For America, there’s only warball; a blood-sport. The president and his ilk gather every weekend over beer to celebrate various games of warball: Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and the many more warballs expected on spy-television sets come the countdown to North Korea vs. The “Free” World.

Wars, and endless wars and preparations for wars, are the large canvas within which Warball is played, coached and commentated. Warball is supposed to “disport” – divert, amuse, carry away – people from real life experiences. It is supposed to veer the people away from what’s really going on in their country – the suffering, the disease, the poverty, the lack of education, the lack of living – which all en-route concentrate wealth in the hands of the few. Not to speak of the returns in themselves of the organization of warball games to the few.

This is the American Genius. This is American Exceptionalism. It has never before been done; never before has warball been used to amass immense wealth without the players, the spectators and their coaches not actually realizing the full extent of the direct consequences of warball. While at the same time removing the exposure to the direct cost of errors, death, suffering, poverty and disease, from the pared down spaces of the few. Nothing has changed since the Prophet, Martun Luther King Jr., said that America is “the greatest purveyor of violence on earth.”

Imagine what actually happened to the Prophet? The few got him crucified! The few, these architects of the American Genius, like Sadducees and Pharisees, are truly amazing! Colin Kaepernick should rather claim that he knelt to bring attention to the flaw of The Red Blue Flag of violence; not to honor it by wishing that America’s white supremacist military cops live up to its ideals, which is nothing but perpetual barbarism. Kaepernick must fall on his knees just like his own ancestors – MLK, Malcolm X., Muhammad Ali – died on the cross for him, in order that he can stand up against barbarism. In order that he can have life, and have it more abundantly, he must altogether accept his crucifixion too on the battlefield of America’s “Military Football.”

For the world has never seen such cunning, such trickery and such thievery enacted upon the people by the few in such a short time. American exceptionalism is truly amazing. It is indeed, exceptional.


Colin Kaepernick, an ex-American Football quarterback, took a valiant and principled stand last football season by taking a knee during the national anthem to protest the violent treatment of black Americans by the police and American society in general.


  1. American Football, also called Military Football in Brazil, is the conditioning agent for the love of Warball.

  2. Solomon Azumah-Gomez, you are absolutely correct. The language of American Football, better called the language of Military Football, provides the linguistic conditioning for Warball itself. Language, like all good linguistic mind control apparatuses, becomes powerfully invisible when it is enacted over and over in pared down “safe” spaces. The American football stadium, where beer, wine, burgers and freedom fries are sold for food, makes the people unaware of the bigger stage above their heads, the skies, where real bombs not a leather laced footballs, actually fly, destroying in devastating fashion lives around the world, not just the football field.

    Narmer, what an insightful essay on American exceptionalism. Colin Kaepernick has finally risen against the mortal enactment of Warball. And the few are pissed. They are pissed precisely because Kaepernick is rallying the troops against the status quo that uses football to indoctrinate the people for Warball. The analogy is straightforward. In Football, the quarterback, just like the field general in Warball, throws bombs to flankers as he tries to avoid the blitz. Each team (army) defends and conquers the enemy’s territory, pushing its opponent back through frontal assaults and pounding the enemy’s front line (linesmen). These plays are mixed with deceptive formations and aerial assaults behind the opponent’s front line. When none of this works and the enemy goes on the offensive, a different platoon (the defense) is brought in to defend one’s territory. One’s front line must then defend against a frontal assault and hit back hard. The analogies are omnipresent, and as with many aspects of “omnipresence,” what’s everywhere is nowhere – its familiarity making it invisible and therefore all the more powerful.

    Colin Kaepernick will not be hired to play another round of Military football exactly because his kneeling before the Red/Blue flag of violence, is rather fixing floatation devices unto the invisible submarine—the scheme. Kaepernick is making what is invisible, once more visible. That, in essence, is tantamount to a coup against the Deep State. That will not be allowed by the “plantation” owners of the NFL Teams to happen again. Therefore Kaepernick, as you say, must accept the cross; he must accept his crucifixion on the battlefield of Military football. Although there’s something ironic about this crucifixion, as with crucifixions of God’s people everywhere; Kaepernicks message rises, and more of the people will hear and evangelize about the gospel according to Kaepernick.


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