Mr. Akufo-Addo is on Drugs.

In light of the contract signed by Mr. Akufo-Addo to bring in America’s Land and Air Defence Forces to protect Ghana against Boko Haram (which he calls “bringing stability to the sub-region”), and the final anointing of the USA as the sole Sheriff in Africa-Town, one thing is made clear: The sordid delusions of a leader.

Take a cursory look again at Mr. Akufo-Addo’s speech or rather read his address to the nation on the matter of selling Ghana to the Americans, and you are struck by the same conclusion: The sordid delusions of a leader.

Mr. Akufo-Addo berates Ghanaians for fattening themselves on American largess. He claims we cannot then turn around and stoke anti-American sentiments by questioning the need for an American Military Base in Ghana. If not for the bad and ridiculous English of that speech I would have been certain that the White House wrote the speech and shipped it via FedEx to be delivered to Mr. Akufo-Addo directly. But, I don’t doubt it either. The president of Ghana loves America more than Ghana. That much becomes eerily clear: The sordid delusions of a leader.

Mr. Akufo-Addo is on Drugs: He is taking street drugs (K-Street and military-industrial-complex ones, to be exact) and he’s having remarkable visions of a planet available to the Yankees for the taking, as well as for the safe-keeping, forever and ever. Amen. Ghanaians simply have no chance, at all, in it.

The lessons of our slave past? The lessons of having served as the largest port for shipping Human Beings into savagery, into the sufferings of American Plantations? Who needs all this history? Certainly not Mr. Akufo Addo and Friends, a present cast of characters on drugs, a crew in flight from history, from the past, and a crew jetting furiously away from knowledge of more or less any sort.

Still, just for the hell of it, let’s take a few moments to think about what some of the lessons of American Presence in Africa and around the world, in recent memory, might serve for this so-called Africa’s brightest kids, who now lead the country. Let’s see what America’s reputation around the world might be for Africa’s most stable “democracy,” this so-called gateway to Africa? Horror! Simply, the host nations for American Military Expansionism, have had one thing and one thing alone to complain about: Horror-lessons from the most exceptional and indispensable nation, the planet’s sole superpower, the globe’s only sheriff.

Those horrors were, of course, exactly the commonplace fears among Ghanaians when America deployed two Guantanamo detainees (quasi-terrorists) to live, fuck and have children in Ghana for free. This Mr. Akufo-Addo stood against that decision, but now he chastises all of us as hypocrites wallowing in American largess although clearly, we are still sane enough to recognize the more expansive threat of an American Military Base in Ghana. Hypocrites, wallowing in American largess?

To reiterate, whatever has become of Mr. Akufo-Addo and his drug-abuse, Ghanaians are witnesses to the sordid delusions of a leader. Mr. Akufo-Addo’s mind is as moldy and cold as the dust in a viking tomb. He’s no use to Ghanaians. And in fact, Ghanaians are better off without the sordid delusions of a leader.


  1. Thus the Ghana Accord- Restatement and Reaffirmation of the Ghana 24th of February, 1966 Consensus. The desperation and appetite for the classical menu; Centre-Periphery collusion, realignment and perpetuity of the governance. Situate in necoloniality determination of the socio-economic and cultural destiny of Ghana. Remember, President Nana was forthright about “learning the mistakes of Kwame Nkrumah” perhaps on the alternative road map. On offer, pre and post 6th March,1957. Thanks to the Ghana Accord, the facilitator and harbinger for the resolution of the ideological and political direction too. Hoisted on, the platform of the global profit before the human beings system. That flagship of the marauding industrial military complex will in due course bring about peace and stability to Syria. A feat already accomplished in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen.

    • Of course. The wanton delusions continue unabated, now foisted on the people by Akufo-Addo “learning from the mistakes of Kwame Nkrumah” indeed! He is like a toddler swearing to do exactly what the elders advice against.

  2. Stupidity to the highest point. What was JJ on when he first signed the treaty to bring in the Americans in 1998? He was on acid?

    • You clearly have a problem with reading comprehension. Or you are obsessed with JJ. Or still yet, you are such a sycophant of Nana that any letter of criticism of Nana jolts you out of your instantaneous sober connection with him. None is good. What? Are you Nana’s girlfriend or are you his wife that an article about Nana’s drug-abuse, stupidity, or observable ignorance, should make you so angry? But I feel your drift: you may just have a reading comprehension problem alone. This too is not good but it has a cure. I can supply it. Gladly? Just say: “What do you mean?”

  3. Ooh…you are from Volta Region? I cannot deal with ndc Ewes at all. My true Ewe Friends are above this shit you spew forth here. Thanks for doing business with you on Facebook. I am trying to avoid responding to hateful liars on my Timeline and wish you well, my man from Ntoaboma in Volta Region

    • Ad hominem! Complete beating about the bush. But sure, someone of your kind would be interested more in the hostile attacks on character than on the import of lessons from history. Continue!

  4. Kofi freeman amponsa-dadzie’s ethnocentric attacks again.
    A reminder: Narmer. You almost can’t repair a broken adult.

  5. So, Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie, it’s about regions, about ethnicity now, ha? How low you fall. You are laughable! Years ago, when I was critiquing President Mahama, no one questioned what region or what ethnicity I belonged to.

    And just for the kicks of it, I must rather inform your tribalistic kinds: I have more Royal Asante and Akyem blood in me than your entire existence put together. You have no idea. But that is beyond this scope. I have Ewe blood too in me alright, although there, not of a royal Ewe kind. But good enough Ewe. I speak it and I can trace my roots back to Notsie. And how about you? Care to let us know what great Akan you are and how you are so nice to the good Ewes?

    • They aren’t to be responded to. They are what i called kwashiokor intellectuals. They can’t see beyond ethnicity. Ignore their presence because they have brains but can discern.

  6. Kindly, Kofi Freeman Ampons-Dadzie. The matter here is not about the equalization theory, electoral mandate contests periodic renewal charts and comparisons. Or of ethnic card disposition or waving. These are the menu for the elitist-bourgeois comfort zone politics. Cheap and yet unhealthy menue. The brochure of invitational feelers they send out to the populace: unsuspecting, gullible and the victims conscious excludee of participation and control over the elitist-bourgeois bourgeois party formations, thus NDC/NPP. When we get on board the platform: class, group interests, the class struggles at the roots of political power control and ideological direction; the ethnic card becomes useless.

  7. All this while restricting GHANAIAN citizens from conducting rudimentary business by requiring a poorly publicized National Identity card!!!


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