Objectivity is an Ideal.

Objectivity is a Philosophical Ideal. Meaning that, it would be nice. But it is not real. Meaning for instance that Science is not objective. For example: There’s absolutely no physical reason why a body should continue to be in its state of rest, or if it is in motion, to continue uniformly in that motion, forever. No reason anything under the Sun should behave like that!

Yet, we rave about these theories as if they mean anything. Worse, we even believe they are objective. They are not. The student of science is almost always confused about this reality. He conflates observable reality, which requires no scientific training to observe, with the theories of science (Science) that purport to have the wisdom to explain away these occurrences.

Consider this thought experiment. We have all observed fruits fall from trees (Observable reality). A modern Scientist comes around and insists that he has a theory (wisdom) to explain away the falling of fruits to the ground. He calls it Gravitation. Then he proceeds to predict that when a fruit is ripe enough on any given tree, that fruit will fall to the ground. When a fruit falls to the ground, he exclaims, and then he claims that this is the evidence or Proof of his theory (Science).

It is not! In other words, you don’t need Science to have a technological world. Heuristics are sufficient. It is often the Science People who claim they can explain everything, and that these explanations are objective. They can’t explain everything. Some explanations are useful but they all as biased as voting for your next president. All!

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