The world is witnessing the creation of a new DNA in geopolitics. It is called the Russia-China Double Helix. This geopolitical DNA will dominate Eurasia in the 21’st century with its population of 5 billion making up 75 percent of the world population and the bulk of the world economy. It combines the largest economy of Eurasia, China and the most powerful nuclear and military power of Eurasia, Russia.

What has accounted for the rise of this double helix? The Moscow-Beijing axis? The answer lies in the misty secrets of the island of Albion much more popularly known to the world as Britain. The story begins in the year 1688. The history games begin.

On a strange day in the year 1688, a 38 year old Dutch Prince, Prince William of Orange, King of Holland received a strange letter from a group of people in England. They offered him a proposition to come to England and overthrow the English King James II and take the throne. They offered to pay for the gathering of the troops and their upkeep. It was a temptation the young prince could not resist.

In November of that year 1688, he set sail for England with an army of foreign mercenaries and a smattering of English men for cosmetic purposes. In that same November he landed in England and moved on to London.

Even stranger things began to happen, the commander of the English army a certain John Churchill suddenly deserted to the army of Prince William. James II seeing the betrayal for what it was, fled to France. Prince William is crowned the new King of England as William III. This John Churchill who had betrayed his king is rewarded and crowned the Duke of Marlboro. His direct descendant is the infamous Winston Churchill, the butcher of Africa in the Sudan, twice prime minister of England during World War II and after, and the prime architect of the cold war with his famous speech at Fulton, Missouri, in 1946 about the iron curtain.

The financiers who had funded the coup demanded payment with a curious proposition. They demanded to be given the sole right to issue the English currency, the Pound. Thus the Bank of England was established with a royal charter, an act of parliament. The secret group of financiers created a stock company, the Bank of England where they owned 80 percent of the shares. They gave the king the remaining 20 percent.

This was in the year 1690. They immediately printed paper money, the pound, which they claimed could be exchanged for gold. Remember that prior to this time, the only currency accepted throughout human history was gold. Thus emerged the printing machine that could create money out of thin air. This power could only be maintained by co-opting the elite, the English aristocrats, for financial capital needs muscle that is military power, to support it.

Not too long after, it is announced to England that its king William III had fallen off a horse and sadly could not be saved and had died. He had done his job, dead men don’t talk. The secrets of the printing machine died with the man who had been given 20 percent of the shares. Of course his 20 percent of the shares went to the English government. Now the financiers could begin their global march of power.

Who were these financiers? Some whisper, they were an ancient people who dominated the diamond and gold business in Amsterdam and in London. We will not whisper names. Even whispers are dangerous if one wants to live to a ripe old age. But there stood in their way a rival. That rival was France with its sun-King, Louis the XIV, the builder of Versailles. He was told the strange happenings in England and he decided to have his own bank that could print money at will with the perception that it was backed by gold.

Suddenly mysterious things began to happen to him, all his children began to die. The Doctors could not understand what was happening. Then his grandchildren began to die as well. What a strange sickness that kills only the children and grandchildren of the French King. He then chooses one of his two surviving great grandsons as heir to the throne. But this strange sickness again suddenly strikes the great grandson heir who also dies. The last surviving great grandson is also suddenly taken sick. Finally someone whispers to the king a secret poison antidote and this great grandson survives to become king of France. But the price was that the regent who was the guardian to the new heir also died mysteriously. The message was clear and it had been understood.

The printing machine would tolerate no rivals. With its power assured, the printing machine set out to conquer the world in the form of the British Empire. The face of this printing machine became a name which will only be whispered once and no more, the Rothschilds.

In 1776, the American colonies fight a war of independence against England. France supports them in revenge. The colonies with the help of the French volunteer General Lafayette and his men gain independence and become the United States of America. The printing machine smells the future and proposes to the founding fathers of America, the establishment of a private bank which would emit the national currency the US dollar.

No one knows what they told the founding fathers of the new country. But they reluctantly agreed and the First National Bank of the US with a charter for 20 years was established to issue the currency of the United States of America. After 20 years, the US congress refuses to renew the charter. Thomas Jefferson had warned about giving to private people the right to issue a nation’s currency.

It seemed that the printing machine had been defeated. It had just taken a tactical retreat.

By 1816, they succeeded in pushing through the establishment of the Second Bank of the US with a charter for 20 years to issue the American currency. Before the charter would expire, the financiers demanded its extension.

The then US president Andrew Jackson vehemently refused. He said and I quote:

Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out.”

