A child who doesn’t finish high school is eight times more likely to go to prison.

For many kids, their only chance at getting into a great school depends on whether their number is picked in a lottery.

Directed by David Guggenheim and now out on DVD, Waiting for Superman is a must-watch film, especially if you have a soft spot for underprivileged children yearning for opportunities. Who doesn’t?

Watch this powerful trailer and read our review.


  1. This one is a little harsh on teachers. I think that this movie shoulda taken a look at the kinda homes kids are growing up in.

  2. I watched this last night after reading about it here. Nice work guys. I thought your analysis of the movie were really good. It sucks for those kids but I hope someone somewhere will do something about this sad situation. I am glad I attended a French school here otherwise, I dont know.

  3. This movie was for real. I see eye to eye with your points of view. I went to private school and I didn’t know people in public schools went through some sh**t like this. More respect to the public school kids who make it.


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