You’ve succeeded in signing a contract with the government of the United States (a nation with a long history of exterminating nations and enslaving the rest), in which you handed over my lands, waters and seas to the US.

In return you pocketed 20 million dollars and you hold onto a promise made to you by the US that your ugly sons and daughters will one day obtain scholarships to the University of Arkansas (Little Rock) where they will study law, return to Ghana, and become colonial clerks.

All that and I still find the decency to only insult you Avu-Koklo, which literally translates that you are in fact a “dog-chicken”. That is, you are not even a creature, let alone to be capable of thought and/or emotions. You are a fallen creation, something between dog and chicken, but not fully formed.

You take issue with the insult because you believe that you are human and that you are fully-formed. Perhaps. You claim that selling my lands, waters and seas and me into slavery should not warrant such an insult towards you.

Now I ask you, at what point in the relations of fully-formed humans (since you claim to be one) can one use the vocabulary developed by humans, “Avu-Koklo,” to address your horrific inhumane behavior towards my person? At which point in my enslavement am I able to insult you (the one who betrayed me into slavery) Avu-Koklo?

You see, your problem, which used to be entirely your own but which as a result of “American Democracy” you’ve now directed at me and ordinary Ghanaians, is that because the colonial master sat you in a classroom in London and stuffed your empty head with lyrics of “civility” you’ve never been the same. Whatever happens in those schools in London or Little Rock, Arkansas, I hate to break it to you, it is no education. At all.

It is lobotomy. And it has a long history in the United States itself, where famous white medical doctors, who claim expertise in civility, actually used a steel pick to wipe away the personalities of their wives who dared to challenge their ideologies. How did they do it? They poked between the eyes of these women and accessed the frontal lobes of their brains and destroyed it. These women lost all personality and emotions as a result. And their thoughts became equally useless if not non-existent.

Now what? What you’ve also had them do to you in those American, British & German schools is a lobotomy par excellence. It doesn’t have to be done with a steel pick. How else is a man with his emotions and thoughts all intact able to sell Ghana to the biggest slave plantation the world has ever known, the USA? How else, if not for the fact that you are an Avu-Koklo?


  1. This is arrant nonsense, Amenuti, and you know it; so please stop spewing this garbage and give us something better to read! I used to love your writings and craved for more…because on top of being very analytical and informative, they were balanced, dispassionate and respectful. Now – for whatever reason – you’ve “descended into the gutter” and seem only capable of dishing out biased, ignorant drivel and disingenuous “shit-hole”-sourced invective. Please make an effort to go back to being the rational, well-informed, analytical writer/social critic that you used to be – with write-ups that were well-researched, well-thought out, insightful, spot-on, educative and informative – or simply shut-up if you don’t have anything to say! Thank you.

    • You haven’t shown what it is that is “biased, ignorant drivel and disingenuous “shit-hole”-sourced invective.”

      Your problem, I think, is simple: You like to read writers who enhance how you feel and think. And when they fall out of your favor, boy, do you whip them with your highfalutin diatribe. Part of that problem you have is simply this: Furthermore you are a tribalist, a sycophant of Akuffo-Addo. I hate to break it to you, wherever he hails from they are slave sellers! He has demonstrated it!

      • Kobbie, in the 20-plus years of the existence of this agreement (which was originally signed and as recently as in 2015 renewed under NDC governments but the details of which they had hitherto hidden from the general public for their own nefarious purposes, until this current renewal that the same mostly clueless and kleptomaniac NDC leaders are now hypocritically and diabolically trying to use to cause trouble in the country by making it look like it is “a new agreement by the NPP to sell the country to the U.S.”!), can you give me even one instance in which the many “world is coming to an end for Ghana” nonsense that the rabble-rousing detractors of the government are basing their ill-advised and empty-noise criticisms on has happened? Just one would suffice, then I would be inclined to listen to you and your much-ado-about-nothing noise-making ilk. You call me “a tribalist” and “a sycophant of Akuffo-Addo”…go look in the mirror and see whom those words fit, and even if I were, I would say that for the current POTROG we have, I’m proud to wear those titles!

      • The NDC are goats! Is your claim that the NDC chewed grass in private but the NPP chews grass in public? Whether you chew grass by hiding it or not, still makes you a grass chewer, a goat. The NPP are goats! In the same way and manner as the NDC. Do not bring your nonsensical approach to bear on this important discussion. Just because the Asantehene sold his own people as slaves to Jewish merchant ships some three hundred years ago doesn’t mean we must sit aside and wear an armour of pride about the Asantehene or the Golden Stool, or the current “POTROG,” whatever that is! Both are slave sellers – the ordinary Asante Chief and the so-called seat of government in Ghana! Both have a long history of slave trading. I respect neither and I careless about your rant.

  2. Avlu-Koklu that is what he,his agama veep,the 110 thieves and the 53% idiots who voted them into power are.Avlu-Koklu they will forever be. Narmer may you outlive your generation!

    • Your existence has been deleted in the agreement

      Any destruction to you and yours are remedied only in the monster US.

      Lethal Assault

    • LOL How different is that from what already pertains within the diplomatic community? It would seem then that Ghana has also deleted the existence of American citizens by having a consulate in the U.S which enjoys diplomatic immunity.

      That is not to say that I agree with our acceptance of that clause entirely. I would have opted to have our courts preside over serious crimes such as rape and murder.

