CAPE COAST, Ghana – Eighty million dollars of Ghana’s gold destined for Iran was reported seized in Turkey for lack of proper documentation. The government has denied any such transactions with the Iranian government.

About two weeks ago two people, Peter Bedzrah and Fredrick Kojo Essumang, working for Omanye Gold Company Ltd were arrested in connection with a seized gold cargo. Two officials of the Geological service department, Dr. Thomas Adu and Justice Adom Akwah were also arrested by the National Security last Wednesday in connection with the notorious cargo.

Pro-NPP youth groups and the Young Patriots accuse the National Security Coordinator, Lt. Col. Gbevlo Lartey of an attempt to cover up the 80 million dollar gold scandal rocking the nation.

“The denial of flight details of cargo[Gold] arriving and departing from the Kotoka International Airport, by Lt. Col. Gbevlo and the government is nothing short of a conspiracy to cover up a deal gone bad,” hinted the groups in a statement released to the press.

The youth groups insist that the national security coordinator, Col Larry Gbevlo Lartey’s “attempt behind the scenes to cover up the story and his subsequent pronouncements on radio will not wash away” any fears about how institutions such as the military and the aviation authority are being used to cover up this deal.

A statement issued by government on the details of the arrest of two persons believed to be from Omanye Gold Mining Company Ltd seem to contradict the recent explanation by Col. Larry Gbevlo Lartey and the office of the President.

Hence, the Young Patriots are calling on the government to release key names to Ghanaians. “Who are the directors of the mining company, Omanye Gold Company Ltd?”

Questions about how the Minerals Commission and the Kotoka International Airport have denied the existence of the deal, which mimicks that of the government’s position, and why officers of the Geological Survey Department were arrested after it came to light that the department granted Omanye Gold Company Ltd the license to export the said gold, are still outstanding!

In addition, there are various myths about the whereabouts of the gold cargo. The Presidency had earlier denied the seizure of gold in Turkey where the news first broke. These stories only point a scalding finger at a government cover-up, iterated the youth groups.


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