Djiwoe Oro, translates from the Ewe, It's Now Your Turn, aka. Harriet Tubman.
Djiwoe Oro, translates from the Ewe, It's Now Your Turn, aka. Harriet Tubman.

The Objectification of Racism.

Systems are racist, not people. Institutions are racist, not the people within those very institutions. Every day, inside America and Europa, Africans are told such grotesque, evasive, yet bold-face lies. Then there’s the more insidious lies, perhaps even more technological than the former: Cameras are objective, without bias, and so cannot be racist when they are used for surveillance. In fact, the computers that crunch the data collected by cameras and such, cannot be racist.

And so this is how the Euro-American racists proceed in the twenty-first century to justify their unfettered mysticism to exorcise the world of its “archaic systems” for a more “prosperous,” at least this is what they claim, and for a more egalitarian society—in order to make the world Cyber-Ready. This way, everything must become digitized: (1) Money, (2) Law Enforcement, (3) The Vote, (4) Our Health and even (5) Our Family & Friends.

Consequently, the racists of Euro-America would like Africans to believe that once all systems have transitioned to this new, great Cyber word, all forms of their very racism will also disappear with it. For if, as they reason, it is the systems and institutions of the old wild west that force the witchcraft of racism on African peoples in the west, then it must proceed that once these systems and institution become digitized, the western world would become fair to Africans living in it and in contact with it.

Yet, this objectification of digits conceals the very roots of the atrocity that is Anti-Blackness in the wild west. The racists of Euro-America espouse the wild-wolf claim that digits are somehow more objective than the very things from which they were digitized. Furthermore, they claim that their methods of interpretation of these digits—those algorithms, which they brag about—are also in themselves objective. This way the wild-wolf claim begs our belief and acquiescence to the wild idea that somehow when a racist root is digitized and when a racist interpretation is spent on it, somehow the result is objective.

This process of this kind of mental gymnastics is the form and structure that the Objectification of Racism takes—to fake objective belief in a process, a method and an interpretation that are by their very definition wildly racist. This faking of objective belief in racism is, in essence, what I call the Objectification of Racism.

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