and Intellectual Property helped the world? I will tell you: They have managed to create technology that is wild enough to boil up the planet ten times over. That is the extent of their innovation! Nothing useful.

Now, they make pathogens to target specific populations of the world, and invariably continue in their genocidal actions against groups of people who do not look like them. Information, public or private, has not civilized them. Information wields no civilizing power unless of course the people receiving it are already civilized.

All this wild and dangerous tools they make, for the idea that knowledge ought to be made Public and Owned by Specific Businesses (western cults)? Or was it all to facilitate the looting of knowledge to the west in order to own all knowledge?

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