The answer of the printing machine came back to Andrew Jackson. An attempted assassination attempt where he was shot at with one gun and then a second gun. Mr. Jackson survived. The Second Bank of the US did not receive a renewal of the charter. Again it seemed that the printing machine had been defeated.

Now in the US, currency was now issued by different people, different states, different banks and different municipalities. There were so many different US dollars that there was a special book of reference published regularly for which dollars were worthy and which were worthless.

Then came on the scene Abraham Lincoln as America stood on the edge of civil war. He brought order to the free banking system. He began to issue US treasury notes (US treasury dollars) whose amount was limited by congress to the amount of about 300 Million dollars. The compromise with the bankers was the establishment of National US banks that could also issue US dollars based on the amount of government bonds which they bought with gold that was stored at the US treasury.

But the printing machine was not happy. It was after all the chosen printing machine. They wanted to be the sole printers of money, they wanted to be the sole creators of wealth without backing it up with gold, or the promise of gold at the US treasury. In effect, they wanted to create money out of thin air and at whim.

They went to work. On a mysterious day on April 15, 1865, at a certain theater in Washington DC, Mr. Lincoln attended a performance. The commander of the US army General Ulysses Grant who promised to join the audience suddenly had to attend to family matters. And with him all the bodyguards of Mr. Lincoln left, except one, who stayed to protect the president of the United States in the presidential booth at the theater.

Even this bodyguard had to suddenly hunger and thirst for food. He asked Mr. Lincoln to be excused to grab a bite. He left and never returned. An assassin then entered the booth to do the “Lord’s” work, however he felt like, with Abraham Lincoln. The rest is a story.

Two other US presidents would suffer the same fate. Then in 1913, the printing machine that had sent a certain man Paul Warburg to America from England, an emissary of the printing press to get America to cooperate found a U.S. president who was more than willing – he wanted to live and enjoy it, and then some.

The Federal Reserve act was signed in the last days of December 1913 when the whole country was distracted with the Christmas holidays. The printing press had finally won. The Federal Reserve was a private bank controlled by 12 private banks that could issue the American currency, the US dollar. On their notes were written Federal Reserve note. Please take a look at any US dollar.

US Federal Reserve Note
US Federal Reserve Note

But the law is the law. The US government could still issue US treasury notes to an amount of 300 million dollars which it continued to do until 1971. An amendment to the Federal Reserve act which gave sole right to the Federal Reserve to issue all US currency begun. Hence the Federal Reserve quickly printed the 300 million dollars with the wording ‘federal reserve note” which it then gave to the US treasury. After all, the Lincoln Law of 1863 said the treasury must have 300 million dollars in cash and that law has not been abolished! The only difference now is that the Federal Reserve out of the abundance of its goodness will kindly print that 300 million dollars for the treasury.

There will no longer be any US treasury notes. For those who collect currency, prior to 1971, two kinds of the US dollar circulated, US Treasury Notes and Federal Reserve Notes.

US Treasury Note
US Treasury Note

The printing machine had been engineered to control world finance from the very beginning. It created the two world wars which culminated in the Bretton-Woods conference of 1944 that established the modern financial system that we know today. It created the World Bank and the IMF and established the US dollar and the British Pound as the reserve currencies of the world. The US dollar now became the “gold” of the world. The structure of the IMF was that all central banks of all countries that were part of the IMF had to be independent of their governments and follow the rules of the IMF. Every central bank in the world which is part of the IMF has signed such an agreement.

The way it works is this, central banks can only issue their national currency based on the amount of US dollars that they hold multiplied by the current exchange rate. So for example, if you have 1 billion dollars as reserves and your currency can be exchanged for US dollars at a rate of 10 to 1. Then you are allowed to print 10 billion of your local currency. Therein comes the concept of fiscal deficit of a national budget which our western “friends” love to teach us in their economics. Sometimes they allow you to print more than the amount of US dollars you hold when they are in a good mood and you are their good boy of “human rights” and “democracy”.

Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin refused this concept and refused to sign the Bretton-Woods contract. In 1949 he gave Russia the atomic bomb and then announced in 1950 the gold Ruble, that is the Ruble could be converted into gold on demand. He also assisted a former Chinese peasant Mao Zedong to take power in China from Chiang Kia-Shek who had already become, essentially, a western stooge. That is why, in the west, they say, who lost China? China could not be controlled by the printing press. For this reason Joseph Stalin had to die.

In April 1953, he suddenly fell ill and doctors were not called to his bedside for 3 days as he lay unconscious. For this brilliant move, Winston Churchill was awarded the highest order of the British Empire, The Order of the Garter in that same fateful April of 1953. The printing press had finally gained an entrance into Russia which finally culminated in its victory in 1991 with the Russian collapse and the appearance of the Central Bank of Russia. Now Russia could have fiscal deficits. If you look at the law of the Russian central bank, as any other central bank that is part of the IMF, you will note that it can only print as much rubles as there is as much dollars multiplied by the exchange rate.

