Serena Williams’ 2K Sports commercial for the Top Spin 4 tennis video game will not be shown on tv. Big shocker. Who would have thought that suggestive moaning, bare butt cheeks, ‘fantasy’ talk, and sexual innuendo would incite a ban??

Though the commercial is a huge success for both parties.

2K Sports creates a viral controversy to promote hype for their unknown video game. And Serena gets more voyeurs to look at her body. She obviously likes the attention.

She’s posed nude for ESPN magazine’s body issue. And with friends like Kim Kardashian, you might expect she’d do a lot for money.

But with such amazing accomplishments — a former World No. 1, she’s won more Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles than an other active female player… plus, with other advertising contracts, book projects, television cameos, etc. it’s obvious she doesn’t need the money.

Admittedly, women have done worse for a paycheck, but when you already have multi-millions in the bank, shouldn’t you have limits?

Well, not necessarily!

Serena seems proud of the commercial. She tweeted earlier that fans should be on the lookout for her “awesomely sexy video.” On the other hand, a statement by 2K Sports distanced the company from the commercial.

As part of the process for creating marketing campaigns to support our titles, we pursue a variety of creative avenues. This video is not part of the title’s final marketing campaign and its distribution was unauthorized.

Looks like Serena’s on her own…

So what’s the verdict? Is this ad ‘sexy’ or ‘racy’?

Watch this.


  1. I don’t see nathing wrong with this. This is what she likes and I respect that. You should respect it too. We should stop wanting people to live for us.

  2. She’s hot! Daimm! But shizzle, she should’ve known her limits. I mean putting all ur ass out there like that… I mean, it’s shameful. What does she think she’s doing? Man the white man still pimping out black women like that. Its just shameful. I mean, it’s real backward.

  3. The shawty gotta eat and become super cool. It ain’t all bout the dough. It’s bout prospects and stuff, you know, how you expect her to get a man if she’s not putting her ass out there like ev’bady else?

    • Pleazzz! What, you know how many brothers out there lined up to just have a chat with this b*tcH? Many, many, many. She don’t need all that. Trust me, I fantasize enough with her clothes on. Now that I know what’s behind it… not anymore. But for real though, this is uncalled for. I mean like Cricket said, it’s just backwards.

  4. She is just another good black woman overwhelmed by the Hollywood faz. It’s a phase for a lot of famous black people, all peoples in fact. But you would think that black people would take a lot of things a lot more seriously looking at how far behind we have been and still are. But I am sure the phase will pass for Serena. I just hope she doesn’t wake up one morning and she’s 65, and realizes how much influence she could’ve had on many black girls growing up today in America, Africa, and the Carribean.

  5. Patrick. What in the world? Influence on who? Why do we always want famous people to be our heros. Let your dad be your hero for once. Black kids need to be brought up they way they should… look up to someone they can positively emulate. So that when Serena goes Serena, we don’t have to bash her for going Serena. This lady has probably like this ever since, we just didn’t know. Now we see her for who she is so let it go. She’s a person and she can be whoever she chooses to be!

  6. Yeah they might as well keep it up. I got it on my desktop right now. watch it every night before I sleep. naw jk. But for real, once you put something up on the internet, you can’t take it down cause people gonna cop it so she shoulda passed on the commercial if she didn’t want it to be all over the place.


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