Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Cam Newton is the latest dynamic Black quarterback to emerge on the National Football League scene. This year Newton will undoubtedly be the NFL’s MVP. His Carolina Panthers team only has one loss this season and is the favorite to win the 50th Super Bowl that will be held next weekend.

Lately whites in America have been criticizing Cam Newton for celebrating his scores and his wins. After touchdowns, he smiles, dances, cheers, shows approval of his teammates, and hands out balls to hopeful children in the stands. All around, he is a class act. So what’s the problem exactly?

In the U.S., a country where the majority of white people struggle to let go of their race hangups, the white media has a problem that Cam Newton is African American. Having a Black face as the nation’s spotlight–even in football–is an issue for the kind of image the nation wants to create.

Opposed to Black masculinity, happiness, and success, the white U.S. media desires to create a villain out of Cam Newton before he takes the stage on the Super Bowl, in the same way they launched a sudden attack on Marshawn Lynch when the Seattle Seahawks were unstoppable for two seasons.

For some odd reason, it makes many whites in America uncomfortable to see a Black person who is happy.

Keep in mind that this is a historical reality. When white Europeans brought Africans to Native American shores and began enslaving Africans, whites watched them closely and prevented them from displaying emotions openly.

On slave plantations, Africans were not allowed to laugh in the presence of whites. To get around this intense surveillance, Africans newly in America would place their head in barrels (with the pretext of getting something)–to laugh, express humor, and revel in delight, away from white judgment, scrutiny, suppression, and brutality.

So this attempt to stifle Black joy and emotion, attacking Cam Newton for being happy and for celebrating, is not a new occurrence in relations between the two races. It is merely a trend in whites’ incessant attempts to control Black behavior.

To see the double standard, white quarterback Aaron Rodgers was given endorsements and television commercials based on his touchdown taunting (not celebration like Cam Newton). After scoring a rushing touchdown, Rodgers engages in pelvic thrusts to simulate donning a championship Belt.

Cam Newton, however, whose team has only lost one game this entire season, is told he should tamp down his joy. If any white quarterback only had one loss in an entire season, he would be depicted as a phenom, a hero, or a blazing talent in U.S. media. But there is an active attempt to avoid talking about Cam Netwon’s talent, hard work, accuracy, finesse, and intelligence. All because he is African American.

Former NBA star Charles Barkley criticized ESPN’s coverage of Cam Newton and how the network is shaping Netwon in comparison to his upcoming Super Bowl opponent white quarterback Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos. Barkley remarked:

“ESPN has already started their crap about black versus white, good versus evil. And I know a lot of those fools over there got radio talk shows really but you can just see they’re framing this narrative: black versus white, good against evil. It annoys the hell out of me.”

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith also warned that white race baiters on would do everything they can to spin Cam Newton’s success in a negative light.

Stephen A. Smith tweet, Cam Newton villain tweet
ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith predicts white media backlash against NFL star quarterback Cam Newton.

In addition to desiring Black unhappiness, whites in America have historically feared Black excellence. They see it as a return to Africa’s greatness and consequently the end to their empire’s global reign.

Even more important than football wins and also bringing him greater joy, Cam Newton just welcomed a child into this world. On that topic, white haters and trolls want to say that he and his partner are unmarried and the child is born out of wedlock–as if that remark should somehow carry any relevance or damper his excitement.

It comes as no surprise there was no such criticism when Tom Brady, the white quarterback of the New England Bellicheater Patriots, had a baby out of wedlock and then immediately abandoned his baby momma to marry a supermodel.

Yet alone the fact that “marriage” is increasingly less important than being around and supportive for the child. We know from thorough research that Black fathers spend more time with their children than do white fathers or fathers of any race in the U.S.

But whenever a Black man is successful, powerful, influential, around, or just plain happy, there will always be white people hoping to tear him down, so that they can feel better about themselves.

Fortunately most of us enjoy Cam Newton’s unprecedented success, and when he dances and celebrates, he smiles–and we smile too.


