Your parents have always advised you that when there was a fight, you ran away. You didn’t get involved. “Let those fighting fight!” Such was their advice to you, in their small way to keep you alive for a prosperous future in which you built them a big house and bought them a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Now, since primary school, you’ve ran away from fights. Every fight. Even when the only Waatsey seller was threatened by the Headmaster in Secondary School, you were nowhere to defend her! Your friends from the other village did and were suspended. Some even dismissed. “My parents are smart,” was your narrow experience. So, you run away from fights. That’s what you do.

You now run away from fighting “terrorism.” You want the USA and their armies, USAFRICOM, to do it for you. They tell you it is not free. Fighting is costly–like suspensions and dismissals. Even death! So you sell your country to the USA to do the phantom fighting of “terrorism” for you.

Now your brothers and sisters who have been raised by the same cowardly parents, now realizing that you sold their parents for dollars, now want to fight for independence from the USA?

Interesting! I think it is better you left the fight to those of us who have been doing it and suffering the consequences since primary school. Don’t you think? It is not your fault that you are a coward descended from a line of cowards. So leave the fight to those of us who have done it since primary school. At least our parents are not cowards. And they didn’t raise as to be cowards.


  1. Narmer, your words are true to the bone though they will piss off the cowards to be sure. Most do not recognize neocolonialism as it stares them in the face. Even some who would like to see it cannot understand it, as their parents were not only cowards but also miseducated children of the colonial or neocolonial schools. Just as they were taught to run away from the fights, they were also taught to read the exact words and not between them. There is a host of ways we have been dumbed down and culled for generations, especially those of us in the cities. It’s a hard process to stop, much less reverse. I am afraid those reading English are part of the groups who would find your words either incomprehensible or objectionable. Though that doesn’t, in my book, make them less true to their mission.


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