Fire Mourinho Now: Jose Mourinho is Deeply Racist.

LONDON, UK — Two players, same team, same alleged trouble, two different treatments from the manager.

This is what Mourinho does for a struggling white (English) midfielder (Eric Dier):

“I found a sad player, a player without confidence, and then I was trying to give him that confidence back,” said Mourinho, who restored Eric Dier to the team in defensive midfield before, on the player’s promptings, eventually giving him a try at centre-half. “Now we have the feeling that maybe his best position [is there.”

In fact, Eric Dier was so bad this season that Mourinho himself had to substitute the guy before half time in one game. But Mourinho quickly apologized to Eric Dier after that substitution.

Furthermore, and this is obvious from the horses own mouth, Mourinho is doing all he can to find a lasting position for a player he respects although that player has been poor this season.

On the other hand, take what Mourinho says about a Black player whom he feels is struggling in Mourinho’s tactless, uninspiring midfield (Tanguy Ndombele):

“I know the Premier League is difficult, and some players take a long time to adapt to a different league…. But a player [Tanguy Ndombele] with his potential has to give us more than he is giving us, especially when you see how Lucas, Lo Celso and those players are playing. I was expecting more in the first half from him.”

Mourinho continues that Ndombele, “Is a player with great talent. He has to know he has to do much better and know I cannot keep giving him opportunities to play because the team is much more important.”

Two players, Dier and Ndombele, same alleged troubles, yet we can all appreciate the treatment that Ndombele gets. Think about this for a moment.

I can recount many instances when Mourinho has defended player performances, when they are white (even Mkhitaryan) and berated players when they are Black (Pogba).

Clearly Mourinho feels as if he is running a Sugarcane Plantation in 1750 Caribbeans.

Those who refuse to see through this character mishap of Jose Mourinho are part of the problem of racism in football. Jose Mourinho should never go near Black players ever again. He clearly doesn’t like them and he could care less about their self-assertive humanity.

Fire Mourinho now!

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  1. Where are all the Mourinho lovers who attacked me the last time I said this man is racist? They’ve gone AWOL, haven’t they? You don’t know what you don’t know. LOL.

  2. Narmer Amenuti, I owe you an apology. I was blinded by his success of my clud Chelsea and his friendship with Essien and Drogba. But I am appalled by this incident. There were two midfielders, one black and one white and this is what he said “In the first half we didn’t have a midfield,” said Mourinho.

    “Of course I’m not speaking of Skipp because he’s a kid of 19 who’s played two hours in the last few days. I don’t criticise him at all”. Skipp is a white boy.

    • LOL. Apology accepted. I have always suspected Mourinho as a white supremacist patriarch. If you review the way he spoke about Essien and Drogba, you would realize that he acted as though he was their fathers. Which is weird. Even Essien foolishly called the man his “father” at some point.

      On the other hand, Paul Pogba refused to accept Mourinho’s patriarchal role over him hence the ensuing rift between the two at Man Utd. In fact Mourinho even admitted that when Pogba won the world cup he knew he could no longer control him! Pogba could not be pushed around to do anything Mourinho wanted. Pogba was a World Cup winner, a Euro cup winner, and was holding a “French” Citizenship, all of which made Mourinho uncomfortable.

      Mourinho himself made a comment about one Arsenal player, Pepe, after he was fired from Man Utd, just to juxtapose the situation, and he said he liked the “kid.” Meaning Pepe. Is Pepe a kid? He said he liked Pepe because he was an African player in a new country, speaking a different language and was very humble. Mourinho said categorically that he liked that profile of a player. There’s a lot of discomfort in those statements when you know what Mourinho was doing. Others see nothing wrong with them and you cannot blame those who refuse to see how white patriarchy works.

      That said, I know Essien, he’s a great lad but he acted sheepishly then by referring to Mourinho as his father. I forgive him too because most folks do not understand how white supremacism works via patriarchy.

  3. I have had my doubts about him. Never smiles much, arrogant, fully aware of his white supremacist entitlement around African players. Sack him! ?


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