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The Geopolitics of War: The Yoruba/Vodun Cosmogony.

1. The Ruskies: War is the Extension of Politics and Diplomacy.

2. The Yankies: War is Business. War is the Extension of the Market.

But to Traditional West Africans, especially those of the Yoruba/Vodun Extraction and Cosmogony: War is an Accident. War is Immoral. This, I think, is not necessarily wrong, but impractical.

Impractical because when one lives in a world in which War is considered as an Extension of either Politics or Capital Markets, by the Ruskies and Yankiess respectively, our perception of War in Traditional Africa as an Accident is a gross mistake.

Rather than view war as a symptom of a Breaking Down of Society, or as a Fall of Civilization, we need to reconstitute our perspectives on War to face our newer, more barbaric world of today.

Traditional Africa forgets that it no longer is isolated from the barbarians as it was some 1000 years ago. That, in fact, Africa’s future is imperiled by its 500 or more years of contact with the rest of the world that views War as something else to be wielded as a tool, rather than as an Accident.

Scholars of the Yoruba/Vodun Cosmogony need to rethink their stance on the Morality of War, which is vital in an isolated world, but which is rendered useless in our world today where OTHERS view War as a tool of Political/Economic Conquest!

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  1. So basically we are stuck somewhere in our own fantastical imaginary bubble in our version of Wakanda but without the technology?


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