Max Boot & Bill Kristol, members of America's Warring class.

One thing that every late-stage ruling class has in common is a highfalutin sense of intelligence. For America’s ruling class, that is, for America’s warring class, one thing that seems pervasive is the foolhardy sense of decadent mediocrity. America’s warring class has succeeded largely in decimating the African American communities that built its primary wealth over centuries. En route to that destruction—unleashed on every Black child born to America—the warring European ruling class got happier and richer. In this culture of white supremacism and its penchant for barbarism, there’s no penalty for the murder, and genocides, of Blacks. There’s no penalty for being wicked, shameless and violent. America’s warring class escapes, in time and step, the direct consequences of their own actions. The talentless European masses prosper, rising inexorably toward positions of greater, and greater power inside America and outside of it as the American Empire expands—stretching itself thin—and as the warring class breaks things in every country they touch along the way.

One thing that every late-stage ruling class has in common is that they forget how exactly they became powerful. They forget how they became appealing. They assume that their sheer violence permitted their rise. What they don’t see is the Soft Power of the most dynamic parts of their loot. In America, the decimation of Black America has resulted in the decimation of Black culture. Without Black culture, America is nothing. It has no Soft Power. Without Black culture, America has no appeal inside of it, or outside of it. The idea of Empire dies when the appeal of empire is decimated. What is left of the American ruling class is violence, for violence sake. And with that, like any declining empire, America stretches itself wide and thin. It’s only a matter of time that the seams will come apart and the warring class of America will no longer have an empire, but a state, onto which their violence will reign supreme until a revolution.

America’s warring class was, from the start, morally bankrupt. Now the moral bankruptcy has led to the demise of the cultural wealth that African slaves were forced to bring to America. For a time there existed a cultural space for continued development of Black culture. But the warring class needed to feed on that wealth as well to the exclusion of those who produced it. America’s warring class descended on Africa America and decimated all that it had developed. America’s warring class, morally bankrupt are also now culturally bankrupt. They have nothing to show inside, or outside of empire. The appeal of empire, the soft power of America has waned. One thing that every late stage ruling class has in common is simply that the thing that killed them begun with a single desire: Gluttony, at all cost.


  1. For some reason, the American ruling elite seem to be deliberately or unintentionally doing away with the mask of soft power that has been gained through their cultivated image as “defenders of freedom and democracy”. The Venezuela regime change hubris is a case in point of bare-knuckled aggression against democratic states – with Venezuelans having recently elected Maduro – and perhaps it marks another turning point in the use of direct confrontation in dealing with unyielding nations all in the name of MAGA!

    But on the other hand, the more US becomes confrontational the more it loses its soft power appeal and the more the world will increasingly view it as the bully of the world. We cannot also rule out the possibility, as you indicate, the ruling elite has gone completely rogue…but it is also noteworthy to see that in the Venezuelan context billionaires like Omidyar and Branson have come out of the woodwork in support of “regime change”…and after all it is they who stand to gain most…

    However, in a sense it increasingly seems like an act of desperation as Venezuelan neighbours seem reluctant to do their bidding and this goes to show that maybe something has turned…this is not the Latin America of the 60s and 70s and perhaps by extension the world perspective is also less inclined to fall for the charms of US “soft power”…


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