But then in 2000, a man called Vladimir Putin came on the stage. The custodians of the printing machine had selected him to be president of Russia. But they seem to have made a big mistake to regret. Mr. Putin consolidated power with the security services and began an assault on the printing machine. He began to talk about the sovereignization of the Russian Central Bank and the restoration of Russian power.

The printing machine also began the counter attack with several assassination attempts against him. In fact when Mr. Putin visited England for the G8 summit, the threat of his assignation either by gun or poison, was so palpable that the Russian leader brought with him his own cooks and even his own drinking water. The attacks on his person and the new direction of Russia culminated in the crisis in the Ukraine in the year 2014. One of the loyal servants of the printing machine Zbigniew Brzezinski had identified in his book “The Grand Chessboard” that Ukraine was the key to weaken Russia and prevent it from being the greatest military power of Eurasia.

The printing machine stepped up the attack in the financial sphere with the speculative attack on the Ruble in the first half of December 2014. Our chosen friends have mastered finance for centuries from even before the time when they dominated the diamond and gold business in Amsterdam. The aim was to destroy the Ruble and force Russia to capitulate and stop it from challenging the power and the legitimacy of the printing machine.

But the printing machine got the shock of its life when the Chinese Foreign minister Wang Yi announced on Monday December 22 that they will support Russia and the Russian Ruble and increase Ruble-Yuan currency swaps to bypass the US dollar in international trade. Russia and China have made the biggest purchases of gold this year preparing for the inevitable demise of the tyranny of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

China has announced that Russia is their “Special Strategic Partner”. Therein lies the root of the Russia-China double helix. The Chinese Communist Party knows that the only reason why they came to power in the Chinese civil war was because of Russian military help. Chiang Kia-Shek was being supported by Washington, a ragtag peasant army led by Mao Zedong could not have taken power in China without the support of a powerful ally which was the Soviet Union. Thus, the printing press cannot to gain control in China and stifle its rise to power by controlling its currency.

Therefore the Russia-China strategic alliance is a union for survival against the power of the printing press and its mysterious birth in misty Albion. Both countries understand how the world financial system works and how you have to trade something for US dollars to be able to issue your national currency!

A Chinese economist Song Hongbin has published a book titled “Currency Wars”, which is a best seller in China and which has been sanctioned to be read at the highest levels of the Chinese ruling elite. The New York Times has petulantly complained that he was a bad economist and a conspiracy theorist. In Russia, a Russian economist Nikolai Starikov has also published a book titled ‘The Sovereignization of the Ruble” which has been read at the highest levels of the Russian ruling elite as well.

Where does our dear Mother Africa fall in all this?

Dear Africans, the Russia-China double helix will bring more interesting surprises as we enter into the year 2015. If they prevail in the fight against the hegemony of the Amsterdam printing machine, there will no longer be fiscal deficits as nations will do currency swaps for trade, bypassing the US dollar using their own national currencies that they can freely emit without having to earn US dollars.

Let us remember, there were no fiscal deficits in Africa before the advent of popular government – what has come to be wrongly prescribed as “Democracy” – a leftover of a century perhaps, of colonial occupation. We could fund our own projects by using our own currency of cowries and or gold dust as a means of payment thereby making us financially independent. That is liberty!

Without a renewed financial system that is fair and just, and without a banking system that is based on egalitarianism, we could only fund projects if we earn US dollars; that means we have to work for the U.S., that means we’ll continue to be, essentially, slaves; limiting our ability to do anything of substance for ourselves and for our generations yet to come.

The crux of the current struggle to create a free and fair financial system rests solely on regaining our dignity, first as Humans, second as Africans, and third, as God’s children. We have to be aware just as much as the US president Andrew Jackson was about the danger of the printing press on our lives – they steal away our freedom, they steal away our dignity and above all, they steal away our humanity!

Yes, they are still powerful, but they are only because they are brutal. Yes they are influential, but they are only because they are corrupt. They remain formidable, but they are only because they terrorize us every day of our existence.

But there is one thing they do not have – God.

Even powerful kings and presidents like King James II, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Stalin, John F. Kennedy, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara may have fallen to them. But they fall not in vain; they fall so that we can awake from our stupor of this matrix and regain our birthright – freedom.

