This is just another resource grab: They have no women left. Hence they want our women.
This is just another resource grab: They have no women left. Hence they want our women.

This is just another resource grab: They have no women left. Hence they want our women.

Always there is ample discussion worldwide about women and men, about feminism, femininity, and masculinity. It might even be fair to assume that social media makes these conversations more heightened and visible. The difference today appears to be that what was largely agreed upon in traditional societies about women and men becomes the object of everyday debate in modern societies. It is ever humorous to witness the irony: the society that claims to be most advanced, better, stronger, fitter, more equipped to survive, is the very society that cannot easily accept and swiftly move past step one—the baby step—in the understanding of human biology.

When a society reaches a certain level of comfort, there is a tendency to inflate the commonplace into full blown chaos. With immense comforts, with seemingly impenetrable security from outside forces, with no worries about growing food—about if the rains will be sufficient to hydrate the crops, about how much will be harvested this year—with these comforts come distortions of epic proportion. As they appear to elder societies, these distortions attempt to steer the immature societies off kilter.

Still, there appears to be a fixation upon subjects that elder societies deem trivial. And the grounds for this dispute are not that we all do not understand the fundamental baby steps of biology, but yet that we desire to transcend them—and essentially ourselves—in defiance of that biology.

Which brings us back to irony once more. As immature societies profess disdain for the basic distinctions of men and women, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers, they rely upon the gendered, the feminine, and masculine, of other societies. They call upon the world’s women to do the very things that women do. As they declare that their women have transcended beyond genitalia, they deploy crafty wiles to lure the world’s women into the very places their women have abandoned.

They want some women to sleep with, to the extent that they have elaborate human sex trafficking schemes. Others trade in women legally and compensate them for their efforts with escort services. The world’s women are sought to cook their food and clean their homes. The world’s women should breastfeed and raise and teach their children. In some cases, the world’s women should even carry their fertilized embryos in their wombs. And let us not forget the women trafficked in the world’s crude underbellies. The idea that there is no woman or man flies in the face of the fact that women are a hot commodity for all these reasons and more.

The true function of the woman in immature societies is to diminish the strength of the men. She should fight over who should wash the dishes, eat the last slice of the pizza, put the toilet seat up or down, pick the kids up from school, or any other sort of trivial matters. Male domestication, emasculation, and disempowerment. The woman should wear his pants and bark at him in the workplace. Then bark at him at home until there is no longer a home where they can peacefully coexist. If the man is chained to the household, he cannot cooperate with other men to keep his society intact. If the man is exhausted from barking with the woman, he can no longer muster the energy to fight the threat beyond his door. Small battles at home, battles that elder societies have long learned how to diffuse, will keep the men too distracted to fight the bigger battles away from home.

The women who engage in these small battles between men and women play right into this hand, but then again, they might also disagree about using science to bolster any arguments, that is—if the field of science is biology. The tragedy is that these immature societies want our mothers, our sisters, our cousins, our nieces and are daughters to abandon us for them. This tragedy, which they wish upon us, illustrates a way forward, however. It illustrates the way mainly by virtue of the disastrous consequences of confusing their immaturity for equality or justice. The recognition that their immaturity is not true justice has to take place in the minds and hearts of our villages.

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  1. The west has, at this juncture, gotten so much for free that it has become truly intoxicated with the belief of its own brilliance that it even feels that it has a right to African resources including its people.

  2. Thank you Amara for another brilliant essay. Western women have become what we should call officially as Tom Boys: they want to hang out with men, drink themselves to death and open their legs (figuratively) to whoever points in their direction. They have absolutely discombobulated the worth of a woman with the worth of a man, and invariably have transcended, or may I say, transferred this feeling of “equality” (sameness project) to the biology of men and women in their constant struggle to mutilate Human Bodies to all look and feel the same.


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