    • The diplomatic immunity is universal. The retarded military agreement insulates only the imperialist US military.

  3. The US doesn’t protect it’s citizens, how much less Ghanaians referenced as shitholes from their 1st gentleman. Significant number of especially Blacks have suffered police brutalities and wanton injustice by their Ayn Rand Government.

  4. That’s one of the reasons why I disagree with the clause although it is clear that our soldiers won’t be traveling there to perform training. Thus why immunity pertains to their soldiers in Ghana

  5. Solomon Ocansey Awuyah you are preaching to the choir sir. My point is that it is not this agreement that has doomed Ghana. Our relationship with the U.S and other western nations has always been a master-slave one. This agreement isn’t the beginning of our loss of power or dignity. It is an agreement signed by a host of nations around the world

  6. Our soldiers have had exchange programs with them. Is your position clearly defined in the agreement that our forces would halt exchange programs?

  7. Far from insinuating that you’re wrong but are we not ignoring perhaps the most important questions in this whole debate?
    Does our military need their training, equipment and expertise? If we do, then why havent we been able to develop the equipment and train the experts ourselves? How can we do so?
    Because to me, unless the fundamental issues are resolved, we may dump
    America, only to go for China because we havent been able to provide our needs. A man in need will always welcome who’s able to provide for him, non?

  8. Ofori-Agyekum Samuel, did the army of Soviet union that defeated Nazi Germany go to train any where? Did Vietnam army that defeated US army train anywhere? Did Cuban army that defeated the combined armies of US -South African at Cuanavalle train any where? The success of an army to defeat its enemy depends on DETERMINATION AND WILL POWER. History teaches otherwise. People like you and your Npp cohorts think that by training in or with USA, Ghana Armed Forces acquires invincibility. Poor thinking

    • Are you kidding me? Do you really want to compare the Ghana army in terms of logistics and personnel to that of the Soviet Union etc?

    • English comprehension. Read my post again. The success of an army does not depend mainly on size or training as you and your Npp are trying to show otherwise Vietnam could not have defeated France at Bien Deng Phu in 1954 or Viet Cong defeat of US army Determination and will power counts. Ghana-US Defence Agreement exposes Ghana to great danger and insecurity

    • Ofori-Agekum Samuel where is the oversimplification in relation to the Ghana-US Defence Agreement and the impression you want to create that training in the US or training with US army in Ghana gives Ghana Army any military advantage. To me that is wishful thinking. Come out of it

    • It’s an aggressive psychological assault on Ghana.
      Constant reminder of war and insecurity opening up opportunities for our unrepentant political looters to waste our limited resources in procuring their obsolete military hardware with the agenda of national security.

      The arms race like all technologies is infinite.

      It certainly doesn’t guarantee global safety

  9. Kobbie, you’re so foul-mouthed yet completely uninformed and, sadly, unintelligent. It seems to me that you suffer from the misguided illusion that the more vile the vituperation that comes out of your mouth (in this case the tips of your fingers), the smarter you would look. Sorry bro, it doesn’t work that way! If you want to partake in this discussion – or any discussion, for that matter – and be taken seriously, then you need to be analytical and objective. Stick to presenting facts – the true facts – in a logical and well-thought out manner, and present your argument dispassionately, without making it about somebody…and your love or hatred for them.

    Just because you hate Akufo-Addo and/or the NPP should not blind you to the true fact that all that he and his government have done is to RENEW an agreement that they came to meet and about which they couldn’t do much – except to re-negotiate a few MORE FAVORABLE terms into the original agreement to make it much better than it was, then run it through parliament for APPROVAL BY THE PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVES the way it is supposed to be done (and thereby put it out there for public scrutiny), unlike 2 previous administrations under the opposing party that had actually SIGNED THE AGREEMENT IN SECRECY (and wasn’t either smart or patriotic enough – or both, who knows – to even secure a copy of the agreement!), and make sure it conforms with terms under which other similar agreements/arrangements are signed and operate around the world, and which Ghanaian servicemen (military and policemen) also operate under when they go on military and peace-keeping missions in other people’s countries!

    Of course, this is too difficult for people like you to comprehend, being so full of yourselves and filled with the self-importance that comes from your so-called education and the chain degrees you’ve amassed but failing to apply the knowledge and skills that should come from such education to the REALITIES and PRACTICALITIES of life! Otherwise you wouldn’t fail to realize that all the huffing and puffing that the NDC MPs and the rest of their party apparatchiks have been doing over this issue – and which you “educated” pocket lawyers have so blindly and foolishly latched on to – is nothing more than a shameless, collective display of sanctimonious piety borne out of not mere hypocrisy of the most evil kind but even worse, their uncontrollable desire to win and wield power in Ghana by hook or crook (and therefore deliberately using this as an opportunity to foment trouble among the Ghanaian populace and make the current government lose favor with the voters so that they, the NDC, could be elected back to office in 2020) and continue with their insatiable quest to loot the coffers and resources of the country! And you think I am ranting when I try to point out how wrong you are! Really? Well, so be it, because it is obvious you need the education that comes from my “ranting”- at least on this matter!

    And oh by the way, P.O.T.R.O.G. simply stands for President Of The Republic Of Ghana! Funny you couldn’t even figure this simple acronym out, and you want to insult me! I’m done; I see no need for me to waste any more of my time on the likes of you.


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