The Myth of Colonial Power.

(Britain attempts to launch its phallus into Virgin Space. The phallus goes limp before its breaks the boundary of its flannel trousers)

There’s one country that claimed it produced its own oil. Lies! It got it from Russia. That same country claimed it could launch a satellite into orbit in 2023. The rocket blew up in their faces! Russia has been launching satellites into space since 1957.

This same self-confident country believes it colonized other nations for some weird myth in its own brilliance. Lies. It had no, and it has no brilliance. It is a ragtag cartel of murderers, rapists, pirates and terrorists, who have cannibalized the achievements of civilizations way before it, and which civilizations were not aware of the machinations of this non-human cartel.

Truth is, colonial power is a murderous cartel power. Once you can overcome its threats; once you can wield your own sword and ward off their piracy, the cartel ceases to be a power after all. Sometimes the best defense against a murderous cartel of inbreds is war, red war to the finish.


(Image: Britain attempts to launch its phallus into Virgin Space. The phallus goes limp before its breaks the boundary of its flannel trousers).

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