Friday, October 18, 2019

Ghana Falls from Serial Favourites to Serious Flops

The tournament was being hosted in South Africa and the FA members took the team to U.A.E for acclimatization. For instance in 1992 the team went to Portugal ahead of Senegal games and that was better than U.A.E and South Africa.

Latest FIFA Rankings: Black Stars Ranked Second-Best To The Elephants

Coach Kwesi Appiah's team are now ranked the second-best side on the continent behind the Elephants of the Ivory Coast. Mali are third on the African ranking table.

The Tactical Bankruptcy of Ghana’s Technical Bench

I can not hide my disappointment in Kwasi Appiah’s bench for such technical ineptitude and lack of foresight, especially in our last match against Burkina Faso. Right from the group stages to this disgraceful semi-final, our technical bench failed to see and read the opponents’ game plans and how to counter them.

Ashanti Stars – The Demise of the Black Stars at the AFCON 2013

National football coaching in a country like Ghana is serious business. It is not about having a pretty face, having friends in the right places, being “loved” by the players or being from the “right” tribe. The curriculum vitae of Kwesi Appiah at senior level reads as follows – Wins against the likes of Lesotho and Malawi, a World Cup campaign in peril, the worse performance by any Black Stars side in AFCON for several years.

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