Artificial Values & the North.

Some people in Euro-America believe that only they have Human Values. The rest of us, our customs, taboos, mores, and cultures do not count, even in our own lands.

Whatsoever. Now, the Euro-Americans must pay for the oil and gas, and they must produce their own food (not manicured lawns). All of which they have looted freely from around the world.

We’ll see what values win out when all the loot ceases to flow from everywhere else, and from everyone else they have dehumanized. It is easy to philosophize over crazy ideas on a full belly, full gas tank, all on other people’s account.

(The devil find work to do with idle hands.)

You see, they have convinced the Metha (the Mis-Educated Than His Ancestors) in Africa too that the artificial values of Euro-America which they have derived from neoliberal politics are equal to, or even superior to, our natural values.

When their looting of other nations ceases, we’ll see what number of those artificial values they retain.

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