From the Director of Third World Cop, Ghett’ A Life is an “against the odds” action drama set in a politically turbulent inner city community of Kingston. Derrick, a determined inner city teenager realizes his dream of becoming a champion boxer despite a country, community and family conflicted by a divisive political system.

Derrick knew from when he was little that he could become Jamaica’s next World Lightweight Boxing Champion. He’s so talented nothing could stop him except it’s election year and the divisive politics in the country tears his community apart.

His father who is a loyal party supporter forbids Derrick from going to the boxing gym across town, the opposition party’s stronghold. But Derrick is defiant. His dream and his determination cannot be tamed. The Don of Derrick’s community, Sin, is set on keeping him from crossing over to the “other side” even if it meant destroying Derrick’s dream. And Derrick’s father is so blinded by the political tribalism that he supports Sin.

On the “other side”, at the gym, Derrick’s mentor and coach is the only one in Derrick’s life determined to pull Jamaica out of the political turmoil by helping Derrick realize his dream. Together with Derrick, the Coach understands that the ignorance of divisiveness will only give way to the triumph that comes with the unity that Derrick’s dream would bring to Jamaica.

Ghett’A Life premiers on July 27, 2011 in Jamaica. Watch the trailer.

Director: Chris Browne
Writer: Chris Browne
Stars: Karen Robinson, Carl Davis and Teddy Price
Release Date: July 27, 2011


  1. I cannot wait for the release….a good Jamaican movie…with a good life message…made by Jamaicans, written by a Jamaican, produced by Jamaicans…..Watch out World….here we come again…..another Slum Dog Millionaire type film…..made in JA!

  2. You right abt that! Envisioned by Jamaicans, written by Jamaicans, directed by Jamaicans, acting by Jamaicans, produced by Jamaicans, and I think you know where I am going with this.

  3. Saw the movie. Its a sincere and thoughtful story of hope, heroism and unity. Its perfect balance of humor and humanity make it a must see for Jamaicans (and others) at home and abroad.


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