What do 50 Cent, Tom Hanks (Castaway), and Christian Bale (The Machinist) have in common?

Hint: if you said an Oscar, you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.

Answer: They all lost insane amounts of weight for an acting gig.  

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson shed 54 pounds – from 214 to 160 – for the Melvin Van Peebles directed Things Fall Apart which is currently in post-production.

We’ve seen actors accomplish dramatic feats for that elusive piece of Oscar hardware, ala Natalie Portman’s 365 day, five hours/day training regiment of swimming and dancing for Black Swan.

Not that 50’s aiming for an Oscar, but now and then everyone dreams of a little token of acceptance from Hollyweird.

If the acting’s up to par, playing a serious role as a high school football star turned cancer patient could definitely enhance 50’s credibility as an actor and not just a raptor (rapper/actor).  But will this film do the trick?


  1. Jesus Christ !! Did any one at all say they wanted to see 50 Cent lose 50 lbs of weight… then show up in a movie? But I saw the trailer and that thing looked promising. If 50 pulls this off, this will be his huge thing! I look forward to watching it!


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