Man of War - The African Antiquity.
Man of War - The African Antiquity.

Liars & Human Psychology.

Liars are always concerned with the study of Human Psychology. Their goal is to never tell the truth, but to study and master Human Psychology so well as to tell a really good lie.

To the mind of the liars, a really good lie is better than the truth. A good lie is worth more than the truth because a good lie gets you what you desire and a good lie gets you out of suffering the consequences of your own actions.

The truth is often painful. To speak the truth is a reflection that one has skin in the game. The truth shapes consequences and further reactions. The truth bears and seeks, hell even demands, responsibility and accountability.

A lie however demands no such things – it is more economical. It is a Free-Rider. A Scavenger. A really good lie bears only the fruits that the liars desire to eat and it bears no consequences because it can tell another really good lie to shirk responsibility for the lies. Lies are Good – or so Liars insist that lies are!

And this is true to a very large extent. Especially since the Liars have studied Human Psychology so well that they are able to tell really good lies. With really good lies, machined to fit well into the skulls of the unsuspecting victims of the lies, who then must hold the Liars accountable?

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