Ghana Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, leads a charge to sign into law a new contract that will essentially force Ghana into the new era of US Colonization of The Gold Coast.

Even former president, J.J. Rawlings, understands the unfettered beginnings of US Colonization of Africa. In an impassioned statement he deplored the move. Even he gets that colonization begins with USAFRICOM. Even Rawlings understands that by giving US Troops unfettered access to the only international Airport in the country it is essentially building them a Military Airbase on Ghana’s dime. Which is fascinating that J.J. actually gets this, because he cannot boast of a single credit unit in any university.

Rather, it is those with thousands of credit hours spent inside university walls, inside actual college classrooms taught by real Professors, with actual PhDs, who will finally hand-over the land to the Americans without a fight. Perhaps is it the lack of military training that makes such men so soft, so pusillanimous, and so easy to bend-over double to be raped by the hard swinging red-and-blue balled Americans? Or is it still yet a crisis of the invasion of the More Educated Than His Ancestors (the Metha) in Ghana that our children may yet again be shackled away in shipping containers?

American conservatives and liberals are constantly drumming up war with Russia. They are constantly drumming war with terrorists. And where there aren’t any Russians or terrorists, the Americans will make-up some so they can harness the capital to hedge their bets on these impending wars, phantom wars and unending world wars. And they are using these talking drums to lure the Metha, who has no mental or spiritual recollection or link to his own land. The Americans are luring those they have amply fed and educated and are urging them to hand over the land and the natives who live on it for free.

Slavery will come back and may God curse us all! All Dominic Nitiwul can say to his country, if a country that is, is that “we have already signed a 1998 agreement, we have signed the 2015 agreement, and we have already caught ourselves in this net and we cannot back out because this is just a combination of the two agreements”?

I kid you not. An educated monkey will never utter such nonsense. Yet, an uneducated monkey–and I have seen plenty–will never expose his insanity. But the Metha are prone to such utterances. They are deeply ill and unable to identify a colonial contract let alone analyze the implications of their own actions towards it.

Our Mothers have always advised that the road to hell begins with a single desire. I have added that it is beset with little steps, some of them imperceptible, each of them preparing you not to be shocked by the next. Step 2015 is not so much worse than Step 1998 before it. If you did not collect yourself and made a stand to reverse coarse at step 2018, why would you at Step 2020, Step 2030 or at Step 2050 (under a new slavery)? And so on to Step 2100. Then you are in Hell and you are already Dead.

Such is the faith of nations. And such is the road to nothingness for any nation. The grand retrogression of a nation begins with the first step, then the second and then the third, and so on. Each step preparing the people not to be shocked by the next.

You can get up and fight, and remove Dominic from his outfit and replace him with a monkey, if you will. You, and your children, will surely be better off. I bet you! Or you can relax and not be shocked by the next step. You can enjoy it in the same way your lazy cowardly forefathers of your type enjoyed every step of their own colonization and enslavement. Your choice!



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