Our lives will be threatened, our livelihoods robbed, and perhaps some of us like Christ, will be crucified. But we do what needs to be done, we die for freedom, because we are God’s children. We must regain our financial independence in Africa; the Gods are watching, our Ancestors are watching.

Let us step forth into the light.


  1. Very insightful. The financial system has always been rigged, I always thought this, but this article in mad informative on how this has come to happen. So who owns this printing machine.

  2. The Rothchilds do have a grip on the world. The own the world’s current monetary system. How do we take it back.

  3. The Rothschild family is quite a family, how did we let them come to dominate us? They say the family descended from Mayer Amschel Rothschild a court Jew to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel, in the Free City of Frankfurt, who established his banking business in the 1760. Unlike most previous court Jews, Rothschild managed to bequeath his wealth, and established an international banking family through his five sons. But how five sons came to be lord over billions of people is what beats me. I get the history, but are we all beat?

    • Yes we are all beat, we must be all beat then because this story is fantastic. Really though? Really, the US Federal Reserve is private property?

      • My dear Sengor, please take time to read, spend a lot of time on the Net and visit many libraries you can, you may have to be ready to read books dating back centuries, and books published recently. If you’re sincere you’ll be surprised! I wish you good luck in your quest, it can be dangerous too!

  4. We have to fight for freedom, and for justice. A private company with the sole right to print money is a definite no no! Something must be done.

  5. This is embarrassing. Are all those people in the US and Europe just sit down and do nothing about system that terrorizes them.

    • Well they are beneficiaries of the system – its called white privilege. Once you have it, its hard to let go.

      • I’m white and receive no such privilege. The day the tables turned here and the enemy saw in their fellow “white peoples” eyes the disdain towards the treatment of blacks and other minorities (others of God’s creation), the game altered for its survival. You either suck up to the (mostly white) exceptionals, or be treated as a sub-human and slave (no matter color). Today they continue by deceptive consentual contract, as industrialism has inadvertently allowed to not outwardly show their barbaric intent. The people discussed here are demonic whores in many eyes that will use any religion or flesh of following against their own, they are the synagog of Satan and its not just in America (though there are many). That way before their defeat they can admire the persecution of those they falsely harbored in some sort of self flatuation (to have the last laugh). Religion is commonly used but in truth they find whatever social activity they can sway with their candied words, religious or not, its simply about domination, and it’s disgusting at best. God may be on their lips, but remember scripture “you will know them by their fruits”.

        • Kudos to you. You are dead on balls right. These people written about here are not in it for the white race, I am white too and I abhor them with passion, or whatsoever people outside of Europe and America want to believe. It sure looks like it – it quarks like one. But these people will use anything, religion, race, etc. to divide and turn us all into slaves, whichever is easiest. Remember slavery in America was not a black thing in the beginning, whites were slaves too, but it morphed quite quickly into solely enslaving blacks and then having to ship them from West Africa for it. They turned most of us into believing their Satanic shit, many white Americans drunk from that sadistic cup of violence and racism towards blacks. I have privilege because of my skin complexion or whatever this whiteness is, but I know if I don’t fight against racism, and the violence against blacks, I know if I don’t wake up and fight for equality now, one day I too will surely become enslaved.

          • “whatever this whiteness” lol. I have a saying for this, when someone tells me “I’m white” or “Im black” I usually tell them “man, Ive met Crayola and I don’t look nothin like him, I’m pale.” usually gets a smile. 🙂

        • If it walks like one, quarks like one, then it sure is a duck! Disgusting really, these capitalists, industrialists, or any name you deem fit for them, perhaps Satanists will do. They are holding us hostage from becoming who the Ancient Africans of Kemet sought to steadfastly march us towards – civilization, not barbarism. Thanks for speaking you mind!

          • Thanks for your reply. I always remember I’m a creation of God, and greater than no one. Anyone who places themselves above me or any creation of God is placing them self above God and to me that’s no good. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  6. Jaw-dropping information. Thanks Jehuti for sharing this. Africa must reject western economics – its plain and simple.

  7. I like this! Straight to point – we must call on our village economics from now on. This is the only way we can break away from the shackles of financial oppression.

    • What is going on in the world today, or what has been going on in the world since Europe started dominating the world economically has been financial slavery! We suffer financial slaves at every turn of our lives. In America, even the government has turned on its children making billions of dollars off of their backs in the name of student loans, saddling them with debt they can nver really repay. Yes, going back to village economics may be the key, because frankly anything but this sort of financial slavery is more tolerable – anything, How bad can it get.

  8. This is an eye opener. It makes sense why there have been assassination attempts on those folks, now that I think about it. They don’t want people messing with their money! Even fake money!


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