We are caught in the crossfire betwixt cultures.

One is secular, for lack of a better word. The other, traditional.

One holds something sacred. The other holds nothing sacred.

Whiteness preaches virtues of truth. Yet, the only “truth” it believes is its own. The only wishes it desires to observe are its own.

Some practitioners of whiteness are atheists who don’t believe in anything, really, and value nothing, unless you count the designer clothes on their backs, the animal skin shoes on their feet, the natural stone tile in their bath, imported of course, and the European cars in their driveway as prized possessions.

They trumpet the narrative of free speech, the freedom to speak anyhow about anyone or anything without any recourse for disdain.

In Islam, any kind of visual depiction of the Prophet Mohammed is blasphemy and forbidden, so as to enshrine Mohammend’s existence in perpetuity. Insults to the Prophet Mohammed are what amounts to sacrilege, daggers in the heart of the religion, demeaning to its present faith and crippling the outlook of its future existence.

In whiteness, traditional religions are a low-hanging piñata for ridicule, a straw man ideology constructed for the sole purpose of being destructed, boundaries that were never built to be respected, but only exposed.

Practitioners of the religion of whiteness feel that they can do whatever they want, they can make fun of anything, flay unfettered, and that nobody should stop them from doing so. To stop them would be in violation of whiteness as the Supreme Being.

Only, Muslims envision the Allah as the Supreme Being, the Prophet Mohammed as his Chosen One, and Muslims his Chosen People.

The clash becomes whose Being rules supreme over the other.

[quote_box_center]And while the Western liberal or, for lack of a better word, secularist, regards someone who actually believes in something as a fool, other people in the rest of the world, including Muslims, regard doubt and the arrogance of it in opposing faith as an incitement to violence. ~ Amenuti Narmer[/quote_box_center]

The problem that whiteness runs into is that Islam, in its current state, refuses to be trampled upon.

Islam is the brick wall of globalization and whiteness.

It provides resistance to attempts to globalize secularization by force. It demonstrates that a one-size-fits-all banner all does not cut it for religion. There is no Bienvenue to Western Enlightenment.

And that is a hard pill to swallow for people who have faced little resistance in successfully erecting establishments like McDonalds, Subway, and even Kentucky Fried Chicken across the globe. Campuses like New York University and Carnegie Mellon, among others, have also spread their wings to parts of the world, like in Qatar and Rwanda, which are distant from their headquarters.

That is how the West makes its money, by expanding its business markets.

With religion, globalization proponents cannot put their secular attitudes everywhere.

Islam is quite possibly the last impenetrable barrier to the religion of Whiteness. And that becomes the grounds for such fervent venom from Western reporters about Islam.

That vitriol is spewed at a staunch barrier to globalization, capitalism, and most of all, to the prospect of absolute Western dominance.


  1. Yes, whiteness is a religion – the only religion with roots in Europe. That is why they are staunch on getting rid of Christianity in Europe and America. That is why they are fighting people who they think would bring in Islam to their countries. Yes, I agree with you 100% that whiteness is a religion. They peddle it everywhere like it is the truth – the same way they peddled it in the name of Christianity around the world.

  2. I share you opinions absolutely! Whiteness has come into contact with Islam and it does not want to respect the Islam, in the the same way that they used Christianity to fight Islam centuries ago. Meanwhile Muslims and other religious people have always seen a way for us all to co-exist.

  3. The inability of Europeans to come up with one religion – just one – to respect the humanity of all peoples on earth is very surprising. It speaks to a greater problem at the core of white society. Troubling!

  4. Even without the swords of Christianity of the log past Crusaders, white people find reason in ‘Whiteness’ to launch yet another way on other people. This is a White Crusade and the Muslims know it. A white crusade you have rightly defined cherishes three things and three things only – Capitalism, Materialism and Vanity. This is the Holy Trinity of Whiteness.

  5. Muslims believe in free speech as well. Why does the West think they are the only ones who like to think of themselves as free speech lovers? We Muslims believe in the freedom to speak our minds, only we don’t do it mock whole civilizations or a whole race of people. How Western journalists cannot see how Charlie Hebdo could be wrong or even insensitive is what baffles me. Charlie Hebdo has been insulting Muslims around the world for years! You call it satire, we call it insults. And that is the difference. Now why continue to insult Muslims when they repeatedly insist that caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed are insensitive. How this has anything to do with free speech is what beats me, completely.

  6. Whiteness does not have it in it to be marginally sympathetic towards others. It’s their way or no way. It is what they believe or nothing. Its their Christianity or no Christianity, its their religion or no religion. Its their non-religious society or no society. These are the tenets of whiteness.


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