  1. This year’s upcoming US Football Finals (Super Bowl) is turning out to be the same old drab – racism is taking a foothold on the event. Alas, America never stops hating.
    That’s why Du Bois said: African Americans are coming to face the fact quite calmly that most white Americans do not like them, and are planning neither for their survival, nor for their definite future if it involves free, self-assertive modern manhood.

  2. Haters will always hate! Cam Newton will win the Super Bowl. And more haters will come out to hate even more. Cam will become even more successful and haters will multiply. This is the story of white America. It’s that simple!

  3. Serious oh. The NFL started hyping white quarterbacks in the 80s onwards since Black men were dominating the sports too much. The game was redesigned to suite a play-call structure which allowed white men a chance to play as well. Before then, it was the flashy Wide-Receivers who dominated the sports. They had swag. White country imagined that this was too much on their manhood so they changed the game.

    Now that the game is changed, and the white quarterback is being relegated to the trash by Russell Wilson and Cam Newton, it’s a dip in the white manhood again. So they are obviously mad. Like they are with Floyd (Money) Mayweather! Let them. Cam will win!

  4. Cam Newton is too good to be true. The fear is that he might be here to dominate the sports for a long time. The earlier they destroyed him, the better for the self-assertive manhood of whiteness.

  5. I hope Cam Newton pisses off white people even more by having a bunch of kids with his beautiful wife. When you look this good, white people are gonna hate. When you’re this talented, the racist are gonna feel threatened. When you’re black and proud and marry a black woman, and the money is recycled within the black family, they’re gonna try to find fault. When you complete your degree after becoming a millionaire, they can’t use their racist stereotypes. What can they say about Cam? Absolutely nothing! So they attack his integrity of the game. Innate racism is something that white people are born with.
    Cam is the result of a strong black family unit. We should all take notes.

    Cam Newton didn’t marry a white woman like RG III and Russell Wilson, and a lot of other NFL players. A strong brother who’s committed to his culture and community, Cam is the best role model to emerge from the community in a long time. Killer Cam is gonna kill ’em for years to come. Make way, haters!

    Cam Newton has done more for his community than any of the white quarterbacks in the NFL. He has broken more records than Brady and Manning. That shit scares white people. The history books aren’t gonna be so white by the time he’s done playing. Brady and Manning might just become an afterthought.

    Men like Cam Newton should be praised in our community instead of people like Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs, Michael Ealy, Nate Parker, and all the other black men who don’t think black women are good enough to be their spouse. Pick and choose carefully who you elevate. Most of the men you fantasize about, don’t even think you’re worthy enough to be a wife. Black women help build the careers of these people, because they are the consumers of their work. The black community can’t be strong, if we continue to support people who don’t believe in building strength in the black community.

  6. Cam is the best quarterback in the league right now hands down. Its a damn shame that people wanna hate and dislike him because he dances. He can’t help that, its in his DNA. Some stuff is just not meant for everybody to understand but because Cam hasn’t stopped celebrating and he’s not the Obama type of black man, you m*f*ckas have a problem with it. F*** that, do yo thang Cam, I’m dabbing all the way to the Superbowl with u bro ‪#‎BeleeThat‬ I like Peyton Manning but its Cam time now .

  7. I’ve seen a fair share of anti-Cam stuff this season as especially now with the super bowl. I don’t get it. I see countless videos/photos of him doing selfless acts for kids including giving each touchdown ball to a kid in the stands. I wish more professional athletes were like him – confident on the field and on the right side of the law off the field.
    You don’t like his touchdown dance – have your team keep him out of end zone… Or learn the dab on your own.

  8. How dare you behave with an unrivaled passion and lead your team to a franchise record 15 wins. You think the players of old celebrated touchdowns or danced their way back to the sidelines after a score? Who do you think you are celebrating 45 total touchdowns this year (35 passing, 10 rushing) by running into the crowd and finding a lucky, young kid in the stand and hand that kid a game ball. Are you serious?

    You should be ashamed of giving that kid a life long memory of happiness and joy! And it is all your fault now that every one from Roy Williams, Andy Reid and professional tennis players celebrate a victory by your “dab” dance!! Horrible! How does it feel that your celebratory “dance” is now imitated by others world wide? Yeah, that should make you feel good!


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