Racism Doesn’t Kill. White People Do.

Some Black people claim, often with watery eyes, that seeing white people march with them for #BlackLivesMatter means that change is coming. Some white people claim, also with excitement, that marching with Black people against racism is going to bring about a needed change in America.

To all of whom I say, liars!

Racism doesn’t kill Black people. White people do. Specifically, neither does “Institutional Racism” deny Black people jobs, nor does it incarcerate them, nor does it murder Black people on the streets with impunity. White people do. White people deny Black people jobs, they deny Black people their degrees, they deny Black people their rights, they incarcerate Black people and they kill Black people with impunity.

Let’s be clear, and that means we should be direct so that we can solve the problem of European primitivism. Or is it not barbarism?

Apart from the most recent heinous act by a white race soldier (law enforcement officer, or policeman, or cop), who crucified George Floyd, let’s take a step further back, just only some five years ago and appreciate the point I will make shortly. Take Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown, a Black boy of only 17, was shot dead by another white policeman, race soldier, for absolutely no law enforcement reason.

Ferguson was more than 65 percent African American demographically, but its police force of 58 officers included only 2 African Americans. How? That was “sign” of racism – an institutional one, of course! That Ferguson Police Force were not your regular white rednecks gallivanting the town looking for Black people to shoot and kill, or maybe they were and the Black people there couldn’t do anything about it.

Now, throw in the weapons to these racist race soldier cops occupying these Black communities: all weapons, baring Atomic Bombs alone. Further, add in the armored vehicles like the ones we saw in vigilante footage during the Ferguson protests, and what you have is no longer “Institutional Racism.” You have what we call a white race military force, a battalion of race soldiers in America masquerading as Peace Officers in Black communities.

When some Black people present their watery eyes when they see white people marching with them against racism, calling these whites “anti-racists,” what they should be really looking at is whether any of these white people share the idea of an equal representation of Black people in the law enforcement offices; an equal representation of Black people as judges and justices in the so-called American Justice System; an equal ownership by Black people of the Private Prison Industrial Complex and an equal share for Black people of the business contracts (private and federal) that accrue from prison labor?

In America, the Conservathieves, the Libertards and the Liberascals would like to believe that Racism kills Black people and that a stand against racism is just enough. They have even coined a name for themselves: Anti-Racists. There you have it. Liars. Imbeciles. Jokers. Unrepentant buffoons. White people kill Black people. Fact.

Hence the paradox of America. America being Judeo-European, there’s only one consistency about its imagination, founding and constitution—Anti-Blackness. No two ways about it. And so when some white people claim, with excitement, that marching with #BlackLivesMatter is the change we need, one needs to curb that enthusiasm for good measure. Because, what they really mean is that “Racism,” the straw-man in the room, is the culprit, not white people.

To solve a problem, you must first define the problem. Better yet, to solve a problem completely, you must first define the problem completely. “Racism,” institutional or not, does not mean very much of anything, except to crudely describe and actually mask the violence (with impunity) visited upon Black people by white people every day. Simple as that. It is not “Racism” that murdered George Floyd, Michael Brown, and the endless list of victims of this Judeo-European primitivism. It is white people! White cops. White race soldiers. Simple.

What I mean is that, we cannot discuss a solution for racism without discussing the violence of the same white people with hoisted #BlackLivesMatter banners. Else we march against an evasive enemy. An enemy whose existence continues to elude concerned Black people. An enemy without definition! Which is the entire point of the stagecraft of whiteness. However, our point should be simple: Racism does not kill. White people kill Black people. The point.


  1. I have yet to see white people name themselves as the problem. They do not want to be chequed or regulated in any way. They love unchequed un regulated violence.


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